You Didn't Tell Me

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Chapter 42

"I never…"

The last note faded away, and the spotlight dimmed, and his brain screamed in relief because he'd made it, clung to consciousness and managed to sing.

But really, the performance had come naturally to him when Rachel had turned that million dollar smile towards him, took his shaking hand and sacrificed a large portion of her part of the routine to instead just stand there and sing with him like that.

The others made up for it though, the energy on the stage carrying him through, Mike leading the choreography like he was born to, and the song taking on a whole different meaning from their show.

He was awake long enough to hear and see the standing ovation, to feel the few tears form in the corner of his eye, and long enough to realise that they had done it.

And they were all jumping around on the stage and shouting and cheering, but they would just have to come over to his girl to tell her how amazing she was because he was not going to let go of her.

Because he was strong enough. He knew he wouldn't.

He woke up in a hospital bed, and his throat was dry and scratchy and his body numb all over, but none of this seemed important, as he was desperately fighting off the weariness to find…

"You're awake!"


Somehow he had the strength to grab her wrist, and pull her roughly from the chair she was sitting in, and bring her as close as he could to him.

It was a completely natural reaction.

He wanted her close to him.

In his foggy situation she beat him to it, her hands warm and so incredibly soft either side of his face, caressing the stubbly skin, and leaning forward just slightly to press her lips to his, openly, expressively, lovingly.

He shifted, wishing he could roll over and have her body encased by his, instead ignoring the sharp pain to lift his arm and twist his fingers in her hair, drowning, falling.

"Rach", he murmured, tracing her mouth with ghosts of kisses, before dropping to her neck, hot breath on her skin as he held her as best he could, with one arm and the good left side of his chest.

"We're going to Broadway Noah", she said in hushed tones, as though if she said it any louder it would no longer be true.

"Yeah we are", he grinned, and she chatted excitedly about how the people auditioning her had ordered a meeting with her director of studies immediately, seeking permission to take her on in a small role whilst she finished her degree, and then snapping her up the second she graduated, with lots of larger roles in mind already.

The theatre company involved had apparently taken the contacts of others involved in the audition, particularly noting Mike for his dancing, and had promised to keep in touch.

He loved the way her face glowed when she spoke, the way her delicate touch sought to rub away the cuts and bruises she encountered on his skin.

Rachel told him how she had rode with him in the ambulance with Brian, and how Santana had been the one to take down all the details of the theatre company, and make sure everything was organised, and how everyone had rang up since, asking how he was.

Friends who really cared.

He learnt that they were celebrating with a pizza and x-box pyjama party the next day, and he grinned despite himself, because snuggled up in some duvets with Rachel seemed like the perfect way to rest and recuperate.

She paused then, and he nuzzled at her chin.

"I can't believe you persuaded Brian to talk you out of hospital- when you'd had a shot of morphine Noah!"

He gulped, "I was fine", he lied.

She snorted. "No you weren't- you were all shaky and sweaty!"

"I was fine when I saw you", he mumbled under his breath.

Rachel, subdued by his admission, said nothing.

"It was worth it", he said, slightly louder, "It was totally worth it".

There was a short silence, and he wished he could twist and watch the emotions dance in her chocolate eyes.

"Are you mad?" He ventured.

She shook her head fervently.

"You said you would be there and you were", she said firmly. "People always say things happen for a reason, and if that reason is us…. Then I guess I believe it".

Her voice broke slightly.

"Noah… I'm so happy", she whispered, "Thank you".

"Right back at you babe", his bravado was cracked and completely see through, but he wasn't worried anymore, wasn't worried about what she might see.

Because she wasn't going anywhere either.

"Brian said you loved me more than anything", she said, shyly. "You didn't tell me you love me".

And maybe Brian hadn't told her the full story, and maybe she would never know, but it didn't matter because he was there now.

They were there now.

"I do", he said hoarsely, without a second's hesitation.

She gave a sort of muffled squeaking sound.

He sniffed.

"Yeah… Rach I love you… and damn, as soon as my rib's fused back together and whatever, and as long as my jaw's gone down a bit… I would really, really like to show you".


She covered his face in tiny kisses, each one firmer, until reaching his mouth and laying one on his lips, with utmost care not to press hard on his jaw with her stroking fingers.

"Yeah is that okay?"

She giggled, and his heart melted at the sound, wishing he could move further over on the bed so that she could at least lie more comfortably beside him.

He pulled her lips to his, kissing her fiercely, pouring all the love for her into the kiss.

All his love for the amazing girl that had been the inspiration he needed, the determination he needed, and the love he never knew existed.

He drew apart for breath, his chest heaving, but the pain dulled by the heat and peace and love that embracede him like an invincibility blanket.

"You didn't tell me you love me", he said, breathless and laughing.

Rachel had never been this happy.

She didn't have the leading role, she had something better, a few lines now and a future career on Broadway.

She didn't have the leading man, she had her battered and bruised hero, the love of her life, the man who would fight to be at her side and would make it more than worthwhile fighting to keep him there.

"I love you", she told him.

And maybe her dreams really had come true.

It certainly felt like they had.

The end

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