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Sakuya x Youmu comes to an end. Enjoy.

Ch. 14: A Blade amongst the Grass

Youmu stood at the kitchen window. All the servants had already cleared out, the food moved to the dining hall. Yuyuko-sama and the rest of the guests were mercifully not here. The kitchen was empty, save for a slow boiling cauldron.

Marsia, Marisa, Marisa, Marisa… Youmu bit down on her lip. So, she truly occupied Sakuya's heart, huh? Youmu felt her two katana start to rattle slightly in response to her emotions. Youmu clenched her jaws. Her Senpai had chosen, and she had decided to respect it. But true to her word, she could not accept it…

Youmu looked up in the kitchen window glass.


Youmu whipped around. Sakuya was standing there, silver-haired, elegant. There was no hint at all that she had come in. In many ways, Sakuya had always reminded her of a ghost. Silver-haired, pale skinned, silent, deadly.

Did you ever know that Youmu was dead afraid of ghosts? They got to her really easily.

And right now, this spectre that had been haunting her heart for the past few weeks was simply standing there, watching her. So still and poised was Sakuya that Youmu quite doubted if it was the real, living thing.


"Hi Youmu."

Youmu took a step forward. "How long have you been here?"

Sakuya smiled sheepishly. "Quite some time."

Youmu looked to the side. "I… I've got to go…"

Youmu started to walk away, but was suddenly jerked back by the firm, strong grasp of Sakuya.

"Youmu," Sakuya said simply.

"No, Senpai, listen, whoever it is you love, I- mmmpf!" Youmu's eyes flew wide open as Sakuya suddenly pulled her into a kiss. Youmu initially started to pull away, but Sakuya hunted her down, not letting her lips leave hers. Youmu found herself backed into the kitchen counter, her neck craning upwards as the taller girl bent over her.

Senpai was… Senpai was…! Youmu closed her eyes as her beloved Senpai kept up the kiss, her lips cupping Youmu's, her tongue trying to force its way deeper. Youmu obliged… no, welcomed her, invited her, begged her to come in closer, then decided otherwise, and amused herself by resisting, pushing back, refusing Sakuya the Youmu she wanted. Sakuya withdrew momentarily from the sudden foxiness of Youmu, but was undeterred. By now she was thoroughly aroused. She pressed on harder, snaking over Youmu's own aggressive endeavours to push Sakuya back into her own mouth, licking her where she was most sensitive and exposed. Youmu startled, but delighted at the attention Sakuya was giving her, and rewarded Sakuya's efforts by cupping her lips over Sakuya's more to let her even deeper…

It was some time before the two broke the kiss for air, before finding their bodies pressed tightly against each other's, their hands around each other's waist and working not just up, but under…

…! Sakuya and Youmu parted suddenly, and looked away awkwardly, aware of the passionate but indecent act they had just committed. Their first instinct was to check their surroundings.

Only the noisy, oily bubbling cauldron bore witness to their love sharing.

"S-Senpai," Youmu said breathlessly. "I… I thought…"

"Marisa was the one I loved? I thought so too," Sakuya said, "But I was wrong." Sakuya grasped Youmu's hands and enclosed them in her own. "Marisa's not the one I spent time having fun with, or just talking with, enjoying each other's company with. Yes, I've always liked her it's true," Sakuya squeezed Youmu's hands. "But… I think someone else managed to steal my heart before her."

"I know who stole mine," Youmu grinned at Sakuya. "But… I still can't believe you chased me and chose me just like that." Youmu hugged Sakuya. "Thank you," she whispered in Sakuya's ear.

"No, thank you," Sakuya hugged Youmu back, placing her face to Youmu's hair, snuggling against it, eliciting a giggle from Youmu. Sakuya then stood a step back and asked, "Does… this mean I'm the right one for you?"

Youmu smiled. "Am I?"

"W-Well…" Sakuya began to stutter a bit.

"Am I? Come on Senpai! You've kissed me, you've hugged me, but you've yet to declare your love me!"

"…I! Wh-What about you?"

"Me? Hey! I practically confessed in front of a witness!"

"C-Come on, Youmu, you already know how I feel, after what I just did."

"I know how you feel, I just want to hear you confirm it."

"Y-Youmu…" Sakuya smiled in defeat, then pressed another kiss on Youmu's lips. "There! How about that?"

Youmu blushed at Sakuya's sudden second kiss, but shook her head in dissatisfaction. "All you did was kiss me again!"

"Isn't a kiss more romantic then just saying 'I love you'?"

"You just said it! And what's so hard about saying it? Come on, say it to me."

"I... fine. Iloveyou."


"I… Iloveyou."

"You're slurring, Senpai!" Youmu giggled. "Say it more clearly!"

"Grrr…" Sakuya gathered her courage, then, "Youmu! I. Love. You. I love you, I will always love you. You're the one I want to be with. You're the one I want to share my life with the most. You're the one I want to kiss. You're the one. I. LOVE… Okay?"

Youmu's jaw hung ajar at her beloved Senpai's passionate confession. Then a devious, "S-Sorry Senpai? I didn't catch that, could you please repeat it for me?"

This… feeling felt familiar. This sense of wanting to kill myself… Sakuya frantically patted her clothing, searching for her knives. Oh no, I left them in my usual maid outfit. In my room. Again. Dammit. DAMMIT.

Sakuya promptly vanished. Youmu was startled for a bit, before realizing that Sakuya had probably gone back to her room to attempt suicide. Yet again.

"Wait, Senpai! WAIT!" Youmu gave chase, while trying to suppress a giggle. Youmu had never felt this elated before. Her Senpai loved her!

And she would do everything in her power to love her back.

"And to what do I owe the pleasure? " said Yuyuko cheerfully. Seated next to her, out on one of Hakugyokurou's many porches and verandas, sipping japanese green tea with an impassive look on her face was Remilia.

"Don't you think it's getting a little chilly to be drinking tea outdoors at this time of year?" Remilia complained. It had been a few days since the autumn feast she had hosted. Things happened, some good, some not so good. But whatever happened, one thing cannot be explained…

How the bloody hell did she end up in Hakugyokurou, drinking tea with Yuyuko? Remilia cursed under her breath. This had better not become a habit… She did NOT want to become a second Yukari.

"Ah, but if we don't, then we won't get to enjoy the beautiful setting now, won't we?" Yuyuko said next to her, happily sipping her own tea.

"Humph, I suppose the falling of golden leaves is almost as romantic as cherry blossoms in the spring…" Remilia offhandedly commented.

"I wasn't referring to that! 3" Yuyuko smiled, while looking into the distance. Out there, walking side by side, was Sakuya and Youmu, chatting happily. "Although it is almost as beautiful as cherry blossoms…"

"I shouldn't be here…" Remilia complained again.

"Oh, don't be such a drag," Yuyuko said. "Besides, your chief maid came here on her own during her day off. There was no need for you to have followed her…" Yuyuko looked at Remilia, "Unless…"

Remilia blushed and looked away, "I was the one who gave her the day off, okay?"

"Ah! So you do care!"

"Shut up…"

In the distance, Sakuya was whispering something into Youmu's ear, and the two broke into giggles.

Remilia smiled. "Still, it's kind of nice to see them so happy."

Yuyuko looked at Remilia. "Remilia, I'm sure you'll find your happiness one day."

Remilia looked up at Yuyuko, and Yuyuko for a moment thought she could see great age in the baby-smooth skin and bright red eyes of Remilia. "Sigh… right now, I'm just going to have to be content with the happiness of my loved ones." Remilia looked into the distance again. "Just don't get any ideas about playing matchmaker to me," she warned with a wistful smile.

Yuyuko returned the smile and looked into the distance as well. She too, was not young by any means.

At least the two girls in the distance had both their youth. Better yet, they had love. Yuyuko smiled. Her "daughter" would be fine. Just fine.

"Hey, Senpai."

"Yes, Youmu?"

"I love you."

"… What's with that?"

"Nothing in particular, just felt like saying it."

"Heh… I love you too, Youmu…"

"You know, I wonder how we're going to progress from here…"

"How about tonight… …?"

"Eh? Tonight? Eh? S-Senpai! What are you talking about… …!"

"Haha… I'm just kidding Youmu! But I'm starting to get dissatisfied with just kissing… … …"

"Eh? So fast? Dirty Senpai! I was talking about our future… … …!"

"Hahahaha… … … …"

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