Oooh boy.

I've been plagiarized over on Wattpad (twice) and Wattpad won't accept a takedown request without me submitting my actual real-world personal contact information. And, no. Nope. A big fat NOPE with a cherry on top. I am not sure if there is a way to get them down, though an old-fashioned fandom dogpile on their site might be in order since they have a long standing history of not protecting copyright of writers.

The stories are on wattpad as "An Adjustment TO Plans" by SoundwaveWFC and An Adjustment OF plans by blasta_johnson. The first changes the plot a bit, but also swipes dialogue in wholesale blocks. The latter seems to be even more of an obvious cut-and-paste job, except that they changed a sentence here and there in the first chapter (which is as far as I got, I'm headed out of town in a minute.)

This is a head's up to my readers about this. I am not writing (or rewriting) anything on Wattpad so if you see work there that sounds like mine, it is STOLEN.