AN: Here starts a collection of YuGiOh humor shorties. I'd say drabbles, but they're all at least a little over 100 words. As of this writing there are three, but who knows - I might get inspired to do more. VEG

AN #2: Take a good look at a picture of the Powerpuff Girls before reading this first short.


The Champion, or A Serious Case of Redeye

a YuGiOh - Powerpuff Girls Xover Short

by The Mad Fangirl


"So, it's down to you and me," the pink Powerpuff girl said, considering Yugi's dark half. "Liking my chances."

"Sorry," the Game King said, his red eyes locked on Blossom's. "But I never lose. It's my defining characteristic."

"Riiiight," Blossom replied. She floated at the pink-haired man's eye level. "So, rules are I get to choose the type of contest, then you pick the game?"


"Okay… first off, not cards!"

"You've done your homework."

"We don't have homework in Kindergarten!" shouted Bubbles from the sidelines. Her sister silenced her with a glare.

"Okay, then I choose feats of strength! Whatever you pick has to be a totally physical contest." The Powerpuff girl smirked. No matter how good he was, this was in the bag.

Dark Yugi smiled his infuriating, confident grin. "Fine. I choose…thumb wrestling!"