You're in my heart

He was always there for her. They were partners for eight years. Until she moved on, to form a relationship with her best friend, Macy, she never forgot about him during that time. Sometimes she had never wished she had quit being a private investigator. She still would have been with him. However, she found out he quit.

She found out he had moved to Johto, a long ways away from Isshu. There, he became a Pokémon professor. They called him Professor Elm instead of Albin. He wanted to study Pokémon eggs, an interesting choice, of course. She had no way of contacting him, because she didn't know his address or if he changed his name, for that matter. She missed him every day.

It wouldn't be another seventeen years until she saw him again. "You're in my heart," he whispered… She smiled.

A/N: Song prompt – You're in My Heart – Rod Stewart