Fear Is Just A Word

It's been a year since the victor of the 52nd games was named. Now a year later twenty four more will be reaped to participate in the 53rd games. What's in store for them? Who will survive to be the next victor? Follow your favorite characters from last year and fall in love with new ones.

This is the sequel to "Death Is Just A Game." It is HIGHLY recommended that you read that story first to get familiar with some of the characters.

Chapter 1

Flamiken was absolutely hating her day so far. First, her hair wouldn't cooperate, then she burnt her toast, she couldn't find the right shoe of her favorite pair of heels, and to top it all off, it was raining outside.

When things like that happened, she knew it was a stay at home day. Today was definitely a call out of work day. But she couldn't. As head Gamemaker, she couldn't miss the annual meeting.

It was the biggest meeting of the year, the first one before the new games started. She had to get with her fellow Gamemakers and discuss the new games. They had to come up with arena ideas, tricks, outfits, chariots, stylist teams, they had to make sure they had escorts and mentors for each District. It was hard work putting everything together and making sure that they pulled it off.

She somehow made it to the room in one piece. She was the last one there, everyone else was glaring at her.

"Sorry," she muttered as she headed to her chair at the head of the table.

"You're always late," Wendetta complained in that stupid high pitched voice of hers.

"So get me a watch for my birthday," Flamiken shot back as she rummaged through her bag, looking for a writing utensil.

"Hey now, do I have to separate you two?" Seneca Crane asked from where he sat, all the way in the back. The others glared at him, he was still not welcome in their little group. He was an invader, one that no one wanted.

"Let's just get this started so we can go home," Flamiken sighed.

"Well if you were here on time then we would have started already," Alidia pointed out.

"And you were the one who came up with the time," Wendetta oh so graciously said. Flamiken ignored her fellow Gamemaker.

"The victory tour started today," Alidia said before Flamiken got a word in. "Shall we turn it on? See Colt as he visits the other Districts."

The others were all for it, personally, Flamiken wasn't. It would take ten times as long if the show was on while they tried to work, in fact, they probably wouldn't get anything done at all. This would be the last time that she tried to have a meeting while the victory tour was going on. But it really was the only logical time to do it, things just got so hectic after the tour was over.

The television was turned on, and Colt was shown. He looked much better than he had during his last interview. Physically at least. He had filled out again, no longer a skinny twig, his cuts and bruises were healed. The ones on the outside at least, but he was still hurting on the inside. A new raw pain was eating him up from the inside, a bruise that could be seen in his eyes.

"I feel so bad for him," Wendetta said, "reunited with his sisters for a week and one dies."

"Murdered actually," Flamiken said flatly, she knew all about how the Capitol murdered innocents just to make a point. Her own sister had been killed as Flamiken's punishment for disobeying. "And they've already asked me to rig the games to make sure the other one is reaped." It disgusted her to say that, it really was a horrible thing to do. Too bad it had taken the death of her sister to realize that the President was the evilest sort of man. Now the only way out was in a body bag. Flamiken was being forced to do her job.

"Oh no, poor fellow," Alidia said as she subconsciously reached for the knob to turn down the temperature and was surprised when she didn't find one. She tried to hide her embarrassment at her mistake. "What'd he do to piss them off so badly."

"He won the games," Flamiken sighed in exasperation, Alidia was such a ditz most of the time.

"Oh," she replied as she fiddled with her hair. Flamiken rolled her eyes, she worked with a bunch of idiots. "But he had to have done something else too."

"I heard that the President asked Colt to be an escort for the young lady's in the Capitol and he turned them down," Mercied said, the others nodded their heads, that made much more sense.

"I bet he changed his mind fast," Wendetta chirped, the others agreed. "Who was that girl that they aired him with yesterday?"

"Oh, that was the Vaneguard's daughter, I think her name is Tillanne or something."

"It's Tilly I believe."

"Oh yes, well she paid a hefty price to get Colt as her boyfriend."

"What about the other Districts, are any of them getting rigged as well?" Volouth asked, Flamiken could always count on him to bring the conversation back when the others managed to get it off topic.

"Unfortunately yes," Flamiken said as she took out her notes, "they want us to focus on siblings from last year's tributes."

As expected, the other Gamemaker's gasped, no one liked seeing a sibling chosen the year after the death of their sister or brother. The President liked to do that every so often just as another reminder.

"Who would it be?"

"Dragan's sister Emily Halbred from two, Colt's remaining sister from six, Autumn's sister Myrrah Faith from seven, Casey's sister Rosylin from eleven, Reece's brother Hans Antine from five, Hunter's brother Thorn Trappe from seven, and Richard's brother Berk Boyle from eleven."

"That's seven," Alidia said as she used her fingers to count. Flamiken nodded, "Can we rig that many?"

"We're the Gamemakers, we can do whatever we want."

"Yeah, but we all know what happens if we do something that the President doesn't like," Seneca pointed out. The others glared at him, that was such a low blow. Flamiken took a deep breath so she wouldn't strangle their newest member, it would be a pain to have to replace him.

"Won't the people realize that something is up if seven siblings are choosen?" Alidia asked, Flamiken glared at her, she hated it when the others found holes in her plans.

"Probably, but really, is there anything they can do about it?"

No one had to answer that, because there was nothing that the people could do about seven siblings being chosen. They couldn't do anything about anything, that was why the games were still going on. It had been fifty three years, and no one had managed to stop the games yet.

"They could rebel," Seneca pointed out, "the President would hate that."

"They're not going to rebel, not again, that's why we are here coming up with ideas, so we can prevent them from rebelling," Wendetta pointed at the screen where Colt was being paraded around District seven. Two siblings in the crowd did not look happy to see him.

"There's always the possibility," Seneca pushed, Flamiken felt like pushing him out the window. Why did he insist on causing problems and starting fights?

"I had some ideas for the arena this year," Flamiken said so she wouldn't slide across the table and throw her fingers around his neck.

The others were all ears, Flamiken was impressed by how quickly the room had gotten silent. Planning the arena was always the fun part. It was also the part where they had the most arguments.

"Last year we did a mix of hot and cold, this year I want to do a rainforest, hot, humid, rainy."

"There's nothing unique about that," Wendetta complained.

"I think it's perfect," Alidia countered.

"You would, you control the temperature and humidity," Wendetta replied.

"But you control the animals Wendetta, you can send in all the snakes, spiders and birds that you want," Flamiken assured her, trying to stop a fight before it began.

"True," she smiled, "there weren't hardly any animals for me to play with in the last games, I wonder what the scientists have for me down in the mutation lab."

"I also want to find out the fear of each tribute and work them into the games, I want this year's games to focus on fears."

To instill the fear, Flamiken needed a plan.

Tribute List

District 1: Ivexonna and Laurant

District 2: Emilly and Traxxton

District 3: Meleana and Virus

District 4: Doris and Louka

District 5: Saddler and Hans

District 6: Delaney and Erli

District 7: Myrrah and Thorn

District 8: Aria and Torrence

District 9: Tessa and Silas

District 10: Andromeda and Ryan

District 11: Rosylin and Berk

District 12: Jewel and Tod

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