"Hand it over Jones." The tall brunette snapped, tapping a foot impatiently.

Alfred blushed in embarrassment, and tried to stuff his phone out of sight, only for the teacher to snatch it up in her long fingers. "Aw C'mon Ms. K! I wasn't texting I swear!" He whined, looking up at her with wide eyes.

She looked between Alfred, and the phone in her hand, as if seriously considering handing it over, then grinned, and shook her head. "You can get it at the end of the day when you come in for your detention."

"For a cell phone?"

"For your fourth late this week, remember?" Al darkened again, trying to ignore Arthur's snickers from behind him. "At least this way I can guarantee you'll show up." She muttered, returning to her desk, and glancing at the students, who were now starting to talk again. "Can't you people shut up for five minutes?"

The room fell silent again, though a few people laughed. Ms. Kale's bluntness seemed to amuse students, while it made teachers cringe. She got respect from kids though, and that was enough to keep her from getting fired.

"So Al, you'll go to your detention right?" Alfred looked up at Matthew's question, startled.

"My phone's worth way to much to let her have it overnight. Who knows what she'd do to it?" The blond groaned, slamming his head on the desk. "So yes, I'll be here. If I don't come back by midnight, I have been seduced by our dear English teacher, and will most likely never be the same again."

Al smirked as his brother burst out laughing, making half the class jump, and Ms. Kale raise one eyebrow. "What wit has Mr. Jones graced us with now Matt?" She asked absent-mindedly, not looking up from the novel in one hand.

"N-nothing!" He stammered, trying to stifle his laughter, which was now reduced to giggles.

The sound of the bell interrupted what the teacher was going to reply with, and everyone scrambled to get out the door first.

"So you'll come with me to detention, right Mattie?" Al begged once the last bell had rung.

"Are you crazy? I told you this morning I've got a date!"

"You'd pick Ivan over me? Your own flesh and blood?"

"Any time bro." He said, grabbing his backpack from the locker, and heading towards the main entrance. "Have fun getting seduced!"

"Maybe I will ya dick-whipped traitor!" He called back, scowling as he made his way back to the English room.

"Glad to see you actually showed up. There's no telling what could've happened to your precious phone if you'd forgotten." Ms. Kale was looking way too happy for a teacher. Suddenly, her expression went neutral again. "Same to you Ly. It's about time you actually attempted to come to these."

Alfred turned to look at the girl who'd just walked in. Long brown hair was pulled into a tight ponytail, hanging to about her waist, which was covered in colourful belts attached to black jeans. An array of bracelets ran up her arms, her t-shirt loudly proclaimed the name of some band, and her expression loudly proclaimed that she really didn't want to be there. "Hey! I'm Al." He grinned, sticking out a hand, which she stared at, before turning and sitting in a desk at the back.

Not to be deterred, (Al wasn't used to people not liking him) he slammed his backpack on top of the desk next to her. "Ly, right?"


"What is that, Chinese?"

She glared at him out of the corner of her eyes. "No. Vietnamese."

He opened his mouth in an O, and then grinned. "Cool!"

"You two can stop talking now. If I hear a single sound, I'm snapping this phone in half."

The blond clamped his mouth shut. He knew she was serious. Instead, he pulled a notebook from his backpack, and started writing in his print, which Mattie called 'scribbling' and passed it over to Ly.

So were you named after your grandma or something?

The girl scowled at the note, and again at him, making a point of crumpling the sheet and throwing it back at him.

Grinning, he tore off another piece.


This was also thrown at him, followed by a flash of her middle finger.

Alfred sighed, and slumped over on the desk, staring at the clock, willing the hour to go faster. Throwing one more look at Ly, who was now reading. He felt his face grow pink at he watched her eyes dance across the pages.

"I think I'm in love Matt."

"That's nice." The blond said, digging through the fridge. "So should I be worried about English classes from now on or will you two get a room?"

"It's not Ms. K." He insisted.

"Sure it's not. You're dating your textbook."

"No! It's this girl I was in detention with, this Vietnamese chick!"


"You know her?" He yelled, jumping up, excited.

"Only that she and her step-sister, Mei have been in and out of more foster homes than Gil, and she's not exactly a better person for it. Mei's really nice, but Ly is a wild one. You won't get anywhere with her." He warned, but knowing his brother, he'd try anyway.

"I'm gonna land myself in detention tomorrow." He declared. "And then I'm gonna ask her out."

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