A/N: Sorry this took forever! I lost an initial draft and started a new story, so this one kind of lost some steam…anyway, here it is. Probably a couple chapters after this, hopefully with more frequent updates!


Tim knew first-aid, had gone to the classes, had been made fun of by Tony when he almost passed out practicing rescue breathing. He knew what to do during a seizure, and he knew what not to do. You sure as hell didn't hold them down.

"Tony! Damn it, untie his arms! Davies! Untie his arms!" McGee watched in horror as DiNozzo's jerking continued, his wrists bloodied, before a particularly violent jerk led to his shoulder popping out with a sickening crack.

"Damn it! Please! He can't go anywhere!" Tim could feel himself getting desperate as Tony continued thrashing, his eyes rolled back and foam dribbling at his mouth. He'd urinated at some point.

Davies wasn't listening, instead fashioning a barricade at the door and closing all of the curtains in the room. Tim cursed under his breath, knowing that their captor had just added precious time to their rescue that should have been spent getting Tony the medical care he needed. Tony, who had finally stopped seizing and was lying utterly still, his breaths coming in short, harsh gasps.

"Tony?" McGee whispered, nudging Tony's shoulder. He let out a small sigh of relief when he heard someone knock on the outside door, but the relief faded quickly as Davies shoved the massive desk in the middle of the room in front of the door.

"T-Tim? Th' hell happened?" Tony slurred, staring at Tim with unfocused eyes.

"You had a seizure," Tim answered softly. DiNozzo tried to lift his head but eventually gave up and let it rest on the floor. His pale cheeks reddened slightly.

"S-sorry. 'Bout the mess," he murmured, already blinking sleepily.

"Hey, stay with me," McGee said, but in all honesty, he was on the verge of passing out again himself.

"You," Davies barked suddenly, pointing at McGee. "Get him up. We're going in the attic."

Tim didn't have the strength to come up with a snarky response, so he settled for laughing weakly.

"You really th-think either of us can stand?" He said, blinking in an effort to keep the encroaching blackness from taking over his vision. He was only mildly surprised when he found a gun shoved in his face. Tony made a small sound of anxiety and attempted to move to Tim's side but was barely able to budge.

"'S okay," Tim murmured, though it was a blatant lie.

"Get. Him. Up. Or I will."

Tim nodded and levered himself up on his good arm.

"Tony, we gotta get up," he said, blinking rapidly as the room spun around him. He groaned slightly.

"U-up?" Tony slurred.

"Yeah," McGee answered, too drained to explain.

"Don't think I c-can, Elf L-lord," Tony murmured with a wan attempt at a smile.

"I know," Tim whispered under his breath. "I'll hold your arm. Let's just try to get y-you sitting up, huh?"

"'Kay," Tony agreed weakly. Tim gripped Tony's arm with his good hand and tried to ease Tony upright. DiNozzo grunted in pain and his eyes rolled partway back in his head.

"Hey, hey," Tim muttered, patting clumsily at Tony's face. Tony roused slightly and offered Tim a half smile.

"S'rry," he murmured, trying to sit up.

"Damn, you guys are taking too long," Davies muttered suddenly, wrenching McGee up by his bad arm. Tim let out a scream of pain before passing out completely.

He came to in what he guessed was the attic. His good hand was tied to the radiator and he was alone.

"Tony?" He called, his throat raspy and dry. "D-DiNozzo?"

A few seconds later, Tim heard heavy footsteps interspersed with angry curses. Davies' head appeared, followed closely by his shoulders. Tony's lax body was draped over them.

"Holy shit," McGee whispered. "Is h-he?"

"Don't know," Davies answered, dumping Tony unceremoniously to the floor. Tim cursed loudly, his voice breaking as he stared at DiNozzo. From where he sat, he could only see the side of Tony's head, bloodied and almost sunken. He couldn't see if he was breathing or not. The sight of Tony's head combined with his own injuries proved too much, and McGee retched uncontrollably.

"Damn it," Davies swore, aiming a kick in Tim's general direction. "That's sick, you little bastard." As he spoke, Davies tied one of Tony's hands to the radiator next to McGee. Tim prayed that that meant Tony was still alive.

"Please," Tim said as Davies dragged a huge trunk over the trapdoor. "Please, let m-my friend get help." DiNozzo had yet to move since being tied up.

"Shut up," Davies answered absently. He started rifling through boxes, flinging their contents haphazardly.

"DiNozzo," McGee said, nudging Tony's leg with his foot. "Please, Tony, p-please be okay."

Tony stirred slightly but didn't regain consciousness. He looked terrifying, his whole face bloody, the entire side of his head matted with blood.

"Tony. I sw-swear I will tell the n-new receptionist you're g-gay if you don't wake up," McGee said, nudging Tony again.

"Mm?" Tony murmured, unfocused eyes blinking open.

"Oh, thank God," Tim breathed. "How you doing?"

Tony seemed perplexed by the question, blinking heavily.


"That good," McGee muttered to himself. DiNozzo needed medical help. Now.

"Yes! Finally, holy hell, I finally found it!" Davies yelled, holding up a fat wad of cash.

"G-great," Tim said, sighing in relief. "Please, let us go."

Below them, movements were audible, probably people attempting to shove the door in. Davies paused a moment, the money in one hand.

"No. No, I think you're more useful up here," he said, starting to look for something again.

"Wh-what?" McGee asked. The situation had just taken a completely unforeseen turn. Tony, meanwhile, had gone limp again, his head resting on Tim's shoulder.

"Ah. Perfect," Davies said, squeezing a bottle of something and splashing liquid around the attic. Tim's eyes widened.

"No, no, please, no," he said, trying not to panic. The can Davies was holding was a can of Coleman camping stove fuel.

"Sorry," Davies said, holding up a lighter. "But you guys are my diversion." He tucked the money into his shirt and looked out the window, then shrugged at Tim.

The lighter dropped, and flames erupted. Davies took a deep breath, then ran out the window, bursting out the other side in a chorus of shattering glass.

"Help us! Gibbs!" Tim yelled, coughing as the smoke became thicker. Tony didn't move, and McGee was worried he was already dead.

"Gibbs! Please, someone," he whispered, his voice tapering off before giving out altogether.

As his vision darkened, Tim could only take solace in the fact that at least he'd see Tony on the other side.