Paddleboat ride

"This was a good idea, Castle," Kate muttered. "What a nice Valentine's Day gift. I quite like it myself. I've never been on a paddleboat."

"Are you sure?" he replied scarily, with a hint of sarcasm. "Because it looks like you're lying." She rolled her eyes. "Ooh… eye rolling – a sign of lying!" he continued, sarcastically. "Come on, let's just enjoy this. I spent half my money on this. It also took me a while to book it. It fills up fast. By the way, I can't believe you fainted when I told you I loved you. Come over here and kiss me." Some loud music began to play, surprising both of them. "That was unexpected."

"Yes it was!" she yelled.

"Shall we dance?"

"Sure," she smiled and the two began to dance to the music. It actually turned out to be the Doobie Brothers.

A/N: Song prompt – Black Water – Doobie Brothers