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By bishounen lovah a.k.a. touya_mou

Chapter 11: The Honeymoon Jitters Part 1

Rika looked up at the star filled sky and sighed. It was a lovely wedding and she still can't believe that it was her wedding. No longer the bridesmaid but the bride herself. Everybody had said how beautiful she looked…how her radiance multiplied her beauty tenfold.

And she felt radiant. She had never felt this happy before. It sounds ironic that her loneliness had given her happiness. And her depression had given her Yoshi.

She closed her eyes and smiled. Her mind instantly conjured his handsome face. Her breath still gets stuck in her throat as she recalled how he looked earlier. He looked so dashing in his black tuxedo she was reminded what a catch he really was. Many women had swooned and will still swoon over his handsome features.

That was when she had doubts if she was worthy enough to be his wife. He can have any woman he wants but he chose her.

He chose neurotic me, she had thought at that time.

But then she saw how he looked at her as they walked down the aisles. He had not looked at anywhere or anyone else but her. And his eyes conveyed pure adoration that she felt tears of happiness and relief sting her eyes.

He really loves me, she said to herself in wonder. No matter how many times he told her he loved her, she still can't believe it. She thanks Kami-sama everyday for giving her such good luck…for showing her true love.

"Penny for your thoughts."

Rika opened her eyes and saw her husband sitting beside her on the bench. She automatically moved to sit on his lap. Ever since that night when she confessed her problems to him, sitting on his lap whenever they were alone had become a habit. A habit neither of them wants to break.

"My thoughts are worth more than a zillion of pennies because they are all about a very special man," she whispered against his lips, teasing him with her words and her lips.

"Oh? And what made this man so special to be worth a zillion of pennies?" He teased back.

She grinned as she remembered the list of good traits that she mentally made four months ago.

"He's a perfect gentleman…

He's a funny…

And caring man…

A good listener…

A great friend…"

She kissed different parts of his face as she said each trait to stress her words. After a while she returned back to his lips.

"…And a great kisser."

He gave her what she wanted when he let out a soft growl before hungrily pressing his lips to hers. His arms around her tightened in order to bring her body closer to his. It was a long time before they broke apart to end their passionate kiss.

Rika felt his heart beat hard against her hand and his warm breath fan her forehead. When her own breath returned to a more normal rhythm, she lifted her head from his shoulder to whisper in his ear.

"Most of all, I think that man is very special because he accepted and loved me for who I really am, faults and all. I am deeply grateful for that."

She leaned away from him to see how he would react to her last confession. She instinctively closed her eyes when she felt his fingers brush the side of her face. He lifted her chin up with a curled finger then lightly kissed her nose.

"I don't want your gratitude, hime. All I want is you and your love."

She opened her bright eyes and stared at his deep brown ones. She knew that her eyes mirrored the love evident in his eyes but still she knew that he longed to hear those words again and again.

"Aishiteru, Yoshi, now and forever," she said before laying her head back on his shoulder and giving a butterfly kiss on his neck. She smiled tenderly as she felt him shiver in reaction to her words and lips.

They stayed like that for a long time. Rika leaning against him and Yoshi hugging her to him. Once or twice, he would lift a hand to rub some warmth on her bare shoulder and back. Once or twice, she would lift a hand to touch the side of his neck and the collarbone exposed under the unbuttoned shirt.

A loud bout of laughter coming from the makeshift outdoor reception area several meters away permeated the comfortable silence between the couple.

"Do you think they're wondering where we are," Rika asked as she toyed with a button of his shirt.

"I suppose," he replied although he did not move an inch.

"Don't you think it's time we said goodbye to our guests?" She said as she buried her head deeper to hide her blush.

"I suppose," he replied again, still not moving.

The past months they spent together were enough for them to know almost everything about each other. And Rika knew that Yoshi's response, or lack thereof, meant he was up to something. She sat straight and saw that her instincts were correct. Yoshi's grin was reaching towards his ears; his eyes were gleaming with mischief.

The insufferable man was always teasing her about her habit of blushing whenever she wanted to take their relationship to the more intimate level. For the past couple of months, she had been subtly seducing him but he never took the bait. Rika believed that Yoshi believed that she still wasn't ready for a huge step such as making love.

Even if she did tell him directly that she was ready, she knew he wouldn't believe her. After all, he's still having a hard time accepting the fact that she wasn't really going to kill herself that morning in his kitchen. That was his reason why he went back to Tomoeda to move in with her three months ago. He had said that he wanted to make sure that she wouldn't try to make another stunt like that again.

At first it had hurt Rika for he didn't trust her enough. She was capable of taking care of herself but he continued on treating her as though she was a child. That had been their first fight. But then he apologized and said that he was just too scared to lose her.

So she let him move in together with Bono. What woman wouldn't if the man you loved said those words to you? They spent all nights and most of the mornings together for she adjusted her workload so that she wouldn't have to work at nights. Anyone who wanted to eat her cooking must go to the restaurant during lunchtime. For dinner, the customers would have to be content with the other chef's creations.

When she comes home in the late afternoons, it would be Bono who would greet her at the door followed by Yoshi. They would kiss and ask each other how their day went. They would cook dinner together and spend the rest of the evening talking and taking the dog out for a night stroll. Afterwards they would cuddle up on the couch and watch TV highlighted by frequent make out sessions.

Domestic bliss. But still something was missing.

No it wasn't the marriage that she wanted then. Not yet anyway. She loved him with all of her heart but didn't want to marry him not until she was well underway in recovering from her depression.

To put it bluntly, it was the sex that she wanted.  She was not as conservative as what others tend to believe about her.

She wanted all of him…body, mind, heart and soul. So far she had seen the last three but not the first one. Not entirely anyway.

Night after night for the past three months, they had slept side by side on her bed. They would snuggle up as close as they can; her head on his chest, his arms around her body, and their legs in a comfortable tangle.

But there never was sex. And it had frustrated Rika all the more because she wanted him to love her completely and claim her body as his. She knew that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. She had felt the proof of it many, many times against her thigh during their heated make out sessions. So she decided it was up to her to make the first move.

But however bold she thought of herself, she still had the shyness in her. Her blush always gave her away just as it was giving her away now. But she grinned mischievously back at her husband for now he wouldn't have any excuse to not make love with her.

Tonight she will be completely his and he will be completely hers.

Let the foreplay begin, she smirked to herself.

She leaned for a kiss and watched his eyes close as he leaned towards her too. At the last possible moment when their lips were supposed to touch, Rika slowly slid from his lap, her fingers lightly grazing down his torso. She stood in front of him, an innocent smile pasted on her face. She stifled a giggle at his confused expression.

"My prince," she curtsied formally, "would you grant me this wish and dance with me?"

Yoshi gave her a suspicious look before smiling softly. He stood up and bowed low before wrapping his arms around her. She placed her hands on his shoulder and laid her forehead on the curve of his neck.

"Anything for my hime," he whispered near her ear before gently swaying to the silent music of the night.

All through out the dance, Rika teased Yoshi with her fingers. They reached up grazing his neck lightly before burying deep into his hair. They massaged his scalp for a while before going back down his neck, making sure that the sensitive area behind his ear would not go unnoticed.

She skimmed a collarbone with a gentle caress then went back to unbutton the third button of his shirt. Her left hand quickly dove in under the shirt, brushing a warm path along his upper chest rounding towards his back. She did the same with her right hand clasping her hands together behind him underneath his shirt.

She smiled softly when he shivered from her ministrations. His hand moved up her back, brushing her shoulder before tilting her chin up. She raised her head obligingly and gave in to the desire to kiss him. Her lips were slightly open but did not widen until his tongue was practically begging for entry.

Granting his wish, she opened her mouth and teased his tongue with hers. She deemed herself an expert when it comes to kissing Yoshi. In the four months they were together, she had a lot of practice and even found out a few things that drove him crazy. One was nibbling on his lower lip. For some reason he liked it whenever she gave particular attention to his lower lip.

And Rika thought it was high time she drove him crazy. She gave his tongue one last stroke before pulling away. He groaned first in protest then in delight when she captured his lower lip in between her lips. She gave it a couple of nibbles before executing her secret weapon.

Let's see how you'll react this time koi, she grinned inwardly. Gently, so as to tease him some more, she bit on his lip and stroked it with her tongue then quickly pulled away. She heard him gasp in surprise so she raised her head to see if he liked what she did.

What she saw pleased her. His face was flushed and his eyes were glazed with passion. His breathing was uneven and his heart was pounding madly beneath her hand.

"I think it's time to say goodbye to our guests," he said breathlessly. He took her hand and pulled her towards the makeshift reception area.

By the time they reached the area Rika was breathless not from the walk but from the anticipation and slight nervousness on what's to come. She focused her attention at the remaining guests to calm her frantically beating heart. She mingled with them but did not leave Yoshi's side mainly because he had a death grip on her hand. He was politely wishing them good night and said that they would find the rooms they rented for the guests at the Lodge very comfortable.

"Rika," Sakura came to the bride's side and linked her free arm with hers. "Are you happy now?"

"Hai," Rika smiled back. "Never in my life had I been this happy. And it's all because of Yoshi-kun."

"I'm glad. By the way, Yoshiyuki's sister left a message for you. She said that everything is arranged as planned. What did she mean by that?" Sakura asked although her eyes were already gleaming with mischief.

"Ahh. It's for me to know and Yoshi to find out," she grinned back.

"What would I find out?" he butted in suddenly.

"That women can be secretive and conniving even to their husbands," Naoko appeared out of nowhere followed by Chiharu.

"Not my hime, ne?" Yoshi smiled at his wife but only received a secretive smile in return. He raised an eyebrow but decided to let it go. "By the way, where are the guys? I haven't thanked them yet for helping me out."

"They're inside. No doubt betting on something that would happen tonight," Chiharu said with a wink to Rika, making the newlyweds blush.

"I'll be back shortly," Yoshi said near her ear and kissed her temple.

The four women sighed dreamy sighs as they watched their ex-sensei stride towards the Lodge. Almost instantly, Sakura, Chiharu and Naoko started teasing Rika. She felt her face burn at their tips on how to make a man go wild in bed but did note down some that are not too kinky for her.

"Where's Tomoyo?"

"She said something about wrapping another gift for you. Here she comes now," Sakura pointed at the beaming woman.

"Good, you haven't left yet. Here. I want you to have this."

Rika accepted the small box and looked questioningly at Tomoyo. She lifted the lid of the box and saw that inside was a videotape.

"What's this?"

"It's, uh, the only copy of what happened earlier."


"Yeah. You see, um, I was walking around you know, getting some fresh air when I stumbled upon you and Yoshiyuki-san around twenty or so minutes ago."

Rika's face turned white then red when she realized that the woman saw her and her husband making out. Tomoyo quickly explained her behavior.

"I know what I did wasn't nice and probably too naughty for your taste but I had to videotape you guys because you were so kawaii together."

"When will you ever change, Tomoyo? You are such a peeping tom," Sakura sweatdropped along with the others. "Don't worry, Rika, she did that to everyone. You're lucky all you have is one tape. She has tapes of Syaoran and me that are too many to count."

"Tapes? What about tapes? Did you know that the origin of tapes dated back to…?" Takashi appeared out of nowhere.

"Not right now, dear. We don't want to stall our newlyweds, do we?" Chiharu sweetly stopped her husband from making up another story.

"Ahh…I see my lovely wife had been busy again," Eriol said to Rika, smiling wickedly at the tape in her hands.

"What's in it?" Yoshi asked as he draped his jacket on Rika's bare shoulder. He noticed his wife's lovely blush and got more curious.

"Er…nothing you haven't already seen, koi," she said as she hid the tape in the pocket of his jacket. She looked up at his face and saw his eyes flicker in reaction to the endearment.

"Oh wow! Look at the time!" Syaoran yawned a fake yawn and stretched his arms, landing gently on his wife's shoulder. He gave her a slight push towards the Lodge then gave a big wink to Yoshi. "I think it's bedtime for you and the little one, Sakura. Great wedding, guys, and congratulations."

The others took the hint and bid their goodbyes to the couple. Within a few of minutes, Yoshi and Rika were alone outside (except for several waiters cleaning up). He faced her and adjusted his jacket closer to her body. His hands closed on the lapels and pulled her closer to him.

"Rika Terada," he whispered against her lips.

"Mmm. I love the sound of that." She smiled up at him. He leaned down again this time kissing the tip of her nose.

"Let's go home, hime," Yoshi wrapped an arm around her waist and led her to the car. He helped her in, adjusting her long skirt so it wouldn't get caught by the door.

Rika watched him walk to the other side and climb in beside her. A couple of minutes later, she cracked her window open, wanting to feel the wind against her face. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, unaware that Yoshi was staring at her from the corner of his eyes. She raised her arms, his jacket sliding off her shoulder, and pulled the pins and rosebuds holding her hair up. Brown locks fell gracefully to her back, the shorter strands grazing her shoulder.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she brushed her hair with her fingers. She opened her eyes after a while for she felt the car stop. She looked at Yoshi in question but was startled when he pulled her closer to him and kissed her passionately, burying his hands in her hair. She responded back with enthusiasm, quickly forgetting her confusion.

"You tempt me beyond sanity, do you know that?" he said when they broke the kiss. He brushed her hair away from her face then turned back to drive.

Rika did not expect him to react in such a way to simple, unintentional actions. She smiled all throughout the drive to his cabin. Once there, Yoshi quickly went to her side to open the door. As she was about to get out, his arms snaked underneath her and carried her in his arms. She yelped in surprise as she reached around his neck for support.

"I'm supposed to carry you across the threshold, remember?" He grinned at her. He shut the car door with a kick and strode towards the front door.

Rika turned the knob since he has his hands full and pushed the door open. The cabin was dark but she could see a soft glow coming from the bedroom. She sent a silent thanks to Yukino-chan for fulfilling her request.

"Aren't you going to put me down yet?"

"Not until you give me a reason."

"What if I tell you that I have a surprise for you in the bedroom?"

"Nani?" Yoshi looked at his wife who was obviously pleased with herself. Perhaps now he will know what she's been hiding from him the entire evening. He gently laid her on her feet then turned back to lock the front door. When he turned around again Rika was gone. His eyes swept the dark room and fell on the open dimly lit bedroom.

Rika waited for him to follow her and smiled as he stood in surprise when he entered the room. She had asked Yukino-chan to come earlier that evening to fix the bedroom for her. Dozens of candles were lit all over the room, filling it with a soft glow and a heady scent.

She had missed those first couple of nights she spent in this cabin when Yoshi lit the candles during dinner. She had thought it romantic then and she still does now. The candles were certainly a plus in her plans of seducing her husband to bed.

Rika smiled what she hoped a seductive smile. She looked deeply into Yoshi's eyes and lifted a hand. With one curling finger, she beckoned him to finally claim what was rightfully his.


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