A/N Hello again. No school today=50 ideas for new stories so I'm doing well today, not that anyone reading this actually cares. First crossover fic. Rated T for Teen. Pairings will be Moritz/Mark, Hanschen/Ernst (I'm a fan :) Maureen/Ilse and Roger/Melchior. AU where in Germany it's 1891, but in NYC it's 1994…weird. I don't own Spring Awakening or Rent obviously…enjoy the story. Takes place during SA at the beginning and postRent.

Running, running that was all Moritz could do.

"Ilse wait!" He screamed, but received no answer. No help. Nothing but a dark sky full of the stars. He pointed the pistol up to the sky, placed his index finger on the cold trigger and shot. Now all he had to do was make a decoy.

"Moritz?" Ilse whispered quietly to herself. "Moritz are you ok?" She asked assuming the worst. Of course she was so far away that even if she had screamed Moritz wouldn't have heard the soft feminine voice calling to him. Sprinting back to the spot where she had left Moritz with a cold farewell, she bumped into a tree. Wait, the tree was moving…

"Moritz! Oh thank god you're ok!" Ilse shrieked while hugging him and pulling him closer to her by the second.

"Ilse I'm sorry. My parents kicked me out of the house! I was not promoted and they think that I'm "with" Melchi. It's terrible!" Moritz sobbed into Ilse's shoulder. "I just want to go to a place where I won't be patronized for this. Away, to a more accepting land. One with drop outs, failures, and queers living everyway you look." Ilse could think of only one location with this, New York City.

"New York." Ilse replied frankly.


"New York City. That's where you want to go. You just described it perfectly. Moritz, we should go to New York!" Ilse exclaimed with a fiery passion in her voice.

"Define we" Moritz commanded. He would not have Georg and Otto following him around the city, the exotic city where with any hopes, he would soon be living.

"Those of us who want to of course! You, me, Hanschen, Ernst-"

"Ernst Robel? Are you high he has it swimmingly here!" Moritz screamed, secretly envying Ernst's happiness.

"Moritz, he and Hanschen are together. How did you not know this?" Ilse asked to her dense, oblivious friend.

"Whaaaaa-? Wow. I'm not sure how I missed it—Oh wait, yes I do! I was trying to pass my finals. I'm not Melchi, I have to try to do well in school and it still doesn't work." Moritz expressed this to Ilse, fear in his voice following the sarcastic remarks at the beginning.

"Either way continue," Ernst said solemnly with remorse in his voice for snapping at his dear friend.

"And Melchi. He wants out too. With the essay getting around he doesn't want to stay around here for the imminent backfire,"

"Ok, this plan sounds safe. Tell the others, I want to tell my mother before we leave." Moritz said as he turned his back on his almost-suicide site. A life that he once lived with contentment would disappear for good with any luck.

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