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Author's Note: Quinn is a stud... no matter what anyone says... I don't care.

A twenty six year old Rachel walked into a gay club, one of the best gay clubs she'd heard. She had just finalized her divorce with Finn, and she needed some love. She needed someone to touch, someone to wrap arms around her, even if it was only in a sexual aspect. She didn't mind. The divorce had been messy. He had gotten mostly everything, something she couldn't help and didn't have the strength to fight. He had blamed her for his failures and disappointments. She took it, though. She took it in stride, and now, she was on her own.

After highschool, the two got married, right before college. It was foolish on their parts, but she was too blinded by love and her was blinded by obligation. Throughout the marriage, there was infidelity, arguments, threats, and even that one instance where he had hit her. She had never gotten to fulfill her dreams, and now, she was dead broke. Broke with a broken heart. A few hundred dollars was what she had left, but before she could come up with a plan to ante up, she wanted someone to touch her again.

She walked into the club, flashing her ID in the face of the bouncer. He laughed, nodding and letting her by. It seemed that she arrived early because there were people waiting in a line. She didn't know why she was allowed in, but perhaps it was a sympathy thing. The bouncer had to see the stress etched into her face. This was the perfect way to de-stress, Jesse St. James had told her. He was gay, and had recommended the club to her. Maybe he was wrong though, as he told her while intoxicated.

She owned a black, sleek dress that hugged her body in all the right places. She wore black boots with it, knowing that there was a fifty-fifty chance that someone would take her home. Maybe a bisexual guy or girl. She was particularly looking for a female. It was something about girls, relating to her body. They could make her feel, more than any guy. She had to figure as much. She had only kissed a girl once in her life, and that was back in high school.

The music blasted through speakers. She looked around noticing the stairs near the entrance. One was for upstairs, for people who wanted a much more quieter setting. One was for downstairs, that directed people to the restrooms. The bartender was a woman, in a black vest with blonde hair. She wiped off the counter, cleaning glasses afterwards. There were people dancing, grinding on the dancefloor, some by the walls touching and others on couches sharing drinks intimately.

"Looking for a good time?" a woman asks. Rachel snaps her attention to the woman, eyes widening. She wasn't expecting an offer so early. She smiled, squaring her chest.

"No, but I'm looking for a drink," Rachel answered.

"What would you like?" she flirted.

"Doesn't matter... as long as you're buying," Rachel entertained. She followed the woman to the bar, watching her surroundings. The drink someone buys you says a lot about their intentions. The woman ordered something strong, The Long Island Iced Tea. She could handle it, having had it for countless anniversary nights. It was enough to get her through the subsequent sex they'd have, she and Finn. She shook thoughts of Finn away, taking the drink in increments.

"So, what is it that you're looking for?" the woman asked. Rachel finally took notice of the woman before her. She grinned at Rachel. Her hair was long and brown. Her eyes green, sparkling a little. She obviously came here, looking for a good time.

"A good time," Rachel answered, quirking her lips playfully. She nodded her head, agreeing with Rachel on her answer.

"What kind? I could only think of two," she replied. Rachel raised an eyebrow.

"Like what?"

"Like number one, you and I dance and then find a quiet place to talk... or number two, you and I dance and get out of here," the woman suggested.

"I'm sorry, what is your name?" Rachel asked.

"Shelby," she answered. "So what do you say?" Rachel cringed internally. First off, Shelby was not a sexy name. Second, it reminded her too much of her mother, the one who had abandoned twice in her life.

"Tell you what, get me a shot of vodka, then you can choose which we get to do, deal?"

"Deal... sounds like fun," she said. "Ally, shot of vodka," she ordered, putting two fingers up. The woman smiled at then, fixing their drinks and serving them dutifully. Rachel downed hers in a matter of seconds, opening her mouth and exhaling obnoxiously. The vodka burned her chest, more than her throat. Shelby took her time, drinking the vodka, smiling apologetically when she finished. She took Rachel's hand and led her to the dance floor. Rachel wasn't sure how to go about this, grinding thing. Finn never knew how to dance, and he couldn't even grind in the bedroom. The woman led the way, though Slave 4 U by Britney Spears came on. Rachel smiled, following Shelby's grind. She was getting the hang of it, happy that the woman was rubbing up against parts that hadn't been touched by months by another person. She sang along with the track, biting her lip and moaned when the woman brushed up against something particular.

Whoever the DJ was mixing the track quite nicely. He or she prolongued the song, maxing it with another song. It was too good not to dance to. When the song ended, Shelby kissed her cheek.

"You want to get out of here?" she asked. Rachel bit her lip and nodded.

"May I go to the restroom first... alcohol and dancing always make me have to go to the bathroom," she lied. Shelby nodded.

"Of course, meet me at the exit," she whispered, walking away. Rachel made her way downstairs to the restrooms, rather impressed with the layout. It was fairly clean, not too dirty. It wasn't packed, as there were many, and there was security at it's doors. She smiled politely at a burly butch man, making her way into the restroom. She just needed some water on her face, so she could calm down. She was going home with Shelby, but she didn't want to be stupid, or so drunk to miss the whole experience. She wasn't took drunk, but she was way past buzzed. She splashed water on her face, touched up her make-up and made her way out of the restroom. She stared up the steps, from which she came, and frowned. Shelby wasn't going to make her feel wanted.

She jumped at hands on her waist, and a breath at her neck. She shrieked, moving to turn around, but strong arms were around her waist, keeping her place. She smelled perfume, or soap or whatever heady fragrance and calmed slightly. The security wasn't too far away.

"I can show you a better time," a whisper in her ear made her shiver. She was yanked close, her back colliding with breasts.

"Can I see you?" Rachel asked back in a whisper. There was a low throaty chuckle that seemed familiar.

"If I show you, then you might run away from me," the woman answered. The woman nipped at her neck, right at her spot. The spot that made her knees go weak and instantly moan. "You like that?" Rachel bit her lip, not wanting to give the woman the satisfaction.

"What's your name?"

"Tell me you like that and I'll tell you," the woman demanded, licking at Rachel's spot. The brunette fought herself in a moan. "So... you like that or what?" Rachel nodded.

"I loved that... now what's your name?"

"Quinn," the woman answered, and Rachel froze. She looked down taking sight of comparably pale hands on her waist. Her heart stopped. It was Quinn. Quinn Fabray. Quinn Fabray was behind her, kissing her neck. Suddenly, she turned to see the woman. Quinn stepped back, blond hair falling at her shoulders. She took in Quinn's form fitting black jeans, white fedora, that had a blue band around it. Quinn had on a white button up, with the sneakers to match. Rachel wanted to fight her attraction. The blond was stunning. Still, she hadn't seen the woman in years. And wait, what was Quinn doing in a gay club?

"Quinn... what are you doing here?"

"Never mind that... you want to be shown a better time or what?"

She really couldn't fight the offer. Walking up the steps, she had seen Shelby, grinding up against another woman. She had taken Quinn's offer, not really knowing what to do. She watched as the blond said her goodbyes to many different people. It was obvious that Quinn was a regular at the club, because she even said goodbye to the bouncers. She had taken a cab, and she wondered if she would be taking one home. She didn't have to wonder when she followed Quinn to a black Lexus. It was beautiful. It was stunning.

"Get in," Quinn ordered, opening the door for her. The car smelt new, and the leather was accommodating. She watched as Quinn got into the driver's seat. "Your place or mine?"

"Yours," Rachel answered, feeling the affects of alcohol. She thought that by now she would be a little sober, and perhaps seeing Quinn put her in a trace or got her high.

They made small talk on the way there. She had chosen Quinn's place because her place was a mess, and really, she felt this need to impress. They arrived at Quinn's house, or place or whatever it was. It seemed that Quinn had owned a condo, but that wasn't it. They had taken an elevator. With a ding, they had truly arrived at Quinn's place. It was beautiful. Leather couches, priceless wood floors, and some priceless carpets. She had a dinning set, made of glass and wood. She couldn't believe it.

"Sorry, my place is a mess," Quinn apologized, throwing her jacket on couch. Rachel turned to see the blond smiling at her. "Get comfortable, don't mind the mess," Quinn demanded. Rachel bit her lip, finally noticing the dim lighting. Her main goal was to go home with someone, and get lost in their essence. She never thought it'd be Quinn. She was horny, and buzzed as all hell, so perhaps Quinn being available made her do what she did. She kissed Quinn, knocking the fedora to the floor.

Quinn kissed back with fervor, gripping Rachel close, and receiving the kiss as thoroughly as possible. It was wonderful. The way Quinn held to her, kissing her with soft lips and alcohol. Their tongues collided in a dance of passion, and Rachel struggled to find her footing. It didn't matter though. Quinn held her up, making sure she wouldn't fall. They rushed to Quinn's bedroom, and on the way, taking their clothes off while trying to keeps their lips attached to one another. Getting to her bed, Quinn had pushed Rachel. Rachel moaned at the forcefulness and how exposed Quinn was.

Quinn climbed up the bed, smirking at Rachel with glassy eyes. Rachel wanted it. She was feeling something, finally, and she was grateful. "Tell me you like that," Quinn ordered lustfully, kissing Rachel's stomach and then her breasts. She was never wearing a bra under that dress. She opened her legs for Quinn to fit between and shuddered when the blond ground against her. Rachel tugged at the jeans.

"Off," she whined, tugging at them again. Quinn obliged, taking them off hurriedly and struggling just a bit.

"Alright, now tell me you like that," Quinn ordered again.

"Like what?" she asked, teasing. Her body was overly sensitive to Quinn's touch. So she gasped loudly when Quinn ground into her front again.

"That... tell me you like that," she demanded, gripping under Rachel's thigh. Rachel moaned, closing her eyes.

"More," Rachel moaned. Quinn leaned back, catching her leg to plant a wet kiss. They had gotten her boots off in the hallway. Quinn kissed her ankle again, nibbling behind the little bone. Rachel's eyes rolled back. Quinn massaged her foot, still continuing her assault on Rachel's ankle. "Oh god more," Rachel begged.

"Tell me you like that," Quinn commanded, palming Rachel's sex with one hand and withdrawing that same hand. Rachel keened, arching into Quinn, but the blond pushed her back down. "Do it... tell me you like that," Quin requested again. She knew Quinn got high off of power, and the tease was killing her, but she wanted to hold onto her power a little bit more. Quinn spread her legs wide, licking at luscious thighs and then slithered her way back up to Rachel. She sucked on Rachel's nipple, nibbling and biting. "You're fighting it... why are you fighting it?"

"I don't want you to win, and I've never had sex with a woman before so I don't know how this goes," Rachel answered.

"I can tease you all night... should I get out the cuffs?" Quinn asked, voice low and sultry. She shuddered at the thought.

"You're kinky," Rachel commented in delight.

"Yes I am... I am very, very nasty," Quinn admitted, kissing her lips lightly.

"Show me," Rachel challenged.

"First, tell me that you like it," Quinn requested. Rachel bit her lip, snaking her arms around Quinn's torso. She unclasped the blond's bra, watching it fall down down pale arms. Rachel leaned forward, kissing Quinn lightly in challenge.

"I like it," she moaned in Quinn's ear. The blond grin, hands snaking down her body. She didn't take her eyes off of Rachel's, not even when she snatched her thong off. Rachel moaned, Quinn's dominance turning her on more than she could ever imagine. Quinn held the thong up to her face, sniffing audibly. She closed her eyes in pleasure.

"You smell so good," Quinn admitted, licking at the thong and then throwing it the floor. Rachel felt like she was about to pop. The sheets were silk, and it wasn't helping her move, not with the sweat lacing her body.

"Touch me, Quinn please," Rachel begged. "I like, I love it, please just touch me," Rachel demanded, raising her hips to get some kind of friction going on. Quinn obliged, finally, dipping her fingers into Rachel's sex. Rachel moaned, adjusting to the invasion. Quinn leaned down, kissing her passionately. Quinn pulled back, lips bruised from the kiss.

"Fuck my fingers baby," Quinn ordered, and almost instantly, Rachel followed suit, humping up and down. Quinn kept her hand and arm steady, except for scissoring her fingers occasionally. Rachel was tiring, but the sensations were feeling so good. She slowed, muscles flexing and contracting. Quinn shifted a little, grabbing her hip with her free hand and pushed her up and down so she could help with pace.

"Oh God, Quinn! Yes!" Rachel yelled, bouncing on the bed. She could feel her breat shaking and then the warm mouth of Quinn Fabray. Her toes curled and her eyes rolled back as she fucked herself on Quinn's fingers, not to mention Quinn's assistance. She jerked, hips moving at their own accord as Quinn bit down on her nipple. Everything just felt so good. Quinn twisted her hand, scissoring once more and then curling. Rachel froze, eyes closing tight as she climax with a long, open moan. Her walls clamped down around Quinn's fingers, and she shuddered when Quinn's thumb swiped across her clit.

The blond pulled out, licking her fingers. She held them to Rachel's lips.

"Suck baby," Quinn ordered gently. Rachel sucked some of her juices from Quinn's hand. "Had enough... or you want more?" Rachel didn't even answer. Exhaustion, stress, alcohol and sex had finally put her to bed.

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