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Gaius found himself unable to sit still as he waited for his ward and prince to return with news. After his talk with the king, he arrived at his chambers and immediately set off to re-stoking his potions for the infirmary. As he did this, his thought shifted towards his ward. Was he ok? What has the king decided? Was Merlin still alive? Would he even have a chance to know that before they came for him? After he finished with his potions he began pacing through the room, rummaging and tidying every inch he could find. He needed to keep busy or else he was sure to go mad. He was snapped from his thoughts when he heard a familiar someone calling his name.

"Gaius!" Said the prince as he dragged Merlin inside along with him. Gaius, seeing his face holding the usual amount of annoyance as any other day made him breathed in relief. Before he could ask anything, his wards chest gained his attention. What used to be white cloth now had numerous patches of red and yellow. Shaking his head slightly he appraised Merlin with reproachful eyes. Seeing this, Merlin quickly tried to defend himself.

"It wasn't my fault!" He exclaimed. At this, Gaius raised one of his eyebrows in disbelieve. "Honest, it wasn't! My feet just got in my way, that's all." Arthur just snorted at this as he shook his head.

"I can't understand how you even managed to survive as a child. Your mother must've gone mad running after you." He deposited Merlin onto the stretcher as gently as he could while Gaius began redressing the wound.

"I suppose it was to be expected that the adrenalin from the fight would eventually leave your body." They remained silent apart from a few hisses from Merlin as Gaius finished with the wound. Gaius turned to mix a few other potions as he asked from the corner of the room.

"Has Uther decided what he's going to do?" The two looked at each other wearily as they tried to come up with an answer.

"Not yet." Arthur answered as he gave a pointed look at the younger man. "Whatever you two discussed in there made a good enough impact to make really make him think." A sense of dread soon filled the young warlock's heart. Sure, Uther had hesitated from running him with his sword and had listened to what he had to say but he could still feel the hatred towards him.

"Frankly, I'm not sure if that's a good thing." He wasn't so sure if his hatred would outweigh his words. Gaius on the other hand was surprised. If Uther had yet to reach a decision then Merlin still had a chance to get through this alive. He walked towards the two, flask in hand.

"Here, drink this." He said as Merlin took the offered bottle eying it wearily. "It will help with the pain." Giving his uncle one last look, he drank the potion hesitantly as his face scrunched from the taste. A couple of seconds passed before his eyesight started getting grey around the edges. Turning his head slowly towards him he realized what he gave him wasn't just for his wounds.

"Oh, you didn't…" He managed to mutter before he started falling to his side. Arthur made quick work at catching him as he placed him on his back. He eyed the physician wearily as he silently asked for answers. Gaius took some of the covers lying around and draped them around Merlin's frame to keep him warm. Patting one of his wards hand gently he turned to the prince with a small smile.

"The sleeping draft should keep him asleep until his wounds are healed." Arthur gave a small sigh of relief knowing that his friend was going to be ok but something sprung in his mind. He turned to Gaius as he began putting his tools away.

"Is that wise?" He asked as he eyed the sleeping form of his friend. "We may have to get him out of Camelot."

"I know. But in his condition, his wounds might turn for the worst." He explained. "Thankfully, his magic managed to protect him from the worst of the blast but since he has such a high tolerance for pain, I'm afraid he would further aggravate his injury if he wasn't careful." Arthur turned to look at Merlin with his eyes slightly widened. There was still a lot he had to learn about his friend and by the Gods he was going to do anything in his power to protect him as much as Merlin had done for him. He turned towards Gaius.

"I'll place a couple of my knights outside to keep watch. I didn't get a chance to talk to my father but I'll be damn if I let him hurt Merlin." As he said this, he turned towards the door only to stop as he heard Gaius utter thankful.

"Sire…" At this, he turned his head to look at Gaius smile.

"Thank you. For accepting Merlin's magic." Gaius gave him a slight bow and Arthur could only smile.

"It's the least I can do. Besides…" He turned to look at Merlin's sleeping form. "I can't find myself training a new servant! Think of all the work I've put into Merlin!" He grinned as he gave him a bow of his own. Leaving the chambers, Arthur made sure Leon and Kay were the ones guarding the doors as me made his way to the council chambers, determined to save Merlin.

As he suspected, his father had called the members of the council to address the situation. Arthur was surprised to see his father listen to each and every member without disregarding the situation. Arthur fought adamantly as Merlin's advocate to make the rest of them understand that he wasn't a danger to them. Those who were the eldest dismissed his thoughts as those of an idle child but Arthur could see that the rest could see the truth in his words.

Uther watched with newfound patience as his son defended the warlock with all his might. He could see the same king of devotion he saw earlier in the younger man reflected in his son. For he could not deny that Arthur had change since the boy was appointed as his manservant. Before, all Uther could see was a petulant, spoiled child who thought to highly of himself but now, he saw a man fighting for what he believed was right, not caring about the status the others held in the court. Whenever they tried to dismiss him he immediately retorted accordingly and held his ground. Uther could see now an air of nobility his son was lacking all those years ago and he had never felt more proud than he was now. Uther stood from his throne, having made his decision.

Through the darkness Merlin could hear small murmurs of voices in the room. They were distant and he strained to hear them but they were too murky to understand. A couple of minutes passed before the voices became clearer.

"- swear the idiot is just doing this to annoy me." Merlin rolled his eyes at this. Of course Arthur would think that.

"Prat…" Both of them turned expectantly at Merlin's frame as they saw his eyes flutter open.

"Merlin!" Gaius exclaimed happily as he helped him up "How are you feeling?"

"Better thanks. But don't ever sneak a sleeping draft by me again. You know I don't like them." Gaius face turned apologetic.

"Sorry my boy but it was necessary." As he said this, he handed him some water which he greedily drank. After his throat was satisfied he turned towards Arthur.

"How long was I out?" He asked and Arthur's eyes turn softer "A day and a half." At this, Merlin's eyes widen as he struggled to get the covers of him.

"What! But what -!" he started screeching but something caught his attention. He turned to look at Arthur and asked. "Why am I not dead?"

"That boy is a menace! He should be executed at once!" One of the Lords of the court exclaimed in the meeting. They have been discussing what to do with the young warlock for a couple of hours now and it was starting to get to everyone's nerves. Arthur turned to glare at him.

"How dare you! He saved all of us!" As he screamed more people began to talk and scream over each other. Uther had patiently heard each of their views on the matter but now they were all repeating each other. Slamming his fist on the table he silencde every one in the room. Uther glared at each and every one and he was glad to see most of them flinch under his gaze.

"Enough!" He exclaimed loudly as he then turned towards his son grimly. "Arthur… Do you trust that boy?" The rest of the court stared at the wide eyed as they watched their king ask his sons opinion on the matter of sorcery. Uther just ignored them and continued talking. "Trust him enough to entrust the safety and the lives of everyone in Camelot?" Arthur quickly got over his shock and set his shoulders as he raised his chin.

"I do sire." Uther could see no hesitation in his son; his voice was even and held the authority of a king. One of the Lords stepped forward glaring at Arthur accusingly.

"The boy must've enchanted the prince!" He exclaimed "Why else would he be so blinded as to trust that thing?" That thought had passed through his mind. He tried to believe that Merlin had cast a spell on his son to protect him but try as he may he knew it wasn't true. He had seen the dedication shining in his eyes as he spoke of serving his son and he knew him to be incapable of doing something as low as that. As he saw Arthur defending his manservant he could see the same dedication in his eyes and it was at that moment that he made his decision. Uther stood from his chair silencing everyone in the room. A few seconds passed before the heard him speak.

"The boy will live…" Every Lords eye widened at this and Arthur allowed himself a victory smile and a sigh of relief. When it looked like the court was about to protest he continued.

"I trust my sons judgment concerning his manservant and it'll be best to have him under observation to confirm his motives." He stated "I doubt we could ever get him near the execution block anyway and I prefer to have him in front of me when he acts upon his power rather than in the shadows." He wanted to keep a close eye on the boy and what he did with his magic with his own eyes. One of the Lords stepped forward.

"My Lord-" But before he could say anything else Uther simply continued on as he walked towards the windows.

"We will also need to make some changes to the laws. It would be hypocritical of me to harbor a warlock disregarding my ruling. You are all dismissed." They hesitated for a brief second but obeyed when they saw his glare. As Arthur made his way towards the door, he stopped as he heard his father address him "Not you Arthur." He turned to see his father crossing his arms and looking grim.

"There are still a few conditions to be address…"

"I have to what!" Merlin's eyes widen as he heard the rest of the story. Arthur watched him amused at his reaction.

"Father stopped all re-construction work after his meeting. Since technically you were partly responsible for some of the damage he expects you to fix everything with your magic." He explained giving him a pointed look. "He wants to see you make yourself more useful and he figured he shouldn't waste on materials when we had a warlock in our hands." Merlin mouth opened and closed trying to make a sound but his mind was to preoccupied with this new bit of information. Uther wished for him to use his magic. Even if it's an order, that is a huge step for him to take. Gaius watched his ward with a smile on his face, happy to know he is finally safe. Arthur rolled his eyes impatiently as he extended his arm.

"Come one then! I don't have all day!" He snarled. "You should be well enough to get to work, right Gaius?" Gaius gave Merlin a look over and noticed his color had returned, his pupils seemed to be normal and the bandage still remained its pristine white. He gave the prince a nod.

"I don't see why not. As long as he doesn't overexert himself." He directed the last part to Merlin knowing full well how he can get. Hearing this, Arthur turn to his friend exitedly as he helped him to his feet.

"Come on! I can't have your first act as my un-official court sorcerer be delayed any more. Think of my reputation as future king!" Merlin found himself frozen as he heard him say this. With his eyes widened, he turned towards his uncle begging for an explanation, not daring to raise his hopes. Gaius saw this and gave him a fatherly smile.

"The king made it quite clear that he will not appoint you into such a high position while he remains on the throne." Arthur then took over his explanation.

"However, as he is certain that the kingdom may be threaten by future magical creatures; he wants me to overlook your actions in those matters. Besides, he can guess that when I become king you'll be right along with me." As he finished his face broke into a great smile. After a few seconds Merlin returned his smile ten fold as his body vibrated with new found energy. Arthur had accepted his magic and wanted him right by his side. For one instant, he managed to see an image of himself and Arthur much older, side by side laughing as his self placed the king's crown upon his head. He snapped from his thoughts as his smiled turned softer.

"Thank you." Hearing this, Arthur rolled his eyes laughing a bit.

"Just get changed will you!" Merlin just kept smiling as he sprung towards his room Arthur could only shake his head at his friend. To him there was never any real choice to make. Merlin had stood by his side through thick and thin, never treating him any different than anyone else. Because of him he had started to change for the better not to mention he had saved Camelot and his life many times. As he turned around towards a chair, he and Gaius heard a sudden crash inside the room. But before they could ever voice their worries they hear a muffled shout.

"I'm ok!"

"Dewch i uno eto." His eyes shone with the familiar golden hue as some of the ruble rose from the ground and was placed back together finishing the final wall on the house. Merlin took a cleansing breath as he headed to his next assignment trying to ignore the looks of fear everyone was giving him. Once they arrived at the main square, he asked Arthur to clear some of the people from the ruble. Giving him a nod, he immediately complied asking the onlookers to get back. He didn't miss the looks of fear and disgust the people were giving the younger man but he knew that it would take time for them to adjust. Once the path was cleared, Merlin began gathering the ruble and rebuilding the homes with magic. Some of the people gasped as they saw him use his magic, not to mention in the presence of the prince. But their prince just looked upon his manservant as if it were normal of his use of magic.

They were all afraid. They had known the young man ever since he arrived in Camelot. Some of them remembered how he stood up to the prince his first day. Some had watched amused as he found himself, yet again in the stocks. But most of them same the impact he had on their prince. Before he was a gangly young man eager to help anyone he could but now all they saw was the powerful sorcerer that killed the sorcerer Adair with ease.

Merlin saw a couple of the parents dragging their children away from his as his eyes met them. He looked away quickly but not before seeing the fear in their eyes. It sent a flash of pain in his heart to see that but he just shook his head and moved on to cleaning some of the small parts of a roof, not noticing a familiar figure approach the prince. Arthur turned around as he heard someone approaching him. His heart quicken slightly as he saw Gwen in her favorite yellow dress. She gave him a small smile as she got closer.

"Morning sire." She said respectfully as she eyed the floating tiles behind him.

"Guinevere. What brings you here? Do you need anything?" He immediately asked and her heart sped up hearing the concern in his voice. She soon snapped from her thoughts "Actually, I needed to ask Merlin something." Hearing his name, Merlin turned towards them without realizing that he still had a couple of pieces floating on top of him. His concentration gone, the tiles fell on top of him making him yelp in surprise.

"Merlin!" Arthur exclaimed as the final tile fell to the ground, taking the young warlock with him. Seeing he was unhurt he walked towards him and rolled his eyes.

"You idiot!" He exclaimed "How you ever got to be such a powerful warlock I'll never know!" As he said this, Merlin took his offered hand and threw a glare in his direction.

"Hey! I'll have you know that I am quite capable of concentrating on my spells." He exclaimed proudly as Arthur huffed in disbelieve.

"I doubt it. One of these days you'll see a butterfly passing right in front of you and you'll forget you're engaged in battle!" As he said this, he started walking away. Huffing childishly, Merlin shouted after him.

"You're just mad that I've saved you more times than you have!" Arthur stopped in his tracks and turned around. Those who were watching looked incredulously at the scene. Both prince and warlock engaged in a battle of wills as the argued with each other. But they all could see that both of their faces bared an unguarded smile. The villagers smiled at the scene as they carried on with their day.

Up on a balcony, Uther lay witness of the event with a bewilder expression. Even after the recent events, the warlock never back down from his son. He noticed that Arthur had relaxed considerably as their bickering continued. Now he could see the kind of friendship the two shared. They could fight and punch each other all they could but in the end they knew that they would do anything for the other. Their loyalty towards each other was almost immediate, as if it was truly destined to be. Uther shook his head as he walked inside. Whatever happened, that boy better watch his back. If he even crosses his son he would personally ensure that he finds out the fury of a Pendragon. As the pair continued bickering, ending with Arthur pouring a bucket of water on Merlin's head and telling him to continue working they remained oblivious as to what laid ahead of them.

The end…


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