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Naru-chan's Birthday S*x

By Nixxy Love

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO," Sakura and Ino screamed at the top of their lungs as they walked into the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. Today was, as stated, Naruto's birthday and as a special treat Sakura and Ino had decided to buy him ramen for his birthday.

"It's 'bout time you girls got here. I'm starving," Naruto said waving them in. "Hey, Old Man, let me get the regular. Matter of fact, you can make that a double since the girls are paying for it."

"Coming right up," the chef, Teuchi, called back, already finished with most of Naruto's order.

"Hey, where's Sasuke-kun," Sakura asked taking the seat on Naruto's left side as Ino took the one on his right.

"Yeah, where's your 'boy toy'," Ino laughed. "Oh, I know! He's going to do something for your birthday, isn't he, and he's trying to get ready."

"No, Ino," Sakura smiled, "I think it's more like he'll be doing someone," she glanced at Naruto, "for his birthday."

It's your birthday so I know you want to ride out

Even if we only go to my house

Sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch

Feels good but I know you want to cry out...

Naruto's face turned a deep red color at the realization of what the two were talking about. Naruto and Sasuke had been going out for a little over two months and with Sakura and Ino, being as nosey as they are, had followed Sasuke one day to the training grounds where they found the two boys heavily making out. Which is probably the only reason the two girls were now the blonde's friends. What extreme yaoi fangirls those two are!

"It's not like that," Naruto said. He was slightly—okay more than slightly—embarrassed at the statement Sakura made. Yes, he and Sasuke had planned to meet at the raven-haired boy's house after Naruto's lunch date with the girls, but they were not expecting to have sex. Actually, the two boyfriends had never had sex before. At least, they had never had sex with each other; at least, not Naruto. He could not be sure if Sasuke had while he was away for those two and a half years.

To tell the truth, Naruto and Sasuke had never even talked about having sex. That was the one thing Naruto was scared of that might happen today. What if Sasuke really did want to take things to the next level? Could Naruto really do it? It was embarrassing enough that Naruto was now 17 and still a virgin, but what if Sasuke wasn't and thought he wasn't either.

Naruto didn't know what to do with a man in bed. Luckily, his order was finished and the smell of the hot noodles washed his mind of all his thoughts.

You say you want passion, I think you found it

Get ready for action, don't be astounded

We switching positions, you feel surrounded

Just tell me where you want your gift girl...

Sasuke had just finished the last of his preparations for Naruto's birthday when he heard a knock on his door. "Coming," he sighed, happy that his boyfriend was on time for once. Opening the door he noticed the blond boy fidgeting, nervous about something. This wasn't the first time Naruto was over his house; not even the first time he was going to spend the night. So, why was the boy nervous?

"What's wrong with you, Dobe," Sasuke said, moving out of the way so Naruto could walk in. The blond was walking unusually slow and was unresponsive to the older boy's comment which was extremely rare. "Hey, can you hear me?"

"Huh…oh, sorry Sasuke, I was just thinking," Naruto said sheepishly.

"Well don't think too hard. I'd hate to have to take you to the hospital because you hurt your small brain thinking." Again, no response from the birthday boy. How strange. "Naruto, come sit with me. Maybe we can talk about what's bothering you."

Sasuke led Naruto to his couch where they sat side-by-side quiet for a moment. "Well, are you going to tell me what's wrong or not." Sasuke was annoyed now. Naruto had only said two sentences since he got there. He was not even complimenting his rival slash best friend slash boyfriend on the way he looked like he did every day.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke," Naruto finally said. "I can't do this."

Girl you know I, I, I

Girl you know I, I, I

I've been feening

Woke up in the late night been dreaming

about your loving

"What do you mean you can't do this? What can't you do?" Sasuke didn't understand what the boy could possibly be talking about. What couldn't Naruto do? And whatever it was, this wasn't like him to just give up on it.

"This," Naruto looked around the living room, for the first time noticing the vase of flowers and an envelope with Naruto's name on it laying on the small coffee table in front of them. A bottle of sake also sat on the table. The lights were dim, just the way Sasuke liked them, with the curtains closed.

Sasuke was shocked. Was this Naruto's way of breaking up with him? He hadn't expected this, not after everything they had been through together. "Is that really how you feel, Naruto?" The blond nodded his head. "Fine, then get out."

"W-what…Why Sasuke?" Naruto looked over to Sasuke, the boy's dark bangs covering his eyes. Is that what Sasuke wanted him to do; leave now that he said he didn't want to have sex.

"WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I LET YOU STAY HERE?" he shouted at the boy staring at him. Did he truly believe Sasuke was going to let him stay in his house after he broke up with him?

"Sasuke, just 'cause I don't wanna have sex, you want me to leave? Is that all you ever wanted from me?" How could Sasuke do this to him? Was his Teme really just using him for sex? Naruto felt himself at the brink of tears, so he stood up to walk out the door but Sasuke grabbed his wrist to stop him from moving.

"What are you talking about? I never said I wanted you for sex," Sasuke sighed. Is that what he meant by he couldn't do this? He doesn't want to have sex? "Look, I think we might be misunderstanding one another. You think I told you to come here for sex?"

Naruto nodded his head. He must have gotten that stupid idea from those idiot girls. "That's not why I told you to come here. I wanted to give you this," Sasuke picked up the envelope and handed it to the blond.

"It's a key to my house. I wasn't expecting to have sex with you. If it ever happens, then we will deal with it but I didn't want you here for that. I didn't want that from you at all."

"Really, Sasuke," Naruto asked looking into the black eyes of his best friend. Sasuke nodded his head and Naruto sat back down on the couch to place a quick kiss on the others lips. "I'm glad."


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