You Didn't Tell Me

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Chapter 1

Rachel looked round at the small dorm room once more, nodding in satisfaction that she had arranged all of her stuff in a tidy and organised fashion, leaving only a neat pile of freshly printed photographs on the desk that was along one side of the room.

She turned to these photographs now, and flicked through them just to remind herself of how ingenious her selection had been, just the right amount of those showing her posing next to Finn (always when he was sitting down, so that she didn't look quite so small beside him). Any more and it screamed 'I have a boyfriend and I don't want to know anyone else'. Any less and the male sector of college would be led to think that she was perhaps not settled on keeping Finn as a boyfriend. (Which she was, she was already planning their wedding for god's sake, and would be well on the way to naming their children if it were not so difficult to find names that complimented both of their's!)

She swished her hair in the mirror as she walked past, and smiled because everything was just so great. She had worked really hard to get here. Though, a great majority of the hard work had been focussed on getting Finn there too, so that everything in her life plan would begin to slot nicely into place.

The perfect course of performing arts at NYU. The perfect background in music and theatre to give her excellent advantage at the start of the course. The perfect boyfriend attending the same college on a football scholarship.

All that was left was for her to step back and let everything happen just how she had planned it.

Talking about the perfect boyfriend, her phone jumped and buzzed on the desk.

Finn: Come find my room.

Rachel: Okay… Which room number are you? x

There was a delay, long enough to suggest that Finn had had to check the door to find out the answer to her question.

She smiled at the thought of officially starting the next chapter of their life together. They had travelled separately, and she hadn't seen him for a couple of days.

Finn: 307.

She assumed her best 'Finn Hudson you are truly honoured to have this girl as your girlfriend, and will be graciously rewarded for waiting for the relationship to be moved to the next level' smile, and rapped smartly on the open door of 307.

A gruff, "The door's open- duh", that she didn't think belonged to her boyfriend met her.

There was a stranger sitting on the bed, spinning a football in his hands, chewing gum in that cocky way that only guys with as prominently carved bone structure as he had could pull off. He looked at her with a smirk.

"Checkin' out the 'hawk?" He asked lazily, shifting his position against the wall and surveying her as though he was hungry and was deciding what to eat at a canteen.

Rachel, remembering herself, and not at all trying to decide whether it was best to describe his eyes as 'chestnut' or 'hazel', brought herself up to her full height.

"Of course not", she replied primly.

He smirked again, something which she was quickly finding infuriating.

"I grew it back before I came to college", he informed her, rubbing his fingers through the strip of hair as he said this. "To give something for chicks to grab onto during a rough ride".

He laughed easily when her eyes grew wide and she spluttered with disbelief.

"S'Puck", he said, sticking his hand out.

She eyed it suspiciously for a moment.

"You're supposed to shake", he said dryly, "It's not trick, I may be a sex shark, but I'm not one of those creeps who would go to shake and pull you in for a quick fondle".

She suppressed gasp, but was unable to stop herself from asking, "People actually do that?"

She shook his hand timidly, and he shrugged.

"What's your real name?" She asked.

He frowned.

"It's Puck", he repeated.

At that moment Rachel felt a big clumsy hand on her shoulder.

"Hey Rach!"

"Finn? Where have you been?"

"I went to your room! But you weren't there".

She decided to let that one go.

Puck cleared his throat dramatically.

Finn smiled sweetly at him and turned back to Rachel.

"Dude", Puck said, "Stop ignoring me man".

"Oh, Rachel, this is Noah Puckerman, Puck, this is Rachel".

Noah groaned and slapped his forehead at Rachel's triumphant grin.

"I'm Finn's girlfriend", she added. "Noah".

Noah glared at her darkly before raising an eyebrow at Finn.

"You didn't tell me you had girlfriend dude", he stated.

Finn turned worriedly to Rachel. "That's not bad- is it?"

Rachel didn't answer quickly enough, as Noah was already offering a reply.

"Finn man, in the first 5 minutes of meeting, I told you all the names of the girls in this college who I hadn't slept with", he winked slyly at Rachel, "It was quicker than doing it the other way round…"

"That's what she said", Finn slipped in, and Noah held his hand up for a high-five.

Rachel made an angry noise in the back of her throat.

"Finn, I would appreciate it if you would at least mention my name every now and again", she said sarcastically, "It is on the list I gave you".

"List?" Noah scoffed, with a smirk.

"Yeah… I think I lost that", Finn said, scratching the back of his head.

"You promised…" Rachel began, quietly.

"You do talk a lot Rach", Finn argued, "You can hardly expect me to listen all the time!"

"I don't", she said, "No-one ever does. But it would be nice if you would listen when I am talking about us".

She sighed. "Anyway, I promised my dads that I would ring to tell them I how everything is going so far".

She turned to Finn expectantly, but subtlety was sadly lost on him.

When she had left, Puck turned immediately to Finn.

"Dude- why the fuck have you not had sex with her yet?"


"You heard me".

Finn looked down at his feet, wondering how his big toe was sticking out of his socks when they were a new pair on that morning.

"How do you know?" He questioned.

"I just do", Puck explained, "It's one of my gifts as a badass stud. That girl's a virgin and she is holding on tight to her v-card".

"She's a bit of a prude", Finn said.

Puck snorted. "Erm… So I've never had a girlfriend, but you're definitely not supposed to tell a brother you've known for all of 2 and a half hours, that you think your girlfriend is a prude".

Finn looked confused.

"This is the point where you're supposed to tell me how great she is", Puck said slowly.

"Oh okay".

There was a silence.

"So, you've never had a girlfriend? But you've slept with, like, every one!"

Puck smirked, nodding modestly.

"I don't do the dating shit", he explained casually. "Too much like hard work. And this way, I can never get accused of cheating".

Finn raised his eyebrows, interested.

"I didn't know having sex with other people didn't count as cheating".

Puck ignored him.

"I have needs", he finished, throwing the ball in the air and catching it deftly.

"It is such hard work", Finn confided, taking a seat on his own bed a few feet away. "And I haven't even managed to get her to stop wearing those weird reindeer jumpers yet".

"I'd love to sit here and listen to your marital problems man", Puck yawned, "But I got chicks to charm and the bar is open until midnight".

He was going to make the most of college. Starting straight away. And no hot midgets and their freakishly tall boyfriends were going to stop him.

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