The summer was going great. Briana hadn't seen her father since that first night but that was ok, she knew he had plans to travel and recruit and that took all his time. She worked hard with Severus on potions and the dark arts, he had even taught her the spells he had created himself and she had showed him the one she had created however she hadn't tried it out on anyone yet. Snape was most impressed of the dark spell, which made your victim feel like they were burning from the inside out, Lucius thought it was ingenious and couldn't wait to try it out.

Draco and Briana had finished all their homework within the first month of vacation which let them spend their time flying and reading. Briana gave herself the mission to read every book in the library. One day Lucius brought home the daily prophet and passed it around at dinner. The whole thing was slandering Potter and Dumbledore about the continued insistence that the dark lord was back which Fudge refused to believe, this was a running occurrence.

With only a couple of weeks left of vacation, Lucius came home from a Ministry meeting with wonderful news.

"Potter was expelled pending a hearing today." he said as soon as everyone sat down for dinner.

"What did he do?" Briana asked.

"He used a Patronus Charm in the presence of his muggle cousin. The hearing is next week. No doubt Dumbledore will get him off but this just makes him look even worse than he already did." Lucius told them and they laughed about that throughout the night.

A couple days later Briana was in the library when Severus came through the floo.

"Hey Sev what's up." she asked. Everyone else was out that day and Briana was home alone.

"I have an order meeting to go to. Your father wanted to know if you'd like to go and meet your cousin." he asks smirking.

"Who's that?" she asks.

"Sirius Black of course. And Potter and all the others will be there, I'm sure." he said.

"Wont it look weird bring Bellatrix Lestrange's daughter and enemy to Potter to an order meeting where I am not a part of or invited too." she said putting her book down.

"Yes but it will shake them up a bit and we can always say I was stuck watching you today while everyone was out. They won't let you in the meeting but you can wonder around and see if you can get anything from anyone's thoughts. Plus you can make fun of Potter." he said.

She thought about it for a minute before deciding to go. She was ready quickly and he apparated both of them to a location that was protected, she would never find it without Snape. He used his wand to open the door and they walked into an old house that was stories tall.

"There probably having dinner and the meeting will be after come on." he said and she followed him down the stars where they heard lots of talking and laughter coming from inside. Snape pushed open the door and everyone went silent. When Briana walked in and stood beside Snape everyone's eyes widened, forks dropped and Sirius Black who had been leaning on two legs of his chair fell over with a loud bang on the floor.

"Graceful Black, real graceful." Snape drawled out and Briana snorted eyes glancing over everyone. Every Weasley was there as well as Potter and Hermione. The real Moody was there and Dumbledore as well as some others she didn't know.

"What…I…who…Who the bloody hell are you?" Sirius stuttered, standing from the floor, looking like he'd seen a ghost.

"Briana Lestrange, nice to meet you too cuz." she said coldly raising an eye brow at him.

"Oh. My. God. You look so much like." he said but she cut him off.

"Like my mother yes, yes I know." she said rolling her eyes.

"Why'd you bring her Snape? This is a private meeting." Moody growled from the corner.

"Yes I know. However, I promised Lucius before this meeting was called to watch Briana today. Him, Narcissa and Draco are all out and hadn't returned by the time I had to leave." he said taking a seat at the table. Briana stood behind his chair arms crossed over her chest.

"She is the daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and a Slytherin she cannot be trusted especially given who she lives with and who her mother is." Sirius said regaining his voice. Briana turned to him.

"That's rich coming from you, seeing as we have the same blood and you are a convicted murder on the run. And your parents were some of the darkest around. You cannot throw stones at me solely based on who my mother is. And believe me I'd rather be home then in this dump." she spat back at him.

"She is right Sirius, she has given no reason that she can't be trusted. The children of course are not allowed in the meeting so no information will be passed to her." Dumbledore said shutting Sirius up this caused Snape to snort.

"What are you snorting at Snape, I still don't trust you." Sirius sneered.

"And I don't really give a bloody damn if you do or not Black." Snape snapped back and Briana laughed before clearing her throat.

"Alright children, upstairs with the lot of you." Molly Weasley said.

"I refuse to hang out with them. I will just wonder around till you're done." Briana said.

"No you won't. I don't want you wondering around my house." Sirius told her.

"Who says we wanted you to join us anyways." Potter told her and she shot him the bird causing Molly to shriek.

"Well I never." she said with a hand to her heart.

"I find that hard to believe given the number of children you've spawned." Briana replied and Snape laughed out loud before covering it up.

"That's enough, out with you." Moody said. With that said all the underage children filed out.

"I'll come find you when I'm done, Bri." Snape said and she nodded. She followed the gang of red heads as they started up the stairs before Hermione stopped.

"Pretty friendly with Snape I see." she said.

"He is a family friend why shouldn't I be." Briana said.

"That's was rather rude Briana what you said to Mrs Weasley. You should apologize." she told her.

"I don't think so." Briana said. Hermione was going to say something else when Ron tripped over the umbrella stand causing a Black curtain to fly off uncovering a picture of a woman that started screaming.


"What the hell?" she asked as everyone from the kitchen ran in to see what happened.

"Shut up." Sirius yelled but she didn't listen she just kept on yelling.

Briana went and stood in front of the picture taking her hands off her ears and yelling.

"Will you kindly shut the hell up." she yelled and the picture stopped yelling looking at her wide eyed.

"Bellatrix." it ask stunned.

"No ma'am I am her daughter, Briana Lestrange." she told it.

"I haven't seen you since you were a baby, everyone thought you died, I am your great Aunt." the picture told her.

"No not dead as you can see, nice to meet you by the way, now what's with all this yelling?" Briana asked.

"Oh pardon me but I cannot stand what my traitor son has done to my house. Letting filth live here." she scowled.

"Well I see your point but I am defiantly not filth and don't appreciate being yelled at." Briana told it as everyone stared in shock.

"No you most certainly are not. Are you living here now too?"

"Heaven's no, I am living with the Malfoy's." Briana told her.

"Oh I always loved them. Please tell them I said hello especially my niece Narcissa." she said politely.

"Of course I will Mrs Black." Briana said. She turned to everyone.

"You can go to your meeting now, I think I got this covered." she told the adults who went back to the kitchen.

"You coming?" Potter asked rudely.

"In a moment, I'm talking." Briana said and they all left, leaving Briana alone with the picture.

"My dear you look so much like your mom but I see your dad in you as well." Mrs Black said.

"You know about my father?" Briana asked while sitting on the step in front of the picture.

"Yes of course but don't worry your secret is safe with me." she winked.

"Thank you. So what's been going on in this house?" Briana asked.

"Nothing of real importance has been said, just order meetings about trying to take down Voldermort. However, there are ways of letting you know if I hear something." Mrs Black said and Briana motioned for her to go on.

"Well I can't leave the house obviously. But Kreacher my loyal house elf can relay messages from time to time. He is bound to my traitor son and this house. But since you are blood as well he can talk to you and tell you as much as he's allowed." Mrs Black said.

"That's great, thank you for the help." Briana said, just then Kreacher popped in.

"Miss Lestrange It's nice to meet someone of worthy blood. Kreacher will be happy to assist you if he can." he said bowing.

"Thank you Kreacher." she said as he popped back out.

"Well I suppose I should go now. Thank you for talking with me Mrs Black." Briana said standing.

"Anytime my dear, Come see me if you ever want to talk." the picture said and Briana nodded and made her way upstairs. She heard voices on the inside of the first door and pushed it open. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the twins were all in there doing different things.

"Well don't you all look like you having fun." She replied walking in the room. They all turned to look at her.

"As a matter of fact we are." Potter said going back to his chess game with Ron.

Briana sat on the corner of the bed and watched them concentrating on all their minds.

"I wonder what Voldermort is after. Sirius said it was something he didn't have before. And that the order was taking turns to guard it." came Potters mind.

"She is so hot." came the twin's minds at the same time. Briana just rolled her eyes.

"I wish she would just leave. Harry doesn't need this stress before his hearing." Was Hermione's.

"Wonder if Harry will ask me out." was Ginny's thought.

Briana listened for a while longer before pulling out. There wasn't anything good besides what Potter said.

Briana was getting bored and thirsty.

"Do you have a house elf around here Potter?" Briana asked.

"Yes why?" he asked her.

"I'm thirsty and I don't know how long they will be. What's its name?" she asked she already knew but they didn't know that.

"Kreacher." he said coldly. And Hermione scowled at her.

"What?" she asked Hermione.

"You know house elf's is nothing but slave labour right." she said and Ron and Harry groaned.

"Yeah so?" Briana asked.

"We shouldn't use them. They should be set free." she cried.

"Yeah whatever" Briana waved off. "Kreacher" Briana called out and the elf popped in.

"What can Kreacher happily get Mistress of worthy blood?" Kreacher asked bowing and the others stared at it.

"Could you get me some water while I wait." she asked it and he popped out and popped back in within seconds handing her a bottle of water.

"Thank you Kreacher." Briana said taking a drink.

"Kreacher was happy to be of service." he said.

"Will you get us some drinks to?" Ron asked it. Kreacher turned and scowled at him.

"Get them yourself blood traitor." he said before leaving. Briana snorted into her water at the look on Ron's face.

"Guess he doesn't like you." Briana laughed.

"Yeah well we don't like you." Potter spat back.

"You think I give a fuck what you think scar head." Briana said and Potter stood drawing his wand.

"Draco's not here to protect you Lestrange." he said. Hermione was trying in vain to stop him.

"I don't need anyone to protect me Potter. You have no idea the things I can do that would rock your world. But can you really afford to use magic. Your already expelled." she sneered.

"How do you know that?" he asked.

"My Uncle works at the Ministry, we found out as soon as you were stupid enough to cast a Patronus." she told him smirking.

"I was protecting myself and I least I can cast one." he told her. She smirked and stood up.

"Potter I have been able to cast one for years nonverbal at that. But I don't need to use it all the time as dementors have no effect on me." she sneered back at him. They all stared in shock that she could do that. Before anyone could reply Snape came in.

"Potter what the bloody hell are you doing put that wand away. You're in enough trouble as it is." he spat at him. Potter did as he was told.

"Come Bri, I am done we can leave." he told her softly offering her his hand which she took smirking at all there gasping faces. Snape lead her by hand down the stairs with all the kids following and the adult where waiting at the bottom.

"Good bye dear come back soon you are always welcome." Mrs Black told her as she walked past.

"Thank you." Briana told her. Snape and Briana swept out without another word. Leaving everyone behind shocked.

When they apparated back to Malfoy Manor they collapsed in the dining room laughing loudly. The three Malfoy's and Bellatrix were staring at them strangely.

"What is so funny?" Draco asked.

"Snape took me…oh god…with him to the order meeting…Potter and everyone was there. It was too funny." Briana said between laughs.

"What?" the other four asked with anger on their faces.

"The dark lord thought it was a good idea so I took her." Snape said and they explained everything that happened. By the end of the tale everyone in the room was in tears.

Briana told Snape what she heard and he said he would pass it on to her father.

Sorry I have been MIA for so long but I've been dealing with personal problems and I'm in my last year of senior school and have millions of tests and coursework due in. I can't promise for regular updates but I hope to at least finish one story or get a flow going when I break up for Christmas.