Hot legs

He stared at her legs. Her legs were one of the most beautiful things about her. They weren't hairy or ugly or anything. He thought of them as a sexual icon, almost. When they were alone, he'd rub them and massage them. No one knew about, except when they saw her legs. Rico noticed it the most. He always looked her legs, even though Émile probably wouldn't let him. He'd kick his ass if he had to. Cecilia was his. Rico noticed how damn smooth they were. He wanted a piece of that, even though he was homosexual.

"Rico, what are you looking at?" he'd ask.

"Nothing, the floor I guess," Rico would reply. Émile knew it when he was lying, but he'd let it slide. Rico was his best friend and he knew that he liked her.

But Cecilia was still his.

A/N: Song prompt – Hot Legs – Rod Stewart