by reinbeauchaser

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Ninja Turtles. Also, I don't know if anyone else has written about this topic. I've been away from fanfiction for so long, it's possible that someone has, so my apologies if this is not unique. Anyway, this is a very short story, or drabble, though I don't think it falls under 100 words to qualify as a drabble, but it is short. It comes in at around 320 words, not including my disclaimer. In any event, I hope you enjoy it. I certainly had fun writing it. :0)


Chapter One: Powder

"Are you sure this will help?"

"Yes, Leo, it's the best product on the market."

Leo sighed, "He's been suffering for so long, April, I'm surprised it hasn't driven him mad by now. It took a lot for him to ask for help."

"I know and this should help."

After a long pause, "Soooo…how does it work?" Leo questioned, looking at the container as he would an adversary.

"You rub it in. Instructions are on the back of the box. It tells you how to apply it." April pointed to the area in question. She watched as Leo read the label. When his brows pinched together, as if he had just read something confusing, April added, "You can always give it to Donnie and let him…"

"No! I will do it." Leo hugged the item protectively to his plastron, "Sensei is quite embarrassed. He would be mortified if the others knew. By the way, why did you get so many?" the ninja asked, indicating with a small nod of his head the five remaining containers sitting on April's kitchen table.

"Oh," April smiled, "I bought it at Bulk To You. You know, that grocery warehouse on Washington, the one that sell things in large quantities. I thought," and she swallowed deeply, suppressing the urge to giggle, "In case one... isn't enough?"

"Ah, yes, I see. Good thinking," and Leo smiled at her gratefully, "One might not be enough. Plus, it would be good to have extras, just in case he ever has another…attack like this." He looked at the product lable, again, and studied it with a concentration equal to that of executing a difficult kata.

"Yeah, my thoughts exactly," and April coughed, covering her mouth, hiding the smile that had fought its way free despite her efforts.

Thankfully, Leo didn't notice, since he was now too busy reading the instructions.

Nevertheless, the last thing April wanted was for Leo to know that she found his father's situation amusing. Who would have thought that Splinter, a ninja master capable of besting his four sons in the dojo - not to mention a whole contingency of Foot soldiers, would himself be bested by…fleas.