Based on a tweet from Jane during a night drunken fun.

JaneRizzoli: MauraIsles See this badge-it is mine. See these nachos-they are mine. Simple enough? ;)

One shot! Enjoy

As usual, the character's aren't mine. I'm just borrowing them.

Jane walked back from the bar with a beer in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. She was trying to hurry back to Maura. There was a new guy at the Dirty Robber who had been eyeing the doctor all evening, and Jane didn't like the looks of him.

As she neared their booth, she saw the guy in question sitting in her spot and Maura looking very uncomfortable.

"Let me at least buy you a drink," he was giving Maura a greasy smile.

"No, thank you," Maura was trying her best to get him to leave without being rude or making a scene. "I'm fine. Perhaps you'd like to offer a drink to some other… individual here tonight?" She glanced around the room, and her eyes landed on Jane who was now practically sprinting to the booth.

"Maura, is there a problem here?" Jane set the wine and beer down as she slid in beside the blonde.

"This gentleman was just offering to buy me a drink," Maura was clearly relieved to see Jane had come back.

"Oh, well, that's nice of you, but, as you can see, she already has one." Jane slid the glass of wine over to the blonde next her. "You're also in my seat, and those are my nachos." She reached across the table and grabbed her snack.

"Well, how about I buy you both a drink? You two look like you might be up for a good time tonight." He winked at the brunette.

"Buddy, didn't you just hear me? I said you're in my seat. Now, why don't get up and leave so I can get it back?" Jane glared at him as she popped a cheese covered chip in her mouth.

He looked from the brunette to the blonde. "How about you and me take off? Your friend here seems like a buzz kill."

"No thank you," Maura fidgeted with her ring, "I'm afraid I'm not interested in that offer."

"Aww, come on, I promise you'll have a good time."

"Hey, get out of my seat." Jane threw him a dirty look as she blocked his attempt to grab Maura's hand.

"Your seat? Lady, it don't got your name on it, and I'm busy here with your friend. So, why don't you buzz off?"

Jane leaned back, grabbing her badge, as she threw her arm around Maura. "See this badge?" She threw it in his face. His eyes grew big as he nodded yes. "It is mine. See these nachos?" She pointed to them, and he nodded. "They are mine. See that seat you're in?" He gulped and nodded. "It is mine. See this woman?" Jane leaned over and kissed Maura gently on the lips. "She is mine. Simple enough?"

"Yeah, yeah… I got it. Simple enough." The guy quickly vacated the other side of the booth.

"Sorry, next time I'll just wave down a waitress. Are you okay?" Jane gave Maura a gentle squeeze.

"Yes, I believe so." She smiled at the detective. "I didn't realize you were so possessive, Jane."

"Is that a bad thing?" Jane took a sip of beer as she slouched down in the booth.

"No, but I do believe you've outed us to the entire bar." Maura glanced around at the shocked faces of the bar patrons, many of which were coworkers.

Jane shrugged, "They'll live. Besides, it isn't as if they haven't daydreamed about it anyway." She chuckled.

Maura gave her best shocked expression. "Jane!"

"What?" Jane shot Maura her best mischievous grin.

"You're probably right." She grinned back at the detective as they finished their drinks.