The Rise Of The Riddle- Black

Chapter 1

My name is Mia Elizabeth Riddle. I'm the proud daughter of Tom Marvolo Riddle and Elizabeth Tricia Malfoy. My Mother was the sister of Abraxas Malfoy and one of my father's most followers. Not many people would believe me if I told them but my father did really love my father but she died at the hands of James Potter.

After I was born Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore kidnapped me and put me in an orphanage like my father. But after two weeks my parents found me and took me home to Slytherin Manor.

As I grew up I was treated as royalty. I had my father's looks before he changed them and my mother's tanned skin and her ice blue eyes, I had my father's temper and both my parents love for the dark arts. I grew up into a perfect dark arts child, especially after my mother died when I was one year old. By the age of 6, I all ready could do dark magic and doing them perfectly. At the age of 10 I could do wand less magic perfectly. I had inherited my father's powers such as Telekinesis, Spell Penetration, Levicorpus, Legilimency, Occlumency, Flight, Parselmouth and Power of Possession.

When I was growing up I was close to Draco Malfoy seeing as he was like my second cousin or something but we were close like a brother and sister. I was close to Narcissa she was like a mother and a sister all rolled into one. I was also close to Andromeda; she came back to us after an accident and became a sister to me. I also grew up with hers and Severus Snape daughter Nymphadora Snape. I was the closet to Bellatrix Black, most think she is crazy but I don't we were best friends, I loved her.

It wasn't until I was in 5th year did I realise; I had more than friendship love for Bellatrix. When I realised I told Narcissa and she was thrilled saying she had waited ages for me to say it. So I found Bellatrix and kissed her telling her I loved her. Bella kissed me back saying she loved me too.

After we confessed our feelings we were hardly ever apart it wasn't until 6th year, we made love. It was hard whenever I had to go to Hogwarts were I was a proud Slytherin. We would send letters and talk through two way mirrors. Also I went to see her every weekend and every hogsmade trip.

After my 6th year I and Bellatrix got married. Bellatrix and I combined our names making Riddle- Black. We were the most feared couple along with my parents when my mother was still alive. I, father and Bellatrix made a plan, if something happened to Bellatrix and father I would go back in time when Bellatrix was in 7th year in school.

And if I went back I would change things like my mother's death and fix the mistakes my father made. Also I could be with Bellatrix when she was my age not that I cared about the age difference. We were forever each other's we had a universal marriage, were you are bonded to each other forever. It even worked if you went forward or backwards in time. I also had made a horcruxes which was a statue of Bella and I in Slytherin Castle.

Back to the present, I was at the Battle of Hogwarts; my father was squaring off with Harry Potter. I was fighting Fred, George, Ron, Percy, Charlie and Bill Weasley.

From the corner of my eye I saw Bellatrix toying with Ginny Weasley and the mudblood Hermione Granger. I saw Bellatrix shoot a killing curse at Ginny, but the mudblood pulled her away.

Bella crackled like a mad women, I smirked god how I loved that women. I saw Molly Weasley run towards Bellatrix. I shot spells at the Weasley boys sending them flying back. I started running towards my wife.

I jumped, dogged and fired spells while running towards Bella. I watched in slow motion as Molly raised her wand and shouted the two words that scared me when they were aimed at Bella.


It hit Bella in the chest and she was stone cold dead on the filthy, covered in blood, floor.


I screamed as I ran towards her body. I felt my heart break and my anger raise. My eyes went red like my fathers permanently are. I turned towards Molly who stood in front of her child. I raised my wand.

"You will pay for what you just did to my wife, bitch." Molly gulped but didn't back down.


The green light hit molly in the chest. I pointed my wand at the hysterical Ginny.


Hermione, Arthur, George, Percy, Ron, Bill and Charlie all had the same fate; I killed the whole Weasley family.

I was crouched over Bella's body protectively. Narcissa had taken Draco home since he was badly injured. Lucius was unconscious; Andromeda, Nymphadora and Severus were dead. I heard Harry roar with anger when he noticed the dead bodies of the Wesley's. I looked up in time to see my father's dead body hit the ground.

I screamed in anger my wife; father, mother, sister and brother in laws were all dead along with my niece. I pointed my wand at the blood traitor Harry Potter.


I disappraited to my father's body with my wife's, I watched as people screamed when Harry's dead body hit the floor. I put a spell on all my dead bodies of my family and sent it to the manor. Then picked up my father's and my wife's body and disappraited to mine and Bella's room, before anyone could do get to me.

I set them on my bed as I collected my trunk. I placed my cloaks along with my special dresses in there. Along with jewellery, pictures, memory's, my snake Nyx, my owl Ellie, the letter from my father to my father. Last but not least an album of pictures of the family, me and father, me and Bella, our wedding day etc.

I walked to my father's body and kissed his forehead.

"I love you father, you made me proud to be your daughter. I will make you proud and make sure I never see the light leave your eyes and my loves eyes. I love you, goodbye."

I walked around my bed to the side were my beloved wife Bellatrix body. I pressed my lips against her dead cold ones a tear leaked out of my eye.

"I love you so much Trixy. My nightmare happened you died trying to save me. I will see you in the past. I will cherish these memories forever. You're my life Bellatrix Druella Riddle- Black. I'm going to make the people who hurt you pay! I swear on it, my beautiful, crazy, mad, lovable, erotic wife no matter what they will pay! I love you so much it sometimes hurts. I love you, good-bye."

I let one more tear full down it hit her check and rolled down like she was crying. I kissed her one more time. My misery and sadness was turned into pure adulated rage. I shrunk down my trunk the placed it in my pocket. Placing a glamour on my red eyes so they turned to the piercing blue eyes they normally are. I slipped of Bellatrix's engagement ring and made a replica and placed the replica on her finger and placing the engagement ring in my hand along with a picture of our wedding in my hand and closing it into a fist. I placed my wand in my other hand and said the spell that will take me back to the 1966.