Summary: It has been a month and a half since the 'Orphanage Incident' as the crew have come to call it. Sasuke has missed Naruto, not having seen the blonde in so long. The crew has been on a bit of a break, no new jobs coming through since their adventure at the Sarutobi Orphanage. However, high school student Tora Emi comes in one day, with a request to save her friends, who have gone missing.

With the help of a few old friends, as well as a few new faces, Sasuke, Naruto and the crew of Rei-Senzai begin a race to find the missing girls and save them from the horrors lurking below the streets of Konoha. But things may prove to be harsh for the two lovers, especially when an old enemy resurfaces, threatening their relationship as well as Sasuke's sanity.

Will everything turn out okay, or will they be lost to the darkness of underground Konoha, and the recesses of their own, fragile minds?


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Warnings: Horror, BoyxBoy romance, blood, insanity and bad puns.

And so, for the story you've all been waiting for, I give you REI-SENZAI 2 POSSESSION!

A Bad Day is the Start of a Better Week.

The walls were painted a dark blue, and were mostly empty except for the odd photograph or poster. The carpet, a deep, plush blue complimented the walls, creating an almost evening effect, even though the sunlight streamed through the curtains like a river of gold.

The bed was pressed up against the wall, despite being a double, and the blankets were a bright orange, clashing with the blue. However, it was not all bad.

Sticking out from the edge of the orange comforter, were two pale, bare feet.

These feet belonged to one Uchiha Sasuke, who was still fast asleep, his brain turning with a dream that made no sense whatsoever, but seemed enough to keep him in the lulls of a deep slumber.

If one were to inch back the covers, they would find his hair a complete mess, splayed about his face as if caught in a whirlwind and frozen. A thin line of drool trickled from the corner of his mouth and down to the sheets, and soft snores could be heard. Occasionally, he would sniffle or mumble incoherently, often making the world famous 'nomnomnom' sound.

And it was in this most un-Uchiha like state that his older brother, Uchiha Itachi, also known as the Devil's Spawn, came creeping in at eight in the morning, camera in one hand, megaphone in the other, and a smirk to scare the living daylights out of the grim reaper on his face.

Gracefully, and silently, Itachi sauntered over to the bed, and gently eased the cover away from his darling little brother's face. He raised the camera, aiming it skilfully and pressing the little button. A digital 'snap' sounded and Itachi held back an evil snicker as he got a look at the picture. Oh, it was such excellent blackmail material.

Placing the camera into his pocket, Itachi leant a bit closer, putting the megaphone to his mouth and grinning wickedly as he gently pressed the button.

Sasuke made another 'nom' sound, before stilling. Itachi took a deep breath and...


Sasuke screamed, launching out of bed and running blindly into the wall in his fright. He sprawled up against the wallpaper before slowly tipping back and landing with a final thud onto the floor, letting out a grunt even as Itachi fell onto the bed, laughing his ass off.

Sasuke pulled himself up and glared at his brother. "What the fuck Itachi?" he snapped, rubbing his forehead where he could feel a bruise forming.

Itachi took a deep breath, looked down at his brother, and then burst out laughing once again at the sight.

Sasuke was sitting on the floor, his legs spread wide and his left arm hanging limply between them while his right reached up to rub the sore sport on his forehead. Somehow, Sasuke's hair had stayed in its mussed state, the strands sticking out horizontally to the side, while some of his bangs were still stuck to his face. The line of drool was still there.

"My little brother, you look positively endearing." Itachi snorted, covering his mouth and laughing into his hand when Sasuke blinked bemusedly.

The young Uchiha stumbled to his feet, his vest rumpled and his boxers riding up. He grumbled and relieved himself of an irritating wedgie, uncaring that his brother saw. He was at home, so it didn't matter if he forgot his manners.

Trudging over to the mirror, all the while grumbling curses at Itachi, Sasuke blinked at his reflection. He scowled. "I look like shit."

Itachi smirked. "Why yes...Yes you do." He stated.

Sasuke threw a glare over his shoulder. "You as much of an ass as ever, I see." He scoffed.

Itachi grinned. "But of course."

Sasuke shook his head. 'Why me?' he thought and walked over to the bed, falling onto his stomach and burying his face in the blanket. "What was with the greeting? Do I look like a strawberry to you?" he asked grumpily, raising an eyebrow at his brother.

Itachi shrugged. "Not at all. But I was watching Bleach earlier, and that's how Ichigo's father greets him in the mornings. So I decided to give it a try." He smirked. "I have to say it was most enjoyable watching you scream."

Sasuke snorted. "You know, I'm pretty sure there's some sadism in that statement."

"Oh yes. Plenty of it." Itachi confirmed with a nod.

Sasuke yawned and stretched. "So what are you doing here?"

Itachi eased off the bed and brushed his shirt off. "Just wanted to tell you, your school starts in an hour and Kisame can't give you a lift. You'll have to walk."

Itachi ran out of the room as a pillow was aimed at his head. "IT'S A HALF HOUR WALK!" Sasuke yelled angrily.

Itachi's only reply was a loud shout of "Then you'd better hurry!" followed by evil laughter.

Oh, he did enjoy messing with his little brother.

Sasuke was grumbling loudly as he stormed into the classroom, out of breath after running the whole way. He'd had one of the shortest showers of his life, his hair was still a bit odd, and his uniform was ruffled as he hadn't taken the extra time to primp it a bit.

Ignoring the curios glances of his earlier classmates he stomped over to his seat and sat down, crossing his arms and huffing.

As soon as he had gotten comfortable, a pair of arms wrapped around his neck and a high pitched squeal sounded in his ear. He winced and scowled. "Get off of me Karin." He snapped.

She laughed and withdrew. "It's nice to see you too Sasuke." She said with a smirk.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and kept staring ahead. 'If Karin is here than that means he isn't too far behind.' He thought dully.

Sure enough, as soon as Karin had taken her seat in front of Sasuke, a loud voice sounded behind him.

"Mercy on my soul! If it isn't the all powerful Duck-Butt!"

Sasuke growled and turned to glare at the silver-headed boy behind him. "Shut up Suigetsu."

Hozuki Suigetsu cackled, and sat down next to Sasuke, wrapping an arm over the raven's shoulders and staring at him. "So, where has your ass been, Sasuke?" he asked.

Sasuke shrugged the offending limb off. "None of your business." He retorted.

Karin turned in her seat, studying him. "Was it that job of yours? Did you have to go shatter the supernatural dreams of some crazy old bat again?" she asked, and giggled.

Sasuke frowned. "You know, my job isn't something to be taken lightly." He stated evenly.

Suigetsu smirked. "Of course not. Because ghosts are real!" then he laughed. "The way you talk Sasuke, it's almost like you've started believing in all that paranormal crap." He chuckled.

Sasuke kept blank faced. 'Oh, you have no idea.' His hand went to the spot on his shoulder, where the strange, tri-comma like marking he had received a long while ago was residing.

He bit his cheek as the mark burned under his touch, and quickly withdrew his fingers.

Ever since he had gotten that mark, his nightmares had changed. Now, instead of seeing his dead parents, his dreams were filled with screams and flashes of torture. And lots of snakes. There were always millions of snakes, slithering all over the place and hissing loud enough to sound like the spray of the ocean.

And then there was Naruto. Several times, the blonde had appeared in his dream, always in a different place and situation. The first time, he had been standing nearby, his eyes watching the scenes of torture blankly. When Sasuke had tried to touch him, he had vanished.

The second time, he had been chained to a wall, still silent. Sasuke had pulled on the chains, calling out to him, but nothing.

Finally, the third and most recent time, Naruto had been carried by faceless shadows, heading towards one of the more sinister looking torture devices. Sasuke had struggled against an onslaught of snakes, reaching out and screaming for the blonde. But once again, he received no answer before he awoke suddenly.

"..uke...Sasuke...SASUKE!" a hand waved in front of his face, snapping him out of his memory of his nightmares and he looked up to see two concerned faces peering at him.

"Are you okay?" Karin asked, lowering her hand. Sasuke blinked before glancing away.

"I'm fine."

Suigetsu pouted. "No you're not. You were glaring into space and you were mumbling about 'unresponsive idiots'." Suddenly, the boy looked sly. "Don't tell me..." he started snickering, causing both Sasuke and Karin to stare at him.

"What's so funny?" Sasuke snapped. Suigetsu had three fingertips pressed over his mouth, a weird smile curving his lips. He also had a slight pink tinge to his cheeks as he surveyed the raven.

"You got a boyfriend, didn't you?" Suigetsu smirked.

Sasuke stiffened, keeping his eyes to the side. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He grit out.

However, that seemed as good as a confession for the two idiots next to him. Suigetsu burst out laughing, slapping his knees in mirth, while Karin giggled and scooted closer.

"So, who is it? Someone we know?" she asked eagerly.

Sasuke pushed her away. "Get away from me. And no, I'm not telling you shit." He said coldly in reply to her pout.

"So, your boyfriend is an unresponsive idiot? What's the matter Sasu-chan? You can't satisfy him?" Suigetsu teased.

If the bell had not rung just then, the students would have been privy to the sight of Sasuke throwing the silver-haired teen right out the window.

However, as soon as their homeroom teacher, Mitarashi Anko stormed in and yelled "Get to your seats you maggots!" Sasuke's plan was put on hold.

The rest of the day was spent with Sasuke avoiding the questions from his two supposed 'friends' Suigetsu and Karin. He tried, several times, to throttle the boy, but each time he was thwarted.

Finally, when there was only two more lessons before the day was brought to an end, they were back in Anko-sensei's class for Science.

"Alright you little wasps, today we'll be dissecting bullfrogs!" she called, clapping her hands together and cackling evilly.

Sasuke sighed while Suigetsu rolled his eyes and Karin grimaced. "Honestly, whoever gave that woman a teaching license should be shot." She whispered. The two boys agreed.

As the class began their work, Sasuke found himself drifting, his thoughts straying to the blonde known as Uzumaki Naruto.

'It's been way to long since I saw him. He said we'd see each other again, but when? Stupid dobe.' He thought, glaring down at his half opened frog.

Just then, a loud squeal came from the rooms overhead announcement speakers, causing several students to cry out and cover their ears. Sasuke winced, but refrained from calling out "Oh my god, my ears just died!" like Suigetsu did.

The voice of the secretary sounded clearly in the classroom. "Mitarashi-sensei, a man and his son will be visiting your classroom with Principal Raikage. The boy is going to be a student here, and we're planning on placing him into your classroom."

Anko walked to her desk and pressed the small button that would allow her to answer. "No problem. I'll be waiting." She said, and switched off.

The class resumed their activities, some whispering curiously about the supposed new student. Suigetsu sidled up to Sasuke, nudging him. "Who do you think the new student is going to be?" he whispered.

Sasuke glared at him. "Well if we knew, he wouldn't exactly be a new student would he?"

Karin giggled maliciously as Suigetsu frowned, and soon the two engaged in a soft bickering match. Sasuke only shook his head and continued slicing up the poor, helpless creature in front of him.

When he was busy looking distastefully at the frogs internal organs, there came a sharp rap at the door.

Anko looked up. "Come in!" she called, wiping her hands on her jeans and stepping out from behind a desk to greet the principal and new arrivals.

The door slid open and their principal stepped in. "Mitarashi-sensei." He greeted and stepped aside to let the others through.

Sasuke looked up lazily, his hand moving to push aside a small bit of frog-skin when the 'new student' stepped in.

Shocking, bright blonde hair, tan skin, whisker marks and bright, eager azure blue eyes.

His mouth falling open in shock, Sasuke didn't notice where his hand was heading until it was too late. The bottom of his palm slipped on a bit of frog fat, and he was sent sprawling over the counter as he tried to regain balance. In the process, he managed to knock his, as well as Suigetsu and Karin's frog trays clear off the table, sending them to the floor with a loud crash. Suigetsu yelled out while Karin screeched in disgust as frog guts splattered over them, and Sasuke lost his footing and crashed to the floor, one hand still up on the table while the other was bent underneath his chest.

The class had fallen silent, staring at the three of them, but mainly Sasuke, who groaned and tried to pull himself up. No one had ever, ever seen the Uchiha Sasuke have an accident like that before.

Suddenly, there was a snort, before someone burst out into loud laughter. Heads snapped to the front of the room to see the unknown blonde clutching his stomach and laughing his ass off.

Sasuke, his arms and torso covered in frog juices, pulled himself to his feet and turned to stare at the laughing blonde, hardly daring to believe his own eyes. 'Naruto?'

The blonde in question finally managed to control his laughter, letting it morph into occasional snickers as he straightened up and crossed his arms. His blue eyes were bright with amusement and joy as he grinned.

"Yo, Sasuke-teme."

Sasuke felt his heart skip a beat as that voice reached his ears, and he couldn't stop the wide smile that curved his face.

"Dobe!" he murmured.

Naruto winked as the man behind him stepped up and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Well, this was an interesting reunion." Jiraiya said, amused.

(1)- Yes, it's the loving greeting Ichigo's father gives him every morning right before trying to kick him our of bed, or something of that matter...this is also the way my cousin greets me when she visits...often breaking down my door, screaming this at the top of her lungs before glomping me...ah, memories.

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