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Also, I'm trying not to step on any toes and accidently borrow ideas from other fics; there are so many KH and FFVII fics out there that I've read that it's hard to distinguish between your own idea and something you've read. I've already had to go back and change a few scenes because I realized they had an awful lot in common with scenes in other fics.

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The nightmare rolled through her mind, crashing through her defenses built up long ago; it would not let itself be ignored. All she could see and hear are things remembered from long ago-an escape from a planet on the brink of death.

Yuffie, now eighteen, tossed and turned in her bed, letting out the occasional cry as screams tried to claw their way out of her throat. A whimpered "Mama..." manages to escape her throat, and a few tears make paths down her frightened face.

They were running, her mother gripping her hand in a fierce grip and her father keeping the monsters away the best he was able to with an ancient staff. His body had grown relaxed after years of peace, and the once proud warrior was not much better than an old crone at keeping the shadow beasts away from his family.

"Yuffie! We must hurry!" her mother encourages as Yuffie's legs begin to tire and give out. Kasumi Kisaragi reached down to pick her seven year old daughter up and carry her. A pained shout from her husband Godo causes Kasumi to turn toward the sound only to see him surrounded by the beasts.

"Get to the ship!" he orders while fighting off the creatures.

Crying, Kasumi simply nods her head with tears coursing down her alabaster cheeks as she runs. Yuffie holds onto her mother's neck and watches her father be pushed into a corner by the beasts. By now, she is sucking her thumb for comfort with wide, terrified eyes seeing everything they fly past.

Suddenly, gunshots are heard behind them, and Yuffie knows everything will be okay now because Vinnie is coming and nothing can beat him.

He comes into view, running even faster than Kasumi and, with one hand shoots the creatures surrounding Godo and uses the other hand, the one with the brass gauntlet, to tear into their bellies, inky blood dripping from his claws to the floor. His crimson cape swirls around him, giving the illusion of a blood-filled battle.

Unexpectedly, Yuffie feels herself and her mother falling towards the floor, a strangled cry coming from her mother's throat. Terrified, Yuffie turns her head to see what has caused them to fall and sees one of the shadows clawing its way up her mother's legs, entangling them within its own as they all fall down.

"Yuffie, run!" her mother shouts as she lets go of her. But Yuffie can't move; she's utterly petrified. She stands there, too scared to scream, too scared to cry, too scared to do anything other than cry quietly when strong arms pick her up and sling her over a shoulder. She begins kicking, afraid one of the monsters got her when her vision is filled with crimson. As her legs stop their kicking, she feels the pricks of cold metal on her legs, and she calms and grips his cape. This is Vinnie, and nothing can hurt her when he's around.

His run is smooth; she can barely feel the jarring motion she feels when her father carries her like this; but his run stops all too soon, and she is passed over to other hands, smaller hands. As she looks up, she realizes that it's Aerith that holds her now, hugging Yuffie to her breast while she cries.

"You need to leave," Vinnie tells the others and begins to turn away and return to battle. Yuffie tries to break free of Aerith's grasp, still too scared to make a sound.

"What about you, Valentine?" the pilot asks. Yuffie looks around, and sees Cid. He's almost as safe as Vinnie, but not quite.

"I will stay here."

"Dammit, Valentine! You're asking me to fuckin' leave you here?" Aerith tries to cover Yuffie's ears at the foul language, but she keeps squirming and trying to get to Vinnie. "And what about Godo and Kasumi?"

The look Vinnie gives Cid says it all. Even Yuffie, at seven years old, can read what is said in Vinnie's eyes, and her quiet tears increase. "Leave, now," Vinnie tells Cid again. "I can only hold them off for so long." He reloads his triple-barrel gun as everyone hears the scratching of thousands of claws scurrying across the launching pad.

Cid finally takes Vinnie at his word and begins to raise the platform. As it closes, Yuffie sees one last glimpse of Vinnie as the monsters overwhelm him and drag him to the ground. She turns her head, and out of the corner of her eye, she spots large, black and red wings rising above the shadows. Then the platform closes, and she sees nothing but dull metal.

"Vinnie!" Yuffie jerked awake and abruptly sat up, eyes wide in terror and tears still coursing down her face. She was suddenly seven years old again and still new to the terror that ran her life for more than ten years.

Gasping for breath, she looked around and recognized her room. She was not seven years old again but still eighteen, she realized with relief as she tried to shake the dream off. She was not at her once home, but instead in Radiant Garden. But, her parents were still dead, and Vinnie was still gone.