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We'll be here in the morning

"Girl, give me the child," Voldermort called out, anger in his eyes shining like flames, "Now, give me the child and you may live."

"No," Lily called out as she hugged her baby boy tight to her, "Over my dead body!"

"Enough!" Voldermort yelled as he lifted his wand, "You're just another Muggleborn, someone who has just enough magic, just someone who wants to break into our world, destroy our way of life and kill children."

Lily didn't respond instead she took of the necklace that was around her head, a gold and red lion, and placed it around Harry's neck, "I promise you my baby, everything will be fine in the morning, we'll wait out this storm together, I promise you we'll be together in the morning."

"Give me the child woman!" Voldermort yelled out in anger, "I have had enough, you die now!"

With that Voldermort lifted his wand and a green light came out, aimed right at mother and child.

"Die Mudblood! Die!" screamed Voldermort in pure anger at the woman who would say no to him, "I'll show you who's in charge around here!"

"Never!" Lily cried out strongly, tears running down her eyes as she whispered to her baby boy, "I promise you that everything will be alright in the morning my little shining light."

The dark laughter of Voldermort echoed throughout the room as the green light speed towards mother and child clinging to each other in desperation.

'Please, someone, anyone, please protect my baby boy' Lily cried out as tears came washing down her face like a waterfall, 'I don't care what happens to me but please let my baby boy be safe and happy, please!'

"Die!" Voldermort yelled with laughter as dark as a stormy night in winter, "Go to hell Mudblood!"

Only the Death spell never reached Lily and Harry...a ghost like figure of a teenage boy with ocean blue eyes and brown hair looked at the Dark Lord with just strength it made Voldermort flinch.

No one could do anything as the green light hit the ghost boy, bounced off of him and hit Voldermort squarely in the heart causing the Dark Lord to fall to the ground.

All over green lights shoot out of objects, one a snake, one a cup, another a locket. Lily never noticed through as she found herself looking up into the blue eyes of the ghost boy.

"Be safe, happy and healthy," the ghost boy said as he slowly disappeared with a soft smile on his face, "Voldermort is dead, your prayers was answered, you are safe...I'll be seeing you again but in a different form...I'll look after Harry, no matter the time or world."

And with that Lily could only watch with wide eyes as the ghost boy that had proclaimed Harry as his disappeared from sight.

"Lily?" Came a tired voice from the nursery door way, "Lilly are you and Harry in here? Harry? Lily?"

Lily couldn't help but allow a fresh batch of tears to run down her face, "James! You're alive! JAMES!"

And with that England celebrated to the death of the Dark Lord while a certain family just celebrated because they all were alive and well.

"I promised," Lily said with a teary smile as she, James and baby Harry watched the sun rise the following morning, "We're still here the following morning."