A/N: This ficlet was inspired by White Angel's story "The New Students" - read it, it's good! But as I haven't got a "YuGiOh meets Potter" story, I figured I'd drop this short into this collection...



a YuGiOh Short

by The Mad Fangirl


When the owl reached Lucius, the note began, "Dear Mr. Malfoy, while it is not against school rules to be stoned on campus, it does indicate a certain lack of judgment on the part of your son..."

* * *

Bakura was darkness ascendant, the power of victory lighting his very aura as his focus narrowed to his former opponent, who'd become in this instant his victim.

"And now," he said, eyes gleaming, white hair nearly a living thing, "you're mine!" His ring shone for an instant, its radiance washing over Malfoy before receding. The boy's eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed. Crabbe managed to keep Draco's head from hitting a chair, but only just.

Beside Yami Bakura sat a chess set, and he picked up a pawn with a triumphant expression. The pawn's features had shifted to assume Draco's own. "I win," he said to the pawn, "and you lose."

"I'm not so sure he's thought this through," Ron said to Harry under his breath.

"How do you mean?"

"Well, you know, wizard's chess..."

The next instant served to demonstrate, as the pawn came to life, jamming its penknife-sized sword through Bakura's finger. The tomb thief howled and dropped the game-piece, which landed on its - rather, *his* - feet. Then a shadow fell across the chess-board and the entire company, and they all turned.

And gulped.

"Well, what have we here?" inquired Professor McGonagall. "No, wait, it appears to be fairly obvious." She knelt so that her head was on a level with the chessboard. "Mr. Malfoy, I distinctly remember the students being advised not to play any games of an unusual nature with our new students. Ten points from Slytherin." Looking then at Bakura, she added, "And you were not to suggest any, or accept. Ten more points from Slytherin." McGonagall sighed. "Also, much as it pains me, five points from Gryffindor for each of you, Potter and Weasley, as you did nothing to stop them." She turned her attentions back to Yami Bakura and the diminutive Draco. "You'll both have to go to the hospital wing. But first, I can do a bit to remedy the situation. Just a temporary fix, mind you, but..."

Drawing back her arm, she waved her wand in time to a murmured incantation, ending with a flourish. The chess piece that housed Draco's essence grew, suddenly, to life size. Draco, moving fluidly though still made of alabaster, stretched out his arms and legs and looked around wonderingly.

Then, before McGonagall or anyone else could do anything to stop him, he grabbed Yami Bakura by the shoulders and kneed him in the groin. With his marble knee. The white thief doubled over, mouth open in a silent howl. Malfoy smirked.

"Twenty points from Slytherin! Malfoy, that will be quite enough, unless you'd care to go for fifty!" Malfoy's smirk dimmed, though it didn't disappear entirely, as the professor herded them off to Madame Pomfrey. She paused only to cast a quick mobilicorpus spell on Draco's original body, in order to waft it before them.

Ron, watching the procession, turned to Harry. "I don't know what she expected us to do about it, with them off in that Shady Realm and all."