Briana went flying across the room from her father's punch in the face her back made a whole in the wall. He walked over and kicked her in the ribs again and again. He then pulled down his trousers and with a freaky smile started to rape her.

My name is Amber Marie Thompson we'll that's my adopted name you see. An old man called Dumbledore took me from my parents when I was one and told my family I died. I searched for my family for 8 years I finally found them last week. My name is Briana Narcissa Bellatrix Lestrange my mother is Bellatrix Lestrange but Rodolphus isn't my father I don't know who is. I don't actually have a last name I guess it would be black but I'm not sure, you see because Rodolphus isn't my father my last name can't be Lestrange. I don't know who is my father so I don't have a last name I was kind of hoping Aunt Cissy would tell me.

My godmother is my Aunt Narcissa and my Godfather is Severus Snape. I contacted Aunt Cissy and we talked trying to get to know each other. She sent me pictures of the family and told me stories about my mum. Narcissa said she and Uncle Lucius will come and get me soon. I'm glad I'm not a mudblood I went to a little wizard school in Wales.

When my father was done rapping me he kicked me in the head over and over again blood was coming out my head and I knew I had broken my ribs and leg. I heard two pops in the background but I blacked out.

Narcissa Malfoy and her husband Lucius Malfoy disapparted to her niece house to find her on the ground with blood coming out her head and her body naked with a man doing up his trousers. Lucius whipped out his wand and shot a 'Flipendo' at him he went flying back into the wall. Narcissa ran towards Briana and stopped the bleeding; a snake came over to Briana. While Lucius was torturing Briana's father, Briana woke up she looked up at a beautiful blonde she smiled.

"Aunt Cissy?"

Narcissa smiled and nodded she helped Briana sit up who winced but hugged Narcissa. Briana snake Aleka slivered up her body, to get to Briana's shoulders.

"Are you ok Briana?"

"I'm fine Aleka."

Briana stood up with the help of Narcissa. She walked over to the stairs and made her way up to her room with her godmother behind her, she walked in and Cissy made all her belongings to go into her trunk. Briana struggled but made her way to her chest of draws, and grabbed her wand from inside and felt her magic curse threw her fingers into her wand. Her wand was Walnut, 12¾", dragon heartstring she found out from Cissy that it was the same as her mother's she beamed at the thought she felt her Rips hurt she pointed her wand at her rips at whispered 'Ferula' and her rips got wrapped in bandages.

Briana patted Aleka's head then looked up at her aunt and smiled and went and hugged her, Narcissa hugged her back just as tight, but careful not to hurt her ribs. They broke away and walked downstairs when they entered the living room Briana saw her adopted dad Charlie Thompson on the floor with Lucius standing above him. When he saw his niece he smiled and walked over to her and hugged her she was hesitant but she hugged him back they separated and looked around Briana sneered at her father and pointed her wand at her adopted father and shouted.


Charlie screamed his head off and moved around hitting his head on the sofa while Amber laughed like a mad person sounding so much like her mother, she kept the curse on him for 5 minutes then let it drop she smiled then turned to her Aunt and Uncle who were smiling proudly at her.

"Ok lets disapparite to Malfoy Manor"

Briana nodded and went and took Narcissa's hand she felt the usual feeling of disappartion she was an expert of it but didn't know where Malfoy Manor was so she took Narcissa hand. When they landed she kissed Narcissa cheek and let her hand go she walked with them to the door when a boy who is tall and slender, with sleek, silverish-blond hair and cold grey eyes. He has a pale complexion and rather sharp, pointed features. His cold face turned into a smile when he saw his parents with his cousin he greeted his parents then looked at Briana. Briana was nervous because she kept picturing Charlie but then she remembered he was her cousin, also she wanted to be her mother's daughter. So she walked forward with a smirk, which covered her fear, and hugged him.

Draco pulled back and looked at Briana's appearance she was tall, beautiful woman with long, thick, shining black hair. She had thin lips, dark, heavy-lidded eyes, and a strong jaw. She had an athletic build Briana looked like she could hold her own. She had the classic 'great good looks' and arrogant bearing common for members of the House of Black, just like her mother Bellatrix.

Briana turned and looked around the outside of the house the place was a handsome manor house surrounded by elaborate gardens, including a fountain and roving white peacocks, and enclosed by wrought-iron gates that permit select individuals to pass through them as if they were smoke.

Briana looked at Draco with wide eyes he smirked; Draco was so arrogant Briana knew he was a Malfoy.

"Wow this isn't a house this is a fricking castle Jesus no wonder you're so stuck up."

Draco ran at Briana she dogged him and ran in to the house while Lucius and Narcissa laughed. Briana tried to hide it but she felt fear when Draco ran at her, she realised he was joking so tried to relax. When Amber got into the living room she stopped and her mouth opened and she looked like a gapping fish. The interior she would describe as sumptuously decorated and includes ornate furniture, marble fireplaces, and gilt mirrors. It has a large entrance hallway with portraits lining the walls and a stone floor mostly covered by a magnificent carpet.

Briana closed her mouth and turned to the Malfoy's who were smirking Aleka hissed at them and moved towards them they looked kinda scared as they should be Aleka was a 16ft snake. Briana smirked and hissed.

"Aleka leave them alone don't hurt them their family you can scare Draco though."

"Ok their family I'll scare Draco"

Briana looked to Narcissa and winked they all watched as Aleka slivered over to Draco and up his feet and up his body around his neck. Draco went really pale, Briana smirked but it disappeared when Aleka started squeezing she walked to the snake and shouted.




The snake got off and came to Briana's hand she threw her at the wall.

"Aleka don't disobey me again! I love you but you know I hate it!"

"Yes mistresss."

Briana winced Narcissa noticed and walked towards her and lifted her shirt to see that her rip was poking out her bandage.

"Draco floo Snape and tell him we have his godchild but she's injured."

Briana followed Narcissa to her room and lay down on the bed. The room had black walls with green and silver swirls along the border. The colour scheme was Black, Green and Silver. Briana couldn't see much else as her vision went cloudy. Briana was asleep when Snape arrived he took out the Potion and slowly pored the potion down her throat. Severus then waved his wand over her body and swore under his breath at her injures. He with the help of Narcissa fixed the broken bones held the cuts and then gave her nutrient potions to help with not eating.

Briana woke up to a house elf waking her.

"Mistress Lestrange, Mistress Malfoy told Charlotte to wake Mistress Lestrange up to get ready for breakfast."

Briana sneered at the elf, she got up and got changed into jeans and a button down shirt then put on her black rope with hood and left and went down to the expensive looking dinner hall. When she arrived Briana saw a man who was thin with sallow skin and a large, hooked nose. He had shoulder-length, greasy black hair which framed his face in curtains. His cold, black eyes resembled dark tunnels, He had a thin-lipped, sneering mouth. His cold black eyes lit up when he saw his goddaughter, Briana smiled this was her godfather Narcissa had described him to her. She was frightened for a minute until she saw the encouragement on Cissy's face. Snape got up and hugged his goddaughter she hugged back down then sat down giving her Aunt Narcissa and Uncle Lucius a kiss on the cheek then sat next to Snape. Briana looked up at Draco seeing his bruised neck and smirked.

"Aleka" Aleka slivered into the room and onto her neck she feed her some bacon seeing the colour drain from Draco's face.

"What's the matter Draco scared?"


"Are you sure?"

"No, I mean yes"

Briana smirked and started eating her breakfast with Aleka on her shoulders, Briana finished and Cissy looked at her.

"Where going to Diagon Alley, but were going to have to wait for Draco's girlfriend Pansy."

Draco blushed and Briana stood and grabbed his collar on his shirt.

"Come Draco we need to talk about your girlfriend."

"No Briana please"

Briana just dragged him out they went to Draco's room where they talked about, Pansy, Hogwarts, The Houses, Dumbledore and Briana cursed at his name, Potter, weasel and mudblood Granger and my father. Narcissa gave permission to Draco to talk about my father I was so shocked I kept opening and closing my mouth my father is Voldemort.

"Do you want to go downstairs, my lady?"

Briana smacked his arm and started tickling him, she jumped on top of him he was squirming under her while she laughed like a mad person, she sounded like her mother they heard a cough. Briana jumped up and looked at the girl in front of her. The women in front of her had slender builds; straight dark hair and dark brown almost black eyes that she swore were looking straight through her soul. Briana jumped of Draco and off the bed and walked to the girl and held her hand out.

"My name is Briana Lestrange, I'm Draco's cousin."

"Pansy, Pansy Parkinson, Lestrange as in Bellatrix Lestrange's daughter?"

"Yep that's my mum, and damn proud of it."

Draco walked over to Pansy and kissed her then took her hand. Briana kissed Draco's and Pansy's cheek then left the room to grab something. Briana had got it when she was adopted it was a pendant with a snake on it, she put the pendant necklace on she changed her top to a green shirt and put on her cloak put her wand in her pocket and picked up Aleka and left the room. Walking down the stairs, when she walked in the living room she saw Pansy and Draco kissed she whispered to Aleka.

"Aleka sliver up Draco's leg and up his back to his neck but don't hurt ever off them ok?"

"Of course mistress"

Briana placed Aleka down on the floor and watched as Aleka slivered up him to his neck and around Pansy's and hissed they broke away and screamed. Briana broke in a fit of laughs sounding so much like her mum. Draco jumped at her and she caught him and slammed him into the floor while she laughed she saw Aleka looking at Pansy hungrily and Pansy looking scared.


Aleka looked at her and slivered away just then Narcissa and Lucius walked in and Briana skipped over and kissed their cheeks then she saw Snape, she squealed and jumped at him while he laughed and hugged her, he was the closest thing she had to a father at the moment.

"Amber, Draco and Pansy we have a surprise for you"

"What is it father?"

"The Quidditch world cup is happening before you go to Hogwarts and the minister has given me tickets in the Ministers box for us to attend. Severus will be attending as well we would love for Pansy to come too if you will."

"I would love to Mr. And Mrs Malfoy."

"Now go get your cloaks and wand, we are about to leave."

Draco was standing there bouncing on the spot Briana rolled her eyes grabbed his ear and pulled him to his room while Pansy laughed behind her.

"Can you believe it Bri, we are going to the world cup"

Draco started bouncing on the spot while Pansy and Briana rolled their eyes at each other.

"Draco you are such a girl"