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A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black and White:

Jake stayed in my house and visited for a month. He stayed in my guestroom, but refused to tell me why he was even staying here. He wouldn't even tell me how he found me. Through Jaycie I learned he and Addison had fought. It got so bad they needed a long-term break. Addison wanted to leave Jake, saying a bunch of bullshit that she was 'afraid of him' and wanted a 'normal husband.' Jake was sad, but had to comply by her wishes. After a few weeks of them being apart, she had gotten into drugs and run off with some lowlife sex addict to somewhere Jake wasn't allowed to know of.

It had gotten to the point where Jake was feeling physical pain, as well as heartbreak, that Sam had to order him away for a while. Jake, not knowing where to go, found a man named Alfredo Velazquez to help him track me. It took a while, considering I took tons of precautions so that no one would find me, but Jake and Alfredo were family friends, and eventually found my sanctuary.

Jake didn't know I knew all of this that. Chase and Jaycie got accustomed to him enough that they actually liked him. The only thing was they decided to keep some of their "abilities" from his knowledge. We all got close enough to trust each other, and that made my job that much easier.

When Jake finally did leave, he promised to visit soon and keep in touch.

"Now that he's gone…"

"You're a mess Chase."

"Wanna clean me up? I could use a shower to get that doggy smell off of me."

"Go home Chase!" I laughed as I threw a pillow at him.

"I'm playing! Jesus woman. You need to calm down. You're out of control!"

"Chase, are you annoying poor Bella again? I honestly don't see how she puts up with you." Jaycie said from the doorway.

"Thank you so much, oh-loving-sister of mine!" Chase yelled sarcastically. "At least Bella here loves me!"

"Who are you? And why do I love you again?" I teased. When I saw the pout on his lips I quickly kissed him and laughed at his adorable expression. Oh how I loved him.

"Love you too babe."

Get out of my mind Chase!

I'm always on your mind Bella. I know that for a fact. No worries. It's the same way around.

I love you Chase Fox.

I love you too Isabella Swan. Now let's see what Jaycie wants. The faster we get rid of her, the faster I show you what I've been dying to since the very first day I realized I loved you.

"Why'd you tell her that Chase? Now she's definitely gonna get curious and kick me out as soon as she can." Jaycie complained aloud with slumped shoulders.

"Out, out, out! I have to see whatever it is. Bye Jaycie, it was nice to see you, don't come back for awhile!"

"Fine Bella. Dump me for Chase. I see how it is"

"Aww Jaycie don't be like that! I love you, But I love your brother too. I'm just really curious okay?"

Jaycie kept muttering a combination of obscenities and something about how her brother was a sneaky bastard. I walked her out the door and shut it the instant she left the door frame. With a strange sense of eagerness, I slid my way on my socks back up to my room to Chase. Unfortunately my hardwood floors combined with clumsiness acted up. I should've fallen to the floor, bombarding down to the ground in a manner that was very ungraceful. I hadn't even fallen once since I met them. I had even improved my balance and grace due to the heavenly angels I hung around and practically lived with, but the slipperiness sent me tumbling to the ground.

Chase's arms circled around my waist as he stared into my eyes with his signature smoldering gaze. It was time like this that made me feel like I was flying, like I could achieve anything and everything I tried. We stayed in that position, content with just silence; we were comfortable like that.

I thought about how much I loved him, how much he meant to me, and what I would go through just to keep him in my life. It wasn't long after I thought that before his lips were crashing down on mine, molding beautifully in perfect synchronization. It was almost as if we were born to do this. We were two halves of a whole, two souls that would forever be merged together in love and death.

Death. Due to Chase's abilities and what he had in him, he would never be older than nineteen years old unless he chose otherwise. He would always be forever frozen, forever stunning, eternally beautiful. It had never dawned on me that I wouldn't always be with him until that moment. That moment alone was one of the most painful I had ever known. He would never age, never grow physically, whereas I would grow old and die, wrinkly and pruned so much that he wouldn't want me anymore.

"Isabella! How the fuck could you even think something like that? I love you. I would never think something about that about you. I'll always want you, always need you."

"It's true Chase. I can't ever become like you. It's impossible. Even so, God or the Devil would have to claim me, and I'm not even that special. There's no hope. We only have until I'm 35. Didn't you say that was the maximum age you could change to?"

"Where's your faith in Fate Isabella?" I was about to protest. No one could get away with calling me Isabella except for Chase. The voice I heard was not the soft, soothing voice I was used to. The frown was evident on my face as I turned to the voice, already upset with them for interrupting when Chase and I had been having a conversation of importance. As I spun around to face the interrupter, I gasped as I was faced with a brilliant white light, gleaming before my eyes, and momentarily blinding me.

A face so calm, so serene, appeared before my eyes smiling a smile very similar to Jaycie and Chase's. He was a very handsome man who looked like he was in his early thirties, or around Carlisle's age. He was clothed in a white Grecian style gown with a red ribbon tied at his waist and a golden crown placed softly upon his head.

He was stunning, breathtaking.

"Thank you Isabella. Or would you prefer just Bella?" He must've heard me thinking. I blushed at the thought of this beautiful man hearing my thoughts. He respected me enough to ask what I preferred to be called, so naturally I liked him already.

"I can't read her thoughts. Is that you blocking me?" Chase sent a questioning look at the glowing man.

"Yes. Chase, as much as I truly love you, I'm here to speak to Bella. She and I need to discuss something of importance. I fear your presence alone will influence her decision."

"I'll take my leave. Jaycie and I will take off to Arizona. Bella, we'll be back tomorrow morning okay?" He kissed me sweetly on the lips. "Bye Isabella." He whispered.

"I love you." I mumbled against his lips as he disappeared from the room. I presumed the strange man was waiting until Chase was out of hearing distance, probably out of the city, before he began speaking. I knew I should've been worried, but Chase would've never left me with someone he didn't trust with his life. This man was obviously that kind of someone. I should've been frightened as to what he had to tell me, what decision I would have to make without Chase. It frightened me.

"Do not be frightened Bella. I'm simple here to ease your worries and offer you a life you never thought you'd have. You mustn't tell Chase though. He will know when the time is right. Is that understood.?"


"Bella, I need a golden promise. If you tell Chase, or share the information I'm about to give you with anyone, your life will be forfeited. It's not something I like, but I trust your judgment and know for a fact you'll do the right thing. You always do."

"Thanks. Can I ask who you are? I feel so lost." In truth and honesty, I felt like a moron. This stranger knew so much about me, yet I knew virtually nothing about him.

"Dear Bella. I am one Jaycie and Chase's many brothers. I am the man who will give you everything you ask for, as long as you don't turn to the side of evil. Promise me that, and I guarantee you will never have to worry about leaving your love."

"I still don't know your identity though sir."

"My dear child, I am the one Chase and Jaycie go to when they truly need help. I am Micah, angel of the Divine Plan.

"M-M-Micah? From the bible?"

"Yes my child. I am. The endeavors listed in that book are fabricated and not 100% accurate, but that is besides the point. I do have to say, my sibling loves you with all his soul. I can see that with my own eyes. His love for you is one so pure, and so very true. It is because of your equal love for him that I come to you today to offer you an alternative from living a mortal life."

"Would you…I mean…elaborate please?"

"You wish for a life with Chase at your side. You wish to stay forever young, forever immortally beautiful enough to feel like you belong at his side. You do. Your souls were destined for it. I'm here to offer you a life where your status is more than human. Much more than that."

"Okay Micah. What do you mean more than human? Vampire?"

"Good Heavens no! Vampires are…I know my brother and sister have explained to you how vampires are on the...less than heavenly side. They belong to Satan. You may know him as the Devil. Child, I am offering you a place as an angel."

"An angel?" I chocked. The words burned my throat.

He smiled gently. "Of course. Do you want to know what I ask of you in order for this to happen?" "Of course! Just tell me what I need to do." "I find it amazing how you've only known my brother for a short while and yet, you love him enough that you're willing to become angel for him. Your love is pure, true. I don't see many like this nowadays. Its enthralling."

"Please, just tell me what I need to say, tell me what needs to be done. I can't watch him suffer as I grow old and die."

"All I ask besides secrecy, is for you to join yourself to him in every way possible. Tie your souls together. Other than that, refrain from the Devil and the deed will be done on your twenty-first birthday. If you so choose, you and Chase will have the ability to age your bodies a few years, maybe even birth a child. Do we have a deal Isabella?"

"How do I tie my soul to his in everyway? Do I…Do I need to have…umm…sexual interaction with him." A bright red blush colored my skin from head to toe.

He smiled gently, and shook his head no, chuckling at my choice of words.

"There will come a time, you will know when. You will know at that moment that when you finally do tie together your souls, you will become one. Your joined souls will be so extravagant, so amazing, they may even blind me with its brilliancy.

"I must go now Bella. There are other things I need to take care of. I need you to keep faith, never stop believing in me. Most importantly, make no deals with the Devil. He will try to corrupt you; he knows you are the key to Chase. With you two on his side, he will stop at nothing until the human race is obliterated. He will infiltrate your bonds, but I need you to stay strong. No matter what he throws at you, you stay one step ahead of him."

"I-I-I will."

"Oh, and Bella?"


"Never take Chase's ring off. It will help me keep you safe."

I thought about his words for a moment before asking, "What do you mean? How will it help? It's a ring." Before I even knew it, he was gone. Back to Heaven, back to his duties that had been put off in order to talk to me.


I spent the rest of the night pondering the possibilities. I would be an Angel. An Angel! How was I supposed to tie myself to him in everyway? Perhaps a moment would come when he would need me to make a choice. I would do whatever he asked. I didn't care. It wasn't the angelic status that I wanted. It wasn't the fact that I would belong to God. Never that. It was that I would belong to Chase forever. That thought alone was enough to make my heart sing.

I lay down and fell asleep that night dreaming about my life with Chase, the rest of forever, and our possibilities.

My dreams that night were filled with us together through the decades. We were happily living in 1970, 1980, 1990, and even far off into the future. It would be incredible.

I slowly opened my eyes, fluttering my eyelashes, and stretching where I lay. My muscles tensed as I felt someone beside me.

I cautiously cracked open one eye to meet the blue ones of Chase.

"Miss me?" He asked with his signature smirk on his lips.

Whether it was due to the extraordinary offer I had been made, or the fact that I had just been dreaming about him, I didn't know. I did know that if my lips were on his in the next five seconds I would probably die. Again I kissed him, with so much more passion than before. He was bewildered but very willing, and that was enough to satisfy me.

He pulled away all too quickly before asking, "Not that I'm arguing, but what is all this for?"

"I love you."

He smiled and kissed my forehead. "I know that. What brought all this on though?"

"I love you. What more do you need?"

"Nothing. I just need you and I'm happy. What did my brother say Bella?"

This wasn't one of the many moments I had dreamed up. If he read my mind, he'd know immediately what Micah had told me. I had to keep it a secret no matter what. I knew he would hear those last thoughts, but Chase would have to trust me, to know that whatever needed to be kept from his was obviously for a reason. Hopefully that would be enough.

Just as I was about gauge his reaction to my last comment, his gasp sounded in the air.

"Chase? Chase honey, what's wrong?" He looked terrified, on the point of hyperventilation. Something had troubled him enough to make him show his emotions on his face for once.

"Chase? Chase talk to me."

"Bella. I-I can't read you thoughts anymore."

"You…You can't read what I'm thinking. Nothing?"

Thank you God! Err...Micah.

When I breathed a sigh of relief, I knew Chase had looked at me funny. Chase wasn't supposed to know about the offer until after we tied souls and my twenty-first birthday, and I'd be dammed before I let anything disturb that.

"Why do you look relieved? Is there something you don't want me to know?" What could I have possibly told him? 'No, I love you, but I need to keep the biggest secret ever from you so you don't mess it up for me?' It just couldn't work that way.

"No. I-I just thought…"

"Save it Bells. I already know you're lying. Tell me."

Dammit! I still couldn't lie worth a shit! I really needed to talk to Jaycie about helping me get better at that.

"I-I-I can't Chase."

"Isabella, you know whatever it is, I'll understand. Don't doubt me."

He was using his charm on me again. I had gotten somewhat accustomed to it, maybe even a little immune. The pout was way easier to handle, whereas other things weren't. His smoldering eyes, combined with the way my full name rolled off his tongue, all coupled with the way he kissed me after that was impossible to resist.

Somehow I did.

"Okay, okay stop it Chase! You're brother and I just talked. That's all. Stop trying to get me to tell you alright? I can't tell you a damn thing, and that's probably why you can't hear my thoughts."

"But Isabella!.."

"No Chase."

Distraction was the only thing I could think of to avoid telling him. I proceeded to kiss him full on the mouth, laying him down in the process. He was shocked, but complied with my silent demands. I knotted my fingers in his hair, anything to make him forget what we discussing. I knew he loved me, but I wasn't some kind of girl beautiful enough to make him loose his breath, make him speechless.

It was all worth a shot, so I thought, why the hell not?

Being even more brave, and mentally pushing myself, I then wrapped my legs around his waist and straddled his waist.

He snickered at this.

"Oooh Bella? Now you're just begging for trouble." He then flipped us over so that I was pinned underneath him. Our breaths were ragged, and Chase only made mine worse by kissing slowly down my neck and over my collar bone.

"You sure you wanna play this game Mr. Fox? I'm sure I can step up my game if you'd like." It was my turn to smirk.

"Oh I'd love to see what you can bring Miss Swan."

Our tongues melted together in perfect harmony, a synchronization so amazing, it was hard to believe I hadn't thought I'd love again.

"Isabella?" Chase whispered against my lips.

"Yes Chase?"

"I really think we need to stop. I wanted to take you somewhere yesterday, and I really don't think we'll get there if you keep this up."

I giggled. Fucking giggled! "Alright Chase. Go home and get dressed. Give me twenty minutes. What's the occasion?"

"Casual. Dress very comfy. I'm already dressed and whatnot. I'll wait downstairs and make you dinner."

"Dinner? Chase it's early in the morning. There isn't even light out Chase."

"You're time is waaayy off Bell. It's already eight in the afternoon. You slept in really late. I guess you didn't notice because it's raining."

"This good day just turned very bad."

"I figured you'd say that. Go get dressed. We need to be there by eight-thirty."

"Where are we going?"

"You wanna hide things from me? I'll do the same."

"That isn't fair Chase."

"Just go. You'll see when we get there alright?"

"Sure, sure." Jake had already rubbed off on me.

I danced around happily, even singing and rejoycing in the fact that I finally got the happiness and love I now realized I deserved. I had always been a good daughter to Renee and Charlie, never smoked or drank alcohol at a young age. Maybe this was my redemption, I didn't know. Either way, I was going to do whatever it took to stay with Chase, and Jaycie, for the rest of forever.

The only problem was, how to keep this from them both? It would be difficult, and the questions would be relentless. Just because I had somewhat distracted Chase, didn't mean he would forget completely.

I wondered what kind of plans Micah had in store for me and the twins, Jacob, my parents, even the Cullens.

I knew he wouldn't let us down. It amazed me when I had this feeling of lightness. A sense of calm washing over my body to reassure me that I would be okay. I almost looked over my shoulder for fear of seeing Jasper when I realized this wasn't some false sense of security, this was me feeling something I hadn't ever experienced for myself before.


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