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Naru-Chan's Birthday S*x

"Poor Naruto, it looks like you could use some help," Sasuke said leaning down to blow on the hard erection as his hands massaged Naruto's inner thighs.

"P-please Sa-Sasuke," the boy said griping the other's ebony locks.

"But you said you didn't want to have sex. You do no blow jobs are considered a sexual act right." Sasuke laughed continued to blow on the weeping member.

"I… don't care… please, Sasuke."

Taking the queue from his boyfriend, Sasuke reached up from his place in front of the blond to grab the sake bottle that had been sitting on his coffee table. "Sasuke, what are you going to do with that," Naruto asked, watching as the raven popped the cork off the bottle and lifting it to his mouth and taking a gulp.

"What's it look like," Sasuke said holding the bottle out to Naruto. "Go 'head and drink some it's your birthday. Nobody will care." Holding the bottle to his soon-to-be-lover's mouth, Sasuke tilts it to pour some down the boy's throat, then moving the bottle away from the mouth to pour down the tan chest.

"Sasuke, now I'm gonna be sticky." The blond leaned up to move for something to wipe up the mess when the raven pushes him back down. Soon the raven was kissing his boyfriend, licking the lips of the others, tasting the wine on him.

"Don't worry dobe. I'll lick you clean," Sasuke said licking the back of Naruto's ear, down his throat and to a nipple.

See you sexy and them jeans got me on 10

1-2-3, think I got you pinned

Don't tap out...fight until the end

Ring that bell; we gon start over again

"Please…Sasuke," Naruto whined, as said raven licked his way down from the blonde's chest to his abdomen, stopping at his belly button. Placing his lips over his boyfriend's navel, Sasuke sucked the spilt sake up from the small hole, dipping his tongue in to taste the rice-wine mixed with the sweet sweat of his lover. "Sasuke," the blue-eyed boy whined again but was stopped from continuing when a hand clamped over his mouth.

"Shut up dobe," the raven said sliding a trail of saliva from the others stomach to his sensitive inner thighs. "The only thing I want to hear you say is my name while you cum." Taking his hand from Naruto's mouth Sasuke leaned down to lick at the trail of pre-cum coming from his partners erected member. He licked from base to tip, making the blond moan in ecstasy. Again he licked up the same trail, going back over to blow his cool breath on the wet trail of saliva, instantly drying it up.

A shiver runs down the blond's spine, making his thigh quiver in his soon-to-be-lover hands. Sasuke could only smirk at the feeling, placing small butterfly kisses along Naruto's shaft. Stopping at the tip, Sasuke liked the slit causing another ripple of pleasure to shoot through Naruto.

Naruto bit his lower lip to stop the moan at the feeling of his dick being sucked into the mouth of the older boy's. With a hard suck from the raven the blond bit back another moan, but soon the soft sounds were released when the sinfully skilled tongue of Sasuke's rolled around him.

The sensation of the moist, hot cavern around his manhood and the torturous hand—that was now massaging his balls—made the blonds body unconsciously jerk deeper into the mouth, making Sasuke moan. The vibrations from within Sasuke's throat causing Naruto to jerk again only to have his hips held in place by the blackette's free hand—the other still fondling with the blonds sack.

Abruptly, the raven pulled away from the blond, moving to stand from his knelling position in front of the couch. "Sasuke…OW," Naruto said trying to pull his boyfriend back to him only to get slapped by his love. "Sasuke-teme," slap, "What the hell!" Slap. Naruto looked up to the black eyes of his boyfriend with his own watering blue ones pleading silently to know why he was being attacked.

"I told you to be quiet. You didn't, so I hit you," the violent raven answered to the unasked question. He smirked as the blond mouthed 'bastard' making sure to keep quiet or risk being hit again. "Stay here, I'll be back," Sasuke leaving for his room, leaving the silent blond alone with his throbbing erection.

We grindin' wit passion, cuz it's yo birthday
Been at it for hours...I know you thirsty
You kiss me so sweetly...taste just like Hershey's
Just tell me how you want yo gift, girl

In less than five minutes the raven-haired was back in the living room, but this time without his shirt and pants. "C'mon dobe, I got something else for you in here." Faster than Sasuke could see without his sharingan, Naruto ran into the next room, flopping on the bed, spread eagle on his stomach, ass in the air. "Pretty eager for a virgin, don't you think," he said smirking at the bright blush the golden boy reveled, turning to lay on his back.

"So what else you get me," the blond blurted out while watching his love slowly move over to him, slowly sliding out of his boxers causing Naruto to blush more.

The raven just shook his head as he stopped near the end of the bed. "I should have known an idiot like you would never learn."

"What do you—A-AHH," the boy screamed at a rough tug of his penis.

"Will you be quiet now," the blond whimpers an inaudible 'Yes'. "Good, now we can finish,' Sasuke said slipping on the bed, kneeling between Naruto's spread legs. He leaned over so that the two were face to face. Gently, he placed a kiss on his loves soft lips, moving them in a slow, sensuous motion.

Naruto leaned up, placing more pressure into the kiss. He gasped at the feeling of a wet object slipping between his slightly parted lips. Sasuke's tongue traveled throughout Naruto's mouth like he has so many times before—mapping and re-mapping every inch of the velvety mouth. The two mouth muscles of the teen boys battled a short time before the ravens tongue retreated back into its own body before said body leaned back up to its previous kneeling position.

"Are you sure you want this," the raven said glancing down to the angel that laid in his bed; his golden mop of hair hanging loose out of his headband, sticking to his face and neck. The younger of the two mouthed the word 'Yes' making sure to keep quiet or reap the punishment of his sadistic love.

Taking the silent go-ahead, Sasuke shifter a little, purposely making his hard erection rube across the unprepared hole of the birthday boy under him. "So how do you want this," he questioned with a smirk as the blond gasped at the feeling of his tight hole being pushed teasingly by the ravens red tip.

'What do you mean,' the blond mouthed, cocking his head to the side, once his mind cleared some.

"Do you want me on top of you or do you want to ride me?" he said reaching over to his nightstand by the head of the bed. Rummaging through the small drawer that was unbelievably stuffed with different things that the raven may need quickly in the middle of the night—including kunai, candles and matches—he found the one thing he used almost every morning, once he woke up from a night of dreaming of the one laying in his bed now.

'On top please,' Sasuke read off the pouty mouth of his bottom while the boy's blue eyes stared at the small bottle of lube in the hands of his soon-to-be-lover.

Nodding once, the blackette popped the pop of the bottle and poured a generous amount of the cool substance into his hands, coating his thumb and fingers. Placing his thumb at his love's entrance, Sasuke slowly coaxed the pink to relax at the slight pressure of his thumb working its way inside.

Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
I've been feelin'
Wake up in the late night...dreamin' about your lovin'
Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
Don't need candles or cake
just need your body to make
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
[It's the best day of the year, girl]
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
It feels like, feels like...
lemme hit that...g-spot g-spot

Naruto, for the most part, felt no pain. He was an elite ninja, he had taken out members of the Akatsuki—all of which were S-ranked ninja—and brought Sasuke back to Konoha without dying—something people believed couldn't be done. So to him a little pressure to his "hole" couldn't hurt so much. Hell, when he first met Kakashi, the older man had stuck four fingers in him (1). He was sure he could take Sasuke's small thumb.

But, he wasn't planning for the feeling of the other boy's thumb slipping out of him and two slim fingers thrusting into the hilt curving up to strike at the blond's prostate. "AHH…UGH," Naruto moaned and grunted out at the feeling of pain and pleasure mixed in the most beautiful way.

"Like that, didn't you," Sasuke said leaning down to give his boyfriend a quick kiss before slipping his fingers out to the tips and pushing all the way back in, swallowing the moan of the one beneath him. Again he pulled his fingers out and rammed them back in scissoring; repeating these actions over and over again.

Again, Sasuke pulls his digits out—all the way this time—and sets himself at Naruto's entrance. "You ready," he says quietly, watching his blond nod slowly, mentally preparing his self for the oncoming pain.

First I'm gonna take a dive into the water,
deep until I know I pleased that body (body ah oop)
Or girl without a broom
I might just sweep you off your feet
and make you wanna tell somebody
(body, how I do)
somebody body how I do

Sasuke slowly pushed past Naruto's still tight ring, covering his self in the blond; relishing in the tight heat of his love. The raven waited for his boyfriend to adjust to his size, staying completely still as a silent tear slipped down both of the blonde's cheeks.

Naruto sat waiting for the feeling of pleasure to take over. That feeling of the perfect mix of pleasure and pain, feelings only Sasuke seemed capable of making him feel. After awhile he noticed that the raven was staring at him, waiting for a sign to move. Hesitantly, the blond began wiggling his hips, causing Sasuke to slide in deeper.

Taking the hint, the raven pulled out to the tip only to push back in slowly, repeating again and again, and speeding up with each thrust. He moved only slightly until he could strike his lover's spot with every thrust. "Ugh…Sa-Sa'ke…I-I'm cu—FUCK," the blond yelled out as he neared his climax.

"Damnit dobe," the raven groaned out after a hard thrust to the golden teen under him. He, too, was reaching his climax and the tight heat that surrounded him helped none. "Just a little longer," he said in a husky whisper—mostly to himself—while lifting one of his loves tanned legs over his shoulder as he positioned the other to wrap around his waist.

Naruto's breath hitched as Sasuke was buried deeper in him, the entirety of the raven in him as a new wave of pain and pleasure over took him. With his body on autopilot, Naruto raised himself up to support his weight on one forearm using the other hand to reach up and grab the black hair at the back of his lovers head, pulling him down into a hot kiss. As the blond forced his tongue in the mouth of the blackette, he began to rock his hips against the now slow moving thrusts of Sasuke.

Taking his mouth away from his lovers, Sasuke let out a low moan of breath, his end coming sooner and sooner each time the two boyfriends thrust met. A pale, shaking hand reached between the two to grasp the blond's member in a firm grip. Sasuke's hand began to move at the same speed of his thrusts, giving Naruto the push that he needed to spill over the edge; Naruto's orgasm causing his walls to clamp tighter around Sasuke, allowing him to reach his climax too.

Or maybe we can float on top my water bed,
you close your eyes as I impry between your legs
We work our way from kitchen stoves, and tables
Girl you know I'm more than able to please, yeah
Say you wanted flowers on the bed (on the bed)
But you got me and hours on the bed

Slowly, Sasuke pulled out of Naruto to flop on his side, looking away of said blond, only pausing in his actions to lift a cover over the two bodies. "Sasuke," Naruto started to the back of the raven, hoping to catch him before he fell asleep. A low hum came from the body to announce it was listening. "I love you…and…thanks," the blond said a light blush on his face.

"For what dobe," Sasuke said turning towards his lover.

"For this—tonight—I know I must not be your best but…" Naruto trailed off not sure how to finish his statement and not really wanting to think of his Teme with anyone else.

"Don't worry about it," the blackette said back before turning back away from the blond. "You were my first anyway," he mumbled lowly—hoping Naruto wouldn't here—before falling to sleep. Unluckily for Sasuke, Naruto did hear as he too drifted to sleep with a smile on his.


1. Naruto episodes 4, Kakashi's move One Thousand Years of Death.

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