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Me: *grinning and waving* Hello fellow Merlin fans! I hope you like my first try at the fandom! The story is set a few days after 2x08 but before 2x09. I've had this story floating around my head for a while and I finally got it to crawl from under my brain! *turns around* Now come along boys *starts walking*

Merlin: *whispering to Arthur* Hey, are you sure we should be following her? I have a bad feeling about this…

Arthur: *rolls eyes* Don't be such a girl Merlin! What could a small girl like her do to us?

Me: *grinning* Oh there are things that you'll figure along the way sire! *skips away*

Arthur&Merlin: *blinks**turn towards each other*

Arthur: As I said… nothing to worry about… *follows*

Merlin: *rolls eyes and sighs* I just know this is going to end badly for me…*follows*

Me: *shouting* Enjoy!

"Awakening of Destiny"

The darken forest was tick with fog as the trees swayed gently under the brief bouts of wind. The ground crunched as a looming figure walked by; a billowing black cloak swirled around him as a gentle wind blew again. The stranger had been travelling for over a year, training at the mountains near the Valley of the Kings in the hopes of becoming stronger. His magic had become increasingly stronger ever since then. He managed to conceive the amount of control necessary to put his plan into action. But right now, he was only happy to return to his camp…

His camp. Two years ago, he wouldn't imagine that anyone would welcome him. He had just escape Uther's soldiers that were hunting him. He managed to escape but not without being injured himself. He thought that he would die that night in the forest but some of the druids in his camp had found him and managed to cure him in time. He was surprised that he awoke and even more so that the druids were willing to take him in. Over time, the druids became the family he never had and for once in his life, he found a purpose for his magic. He vowed to protect those who had opened their hearts to him from the raids of Uther's men.

As he kept walking towards his camp settlement he stopped. The animal's chirps and sounds could be heard scurrying about, struggling to get away from the direction he was heading for. The air smelled acrid, filled with the stench of burned leather and flesh. His eyes widen as he ran forward.

He was praying to the Gods that he was just overreacting and that his camp was fine, awaiting for his return. But as he neared the campsite his heart seemed to stop. What was once been a beautiful clearing now stood scorched earth. Before him lay the charred remains of people who were his friends and family. His knees buckled under him as he kneeled in front of the destruction before him.

Tears started to fall as he tried to piece together what happened. It wasn't difficult to realize of course. Uther must've found the camp and order his men to kill everyone in sight. And because of his absence he left the camp without the only druid capable of violence. His camp was peaceful constituting mainly of healers and sages. They didn't stand a chance against the soldiers. It was his fault their dead. Because he left -

"No." He whispered strongly at the forest. The only one to blame for their death is Uther. He would pay for killing his camp. He was now strong enough to defeat Uther's men and bring the Pendragon's to their knees. But as he stood upwards, a story one of the sages told him made him stop in his tracks.

"Let me tell you a story my boy." The sage started talking to him. He immediately got curious to hear what the older man wanted to say and sat beside him.

"There is a legend written long before Uther's reign had even begun that has been passed amongst our people for generations." He sage started saying "It spoke of a time when the land would fall to darkness and blood caused by the grief of a powerful man." The eyes of the man beside him got darker as he heard this. It's obviously speaking of Uther and the Great Purge. The sage saw this with sadness and returned to his tale.

"It would be many years before a light of hope could be found amongst all the pain and darkness. The son of the father would rectify the misdeeds done by his father when he is to take over as king." The man's eyes widen as he heard this. "He will unite all of Albion under a reign of peace and prosperity as well as bring back the magic which his father tried to eradicate." The sage turned to see the man beside him looking at him in awe and apprehension, doubtful of the accuracy of his words. Surely the prince would take after his father and keep on the reign of terror. But as he looked at the sages eyes he knew the truth and the weight of his words. The sages eyes turned sad once again as he continued

"But unfortunately the damage was done. The father's deeds had created powerful enemies trysting for revenge. They would strike at the only thing the father cared about and they would stop at nothing until his son stopped to draw breath." He was surprise to hear him utter the next words almost in reverence.

"For this reason, a young boy was born with a great destiny." He said "He is destined to protect the father's son from any harm." The man was confused at this.

"But you said that the enemies the son faced were powerful. What if the boy is unable to protect the prince?" The man asked. The sage turned towards him and gave him a smile.

"Ah, but he isn't just any mere sorcerer. This boy was born a warlock. One whose very essence is the very embodiment of magic." The man's eyes widen at this as the sage eyes turned to awe.

"This boy is destined to be the greatest warlock who will ever live." The man's curiosity got the better of him as he turned to ask. "What is his name?" The sage turned to him.

"He has been called many names through generations. Our name for him is Emrys." The man closed his eyes as he felt the raw energy that the very name of this boy had. His eyes snapped open as he thought of something.

"But if he is this powerful why doesn't he help us?" The sage turned towards the camp as his eyes turned solemn.

"Emrys destiny is filled with many trials for both him and the son. He will face many choices which will try to tear him apart. As much as he would like to help us and stopping the father's reign of tyranny he knows he cannot interfere before his time." The sage turned to the man once more and placed a comforting hand on his shoulders.

"We must be grateful for his sacrifice. Even now, rumors have spread far and low about a sorcerer helping the royal family." The sage stated "Even under the threat of death, Emrys still remains in Camelot protecting the man who will bring forth a new generation of peace to our people." As he said this, the sage stood and started to walk to his tent.

"We must be ready if Emrys is ever to need our help. For I am certain that if we were ever to ask something of him, he would help us if our mission is true." With this, the sage disappeared into the tent leaving the man to walk to his own to dream of a brighter future and of a great protector…

"Emrys…" Of course. The sage had told him about Emrys destiny and how it was crucial for the future. If he was going to kill Uther then he would ask Enrys to join him. He would spare the prince and destiny would be fulfilled. But he would need to thread carefully. He didn't want to anger Emrys into doing something foolish. For all the power he is destined to possess he was still a child, unable to harness his full potential under Uther's roof. He didn't want to hurt him but if he got in his way then he would do it. Even if it meant fulfilling his destiny for him he would avenge his camp.

As he started too walked towards Camelot he began thinking. Whatever happened once he arrived, Uther's tyranny would be stopped.


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