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WIFE SWAP: Cullen's and Anderson's

Chapter 1: The Letter


I knew something was wrong, I can feel it. Alice is more hyper than usual; she's been jumping of the walls all week long I thought it was because there was a sale all week long. Every one in the house was acting wrong. Edward took Bella and Nessie out the house and when I asked why he said I would find out soon.

I went out to get the mail. Then I saw a letter addressed to Carlisle from wife swap. I turned around to see Alice with a big smile on her face. It was her Idea I'm sure of it. Now I know why Edward took them.

"ALICE! What did you do!" I yelled at her but she just kept that same smile on the whole time. Than ran laughing at something.

"Carlisle, you have mail and I'm pretty sure our kids had something to do with it." I said while running back into the house. He looked up confused, so I put the envelop in his hands.

"KIDS, GET DOWN HERE!" he shouted and as soon as he was done there were four vampires looking really happy. Alice just bouncing from her spot, with jasper trying to hold her down.

"Why don't you open it Daddy" Alice nearly screamed. He took a breath and opened it then read it out loud.

Dear Cullen Family,

We are happy to inform you that you have been chosen as a family for the next episode of Wife Swap. We enjoyed your interesting video that you sended us. The limo will be there next week September.30th, at 7am to pick up Esme. And get you guys all set up. We look forward to shooting.


The Wife Swap Team

"You signed us up for wife swap!" Carlisle yelled, they all flinched at that sound just then Edward, Bella and Renesmee came in.

"Told you, you would find out" Edward said as said as he pulled Nessie and Bella on the couch with him. He should have warned me a lot more.

"Where is the video?" Carlisle asked, regaining his calmness.

Emmet ran up stairs and was out of site then he was back with a DVD. He put it in and we waited for it to play.

"Hello I'm Carlisle Cullen and this is my submission to wife swap."

"Emmett I do not sound like that!" Carlisle growled. Emmett just sat there like a kid on Christmas day waiting for us to watch a video that he made. The video switched to a scene when I was cleaning up the mess that Emmett made when he came home from fighting with jasper in the forest.

"Here is my wife Esme. She loves to take care of our children and make sure the have every thing they need at all times. She cooks, cleans and is an amazing mother."

Then it changed to Edward. He was sitting with Bella at the piano. Playing her lullaby.

"This is Edward. He was the first the became part of our family when he was ten. His parents were in a car crash that he barley made it out of. He is now 24 and he does not like to bring up his parents and now see Esme and me as he parents. He has a love a for music and loves to play his piano. Next to him is his wife Bella who we also adopted but we'll get to that later on."

"Emmett I don't look a day over17. How could I possibly pass for 24?" Edward didn't look to please that he now had to pose as the oldest.

"Well I knew you would want nessie to still be your daughter. And I couldn't say that you guys had a child when you look 17. So I made you and Bella seem the oldest out of us so nessie could be your daughter and it wouldn't look weird." Emmett said as if it was the easiest thing.

It then changed to Rosalie who was looking threw a magazine.

"This is Rosalie she was the second to come to our family. I will now speak of what happened to her per her request. She can be mean at times but only if you get her piss her off but other than that she is very sweet.

It switched to Alice and jasper sitting reading in their.

"Jasper is Rosalie's biological brother. He as same as her would rather not talk about their past. He made a connection with Alice. Who we adopted after her parents left her at the hospital when she was 14. She has a passion for shopping so you could expect a shopping trip every day."

It then turned to Emmett watching TV.

"Emmett he joined us after Rosalie and made an immediate connection with her and they have been together since."

It then turned to Edward, Bella, and Nessie outside.

"Last is Bella, she came to our family last, she and Edward became close and ended up getting married. Not long after having a daughter which they named renesmee but we call nessie who is now 3. Well that's all, please consider us for wife swap."

We all sat there, Emmett was the first to break the silence


"I think you did a nice job but I still don't get why you sent the video in." Carlisle said looking calm for the first time since he got home.

"I was bored and thought it would be fun to have a human in the house. I saw the address when I was watching it and thought I would make one and see if we get accepted. I didn't think we would but yea." Emmett said.

"Ok well we'll have to make rules Edward and Bella since you don't attend school anyways you'll be home with nessie. While Emmett rose, Alice and jasper are at school. An I'll still go to work." Carlisle said.

Everyone seemed happy with that but me. I'll miss my family even if it will just be a week that I won't be here. I guesse ill just have to deal with it.

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