Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.

Author's Note: This is set during the third series


Diana lay awake staring up at the ceiling. She couldn't sleep. She'd read, she'd

written a letter to her sister, she'd had a snack, she'd even watched some stupid

late night talk show on TV. She's tried everything, and she was still awake.

Wide awake. And sleep did not look as if it was just around the corner either.

Ever since that infuriating man had come into her life she'd had nothing but

sleepless nights, and tonight was obviously going to be no exception.

She wondered if counting sheep actually worked. She hadn't tried that yet.

Turning on her side and closing her eyes she began to count. She'd only

reached sheep number five when the phone rang. Who the hell was calling

her at this time of night. She picked up the receiver.


"Hi, it's me."

"You don't say." She replied. "Do you know what time it is?"

"About three. I can't sleep. Did I wake you?"

"No, I can't sleep either. What's your reason?"

"You!" The voice said. "I can't get you out of my head. Every night just as I

close my eyes, there you are. It's driving me crazy."

"I know the feeling."

"You do? Really?" He sounded surprised.

"I just said so didn't I. So what are we going to do so that we both get some


"How about meeting for lunch tomorrow, so we can discuss it?" He suggested.

"You're on. When and where?" She asked.

"I'll pick you up at 12.30pm ok?"

"Great. I'll see you then."

"Goodnight Diana."

"Night Joe."

She replaced the receiver smiling. He may be infuriating, but she kinda liked

him. Turning over again she was asleep in seconds.

The End