A few notes before we begin:

First off, the entire concept for this variation of the Kampfer world came from Asakust's "Re:Kampfer" story, so really, I'm almost doing a fanfic of that fancfic. I just thought I needed to give credit where credit was due.

The use of gender-based pronouns is going to be a little wacked up here, so bear with me. "He" (and other male pronouns) will be used always when the story is from Natsuru's perspective. If it is from anyone else's, then the pronoun will change based on his gender. If not from anyone's perspective, but in purely third person, "he" will be the default.

The characters in this look the same as the manga/anime, however I cannot figure out how to describe some of the characters, so if I say nothing, just assume they look identical.

If you know the original story of Kampfer, this will be a bit different: The Moderators decided that a massive battle, thousands of light-years away, for which they are to be the mediators of, would be better resolved in a smaller, more controlled setting. This said, they could not allow the actual contestants in the war to get involved, because they would escalate it back to what it originally was, so they settled on a remote planet on the edge of the galaxy to settle the dispute on. Unlike in the Manga and Anime, they contacted the governments of the fledgling civilization of Earth and offered them a trade: Certain humans (of any gender) would be fighters in the war, but they would not be allowed to die, merely get injured or in extreme case lose the supernatural abilities that were given to the chosen: the Kampfer. In exchange the Moderators would lend them some technology that was, to the Moderators, simple, but to humans was very advanced. Most—not all, but most—governments on Earth agreed to this, with a few changes. Moderators were not allowed to chose the people for what their supernatural ability had the potential to be, but their current potential for combat and strategy. Also, along with red and blue, white and black Kampfers would be created: the white as "referees" in battles and the eyes and ears of the Moderators, the black as the eyes and ears of the governments. Both were rumored to have extravagant extra abilities. All of this was announced to the public and became "law" nine years ago.

Chapter 1

Natsuru Senou awoke to something strange. He had fallen asleep facedown, and someone had put a pillow underneath his chest. And a cloth over his head. He groggily reached up to remove the cloth to find that, to his surprise, it was not a cloth but his own hair. He started to get a bad feeling. He was about to get up to check the alarm clock beside his bed, when he noticed a more subtle change. He was wearing a blue ceramic bracelet with no apparent way to get it off. His stomach lurched. He knew that bracelet! It was that of a blue Kampfer.

He nearly leapt out of bed. Him! He was a Kampfer! Seitetsu Gakuin High School was mostly Red territory, but the student president was Blue, along with some other powerful Schwertz and Gewehr, though there was only one Blue Zauber, who were fairly rare and powerfull.

He was practically giddy. Which would he be—a badass Gewehr with their quick and accurate gun and pistols, a lethal Schwertz with their razor sharp blades and agile bodies, or maybe even a Zauber with their raw magic power and quick reflexes. Any of them would be perfect.

Then he noticed himself in the mirror in his room. Or…he thought it was himself. Now he understood the "pillow" underneath his chest. He had heard about the downside of being a Kampfer: besides fighting on a whim, their Kampfer forms often were changed. A hideous person might become beautiful, and vice-versa, or they may be shy and quiet as their normal forms and completely outspoken and wild as a Kampfer. The change could be slight; blue eyes could turn green, or they could be extreme; a responsible, mature young man could become a wild party maniac in Kampfer form. But none of them that Natsuru had heard of, not one, had been this big of a change.

Because in the mirror, where Natsuru should be was a busty, curvy, high school girl.

She had hair that was pulled back in the back, and hang loose in the front, and was precisely the same color of blue as Natsuru's. In fact, if she wasn't a hot girl, she could be mistaken for Natsuru; same eye color, hair color, features (although her's were both cuter and more feminine), and even the same hight. She was even wearing the same clothes he had worn to bed. He was both glad and a bit disappointed that he had gone to bed fully dressed.

At this point things became too much for him, and he collapsed back into his bed, blacking out.

The next mourning, Natsuru woke up with an unexplained bad feeling. He felt like he had had a bad dream, or…then he noticed the blue bracelet, and what had happened in the night came rushing back to him.

He jumped up and started running his hands up and down his body; yes, he was a guy again. This didn't solve his bigger problem.

He ran to the bathroom and found some gauze in a medicine closet. He knew that if he went to school with the bracelet openly visible, people would notice he had become a Kampfer, and would ask to see his Kampfer form. Normally, why shouldn't he? Kampfer forms were stronger, faster, and generally cooler than normal people, and Kampfers were held in high regard at school. Normally, becoming a Kampfer would be one of the best things that could happen, would throw him up into being one of the most popular people in the school.

Not for him, though. Natsuru knew that if he showed his Kampfer form to anyone, he would merely get ridiculed.

So, he had to hide it. He wrapped the gauze around his bracelet and wrist. Now he had a sprained wrist. He would just have to remember to rub it a little and act like it hurt.

After that was done he put on his school uniform, ate a quick breakfast while scribbling a few answers in the homework he forgot to do, packed up, and left for school.

He got to the bus stop a bit late, and just barely managed to catch the bus. He quickly jumped in the nearest empty seat, and then pulled back a little as he realized who he was sitting next to.

He had liked Sakura Kaede since middle school, but had never actually worked up the courage to confess to her yet. She was one of the schools two idols, what if she turned him down. And even more threatening, what would the rest of the guys (not to mention a few girls) do to him if she didn't?

The brown haired beauty smiled at him angelically. "Good morning, Natsuru-san!"

He hoped that he what he was doing was smiling. "G-good morning." He managed to muster.

"Are you hurt?" She asked him, only a hint of concern in her voice.

"Uh…Oh!" Natsuru said, realizing that she had noticed the gauze. "A little, it's just a sprain."

"That's good, I hope it heals up soon." She replied, turning back to looking out the window.

A few minuets later, the bus reached the boy's side stop. Seitetsu Gakuin was technically a co-ed school, but it was separated into a girl's side and a boy's side. The only times that you were allowed to go into the opposite side were during the yearly cultural festival and if you were a Kampfer in battle.

"Have a nice day, Natsuru-san!" Kaede called out cheerfully.

"Y-y-you t-too." Natsuru replied as he disembarked the bus.

She watched him leave. He was a very nice boy, but it was clear as day that he liked her. She was glad he never brought it up, as she would have hated to turn him down.

Natsuru hurried into his classroom, hoping no one would stop him to ask about his wrist. He made it to his classroom without incident and quietly sank into his seat.

There was a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see his friend Higashida Kanji with a camera quickly snap his picture.

"Mornin', Senou" Kanji greeted and continued to take his picture.

Kanji was the head of the Seitetsu Gakuin Hottie Research Club, was also big in the school newspaper, and was never without his camera. More importantly, Kanji was a Red Gewehr Kampfer.

"Hey, Kanji," Natsuru asked, "what's the most extreme Kampfer transformation you've ever seen?"

"Hmm…I think it's got to be that Blue Akane on the girl's side. Her normal form is shy and…not terribly attractive, but her Kampfer form is hot." Kanji replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Uh… no reason." Natsuru said.

"Hey, what'd you do to your arm?" Kanji asked, pointing at Natsuru's wrist.

"Oh, uh, nothing, it's just a sprain. It's no big deal." Natsuru answered.

Class started, and most of the day went by without incident for Natsuru, who was beginning to believe that this would not be so hard as he imagined. Fate had different plans, it seemed.

At lunch Natsuru sat in his usual place with his usual friends, a mix of normal people, a couple Reds, two White Kampfers, and only one Blue, besides him. Now that he thought about it, it seemed that there were very few Blues on the Boys side. After a quick count, he saw only seven.

"Why is it that we never get the hot girls?" Complained Kanji to the others. "I mean, Sakura Kaede is a White. The student president is a Blue. But the Reds get no one!"

"Oh, shut your whinin'!" Said Nakamura Mamoru, the only other Blue at the table. "You think you've got it bad, look at the Blacks they…" he trailed off, realizing that he had hit a taboo subject.

The Blacks were trusted by no one. They kept to themselves, and no one knew their identities. Black bracelets were invisible to anyone who didn't wear one, and in Kampfer form, they all wore concealing masks. No one knew who the Blacks were or what their purpose was, other than to report to the HMR, the international organization for regulating Kampfers. If there were one way that Natsuru's situation could have been worse, it would have been if he were a Black.

After the awkward pause, conversation slowly restarted, back on the topic of girls.

The rest of the school day went by and nothing happened, until just after school let out.

Natsuru was on the way out of the building when the intercom blared the message: "The Reds have initiated a Kampfer Proxy Battle. All students are advised to either leave the grounds or go to one of the designated classrooms. All idle Kampfer have been asked to report to their team captains immediately."

Natsuru was on his way down the stairs when the announcement came, and almost immediately the bracelet under the gauze began to glow. He looked around at the crowded stairwell, turned and ran back up the stairs.

When he reached the roof he leapt out and slammed the door, just in time, as the minuet it closed, the glow from the bracelet grew momentarily blinding, and when it faded, Natsuru was in his Kampfer form. He shook the gauze off his now much slimmer wrist, exposing the bracelet marking him as a Blue.

Now that he was on the roof, he realized just what a bad choice of places it was. The roof was mostly where the Whites were, standing watch over the proceedings. He could see Kaede standing at the highest point, her being the White Captain, and others standing still as statues on lower perches. It was a miracle they hadn't noticed him when he transformed.

Looking down at himself, he noticed that his uniform had changed from a boy's to a girl's. It seemed though, that all of the fabric was used, so some from the pants became thigh-length socks, reaching almost up to the uncomfortably short skirt. Natsuru's face reddened as he realized that his underclothes had become a bra and panties.

Natsuru turned his attention down to the grounds to avoid going further with those thoughts. From where he was, he could see the entire front of the school, both the boys' and the girls' sides. Nine Blues were in between two large groups of Reds, cut off from help from any side. Just beyond the Reds to the left was a large group of Blues, attempting to come to their comrades' rescue, but were being held back by the left side Reds. Coming out of the school's main doors were three girls, Blues: Shizuku Sangu, the class president and a massively powerful Schwertz user, Akane Mishima, the student librarian and a very powerful Gewehr user, and Tanaka Katsumi, the one and only Blue Zauber.

Then some thing very odd began to happen. All of the groups began to close inward on themselves. There were masked forms surrounding each group. Blacks.

Suddenly a form flew up from the ground at Kaede. Natsuru was sure it would never reach it's mark, Kaede being five stories above the fight, but it showed no signs of slowing or falling. Panic suddenly began to rise in Natsuru's throat. Blacks were said to dislike Whites, so if it reached Sakura-san…

Reflexively, Natsuru raised his hand, palm facing out at the Black Kampfer, and without any knowledge of how he did it, sent a wave of heat out at the Kampfer. As it traveled from his hand it grew and glowed until it was a massive ball of flame hurling at the Black. At the last minuet the Black turned in midair to face the oncoming threat and took the fireball straight to the chest, throwing them, smoking, to the ground.

The grounds grew silent as everyone turned to look at Natsuru. He glanced nervously at everyone on the grounds below, then darted for the stairwell and made his escape.

Minagawa Hitomi was the current Red Captain, and she took Proxy Battles both very lightly and very seriously. It was her goal to make Seitetsu Gakuin High School a purely Red territory. That was not to say, though, that she disliked the Blues, in fact the Blue Captain, Shizuku Sangu was one of her closest friends. Which was why she took it all the more personally when the Blues hid a Kampfer, especially such a powerful Zauber.

"Fall back!" She called "Looks like they got one on us. We can't fight with a Zauber up there to pick us off."

There was grumbling from the Reds as they transformed back and slowly dispersed.

Hitomi walked angrily up to the Blue captain, who was a Kampfer that didn't undergo physical change to transform, and so looked exactly the same.

"I can't believe you hid a Zauber user." She accused loudly "Who is she?"

"Actually," Sangu replied quietly, "I'm not sure who she is either."

This stopped Hitomi for a moment. The blue-haired girl on the roof had been wearing a Blue bracelet, but maybe she could be new. Hitomi wasn't ready to back down yet.

"Well when you figure it out, be sure to tell me." she snarled at the Blue Captain as she turned and walked away. As she did she heard a bit of the conversation between the three Blues there.

"Akane," Sangu said quietly, "I want you to follow that girl next time. Whenever you see her next, follow her and find out who she is."

"Aww, why do I gotta do all the hard jobs?" came the Blue Gewehr's reply.