Fyen Himako and Neko Mitosuki. These two are great friends. They're funny, nice, pretty, are everything that a person could ask for. I don't know either too well, as other people like their family or friends at their school would know them.

I met them both over the internet. Usually you don't want to become friends when you meet someone over the internet. You think they're a stalker or something. Fyen and Neko are a stalker. She is 14 and Neko is 14, and the greatest stalker on the planet. Actually, I'm totally kidding. They are not stalkers, and if they were, then I wouldn't be writing this oneshot about them.

I didn't have many ideas for this oneshot, and the only reason that I'm writing this, besides that they are good friends, is because they both gave me a birthday present on my birthday. I've actually decided to do it for all my friends on the website that I met Fyen and Neko on. It might be the slightest bit weird for some people, but I really hope they will appreciate it.

Like I said before, I do not know Fyen and Neko that well. But even though I don't, I feel like we've known each other forever. Since we were small, or in an afterlife or something like that. It's weird how you trust people like this. I trust Fyen and Neko a lot. They are both my awesome virtual cousins. And I love them a lot too.

These are their fake names on the internet. I won't use their real ones either, because that would be a little too personal for you people. But besides that, I really love them. Like a whole lot! They were one of the first people to friend me on crunchy. I'm so anti-social, I felt special when they friended me. They make me laugh, and smile all the time. I really hope, that in the future, or someday, I'll be able to meet them. If I did, I would hug them. Hug them until they died. Not really though. That would suck, and I would cry. But I would hug them, hang out with them. Hope they make me laugh and smile, and I hope I would make them laugh and smile too.

I love you guys, and this oneshot is for you two. These two are part of the RimaHiko cr3w on crunchy, and there are three others. I decided to make this for them first, because they are just that special. (Don't get offended, Ama-chan, Vanna, and Hina, I will write one for you later! Because I love you guys too, and you're super special!) So, Fyen and Neko, I appreciate the birthday presents, and I love you guys with all my heart.

Hope we meet each other soon! Love Au-chan, your virtual cousin.