A lone Wargle flew above the trees in his territory. Wargle were only male. He couldn't figure out why. They were sexless it seemed like. Until he saw a Barujiina, a vulture-looking Pokémon, with bones around her tail – only another Barujiina would think that was 'beautiful'. But, what was she doing here? Is it because they were only female? Just like him, except the opposite sex. He didn't have much time to think. He swooped past her. Startled, she cawed loudly. "What are you doing here?"

"Looking for a mate," she replied, "and I only know who it could be. With a Ditto, it's not so intimate," she seemed to stand her ground. "It was disgusting; it was as if I was staring at myself!"

"I'll be your mate, then," he smiled.

"Thank you," she smiled the best she could, despite having a beak.

A/N: Song prompt – The Eagle – Waylon Jennings (RIP).

You know what, I can continue this if anyone wants me to.