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The Gran Pulse Sage

The Prologue

Complete and utter destruction was all that was left of Konoha, Naruto knew that, but it didn't stop him from confronting Pein, or as he was really called, Nagato. Konan was also there, but it didn't stop them from having their chat, in fact, Nagato had encouraged Naruto to talk to him. At the moment, Nagato had his eyes closed, almost looking like that he was thinking about something.

"You and I are sibling disciples. As students of the same master, we ought to understand one another. That is what I said to earlier." Nagato repeated what he had told Naruto earlier one. "I meant it as a joke." Konan turned to her best friend, looking worried about him, though the redhead seemed to like being silent for the moment. "You are a curious fellow. You remind me of how I once was." Nagato continued.

"Nagato ..." Konan uttered softly, wondering if this child had possibly broken through to her best friend.

"I wasn't able to believe in Jiraiya. Nor ... could I believe myself." Nagato continued. "However ... I have a feeling that unlike me, you will be able to walk towards a different future, but not a future, as disastrous as this one, a place where you will most likely be able to survive and make friends better than this one." Nagato continued.

"What?" Naruto asked, his eyes widening in surprise, wondering just what his fellow student of Jiraiya was talking about.

"Also, I will be sending Konan with you, to help you fit in with the way people live in the plane that I am sending you." Nagato told them both, making their eyes widen in surprise.

"N-Nagato! A-are you serious? I'm needed here, to look after you!" Konan interrupted suddenly, sounding really unsure with the idea of both she and Naruto going to this place together.

"This is my last wish Konan." Nagato gave her a small smile, making her realize just how serious that her best friend was about doing this. "Even if you don't like the idea now, I just don't feel comfortable about sending Naruto on his own, nor do I like the idea of leaving you here on your own to have HIM after your head for our betrayal." Nagato answered Konan's unspoken question, making the woman give her best friend a look of understanding.

"I see," Konan uttered. "I understand Nagato, do what you need to do."

"W-wait a minute! What's going on!" Naruto demanded, before suddenly Nagato started to do some hand seals, making the boy look on in worry, wondering just what technique that the older and more experienced Shinobi was going to do. Konan suddenly placed her hand on the blonde's shoulder, making him freeze, while wondering just what was going on, even more curious than before.

"I think that I will believe in you, Naruto Uzumaki. Therefore, I will be sending you and Konan to another world, which can be saved, unlike this one." Nagato told the teenager, before Naruto found that he couldn't move, not a muscle in his body could move, only his muscles that could allow him to talk, no matter how much he willed for it to happen, he spotted Konan not moving as well, and figured that it was the same for her as well.

"W-what's Pein doing?" Naruto asked the origami master nervously, though she moved her eyes, she didn't do much more.

"Those who possess the Rinnegan are able to manipulate the jutsus of all six Peins, and are said to exist outside the realm of life, death, space and time. Nagato's ocular power is the jutsu that allows Nagato to open a portal that will eventually send us both to another dimension at the cost of his own life. He is the seventh Pein." Konan explained to her new companion, though it wasn't by choice, Naruto gasped at what he had been told.

"Outer Path: Dimensional Travel." Nagato chanted, causing an open portal of what appeared to be of space opening up beneath them. "I have one last thing for you, Naruto Uzumaki. I shall give you what has been in my blood as long as I have known, I shall unlock the power of the Rinnegan within you." Nagato announced to the blond boy, causing both he and Konan to gasp in shock, clearly not expecting it. "Outer Path: Rinnegan Transfer!" Nagato shouted, causing his hair to pale from a blood red to a ghostly white, and his eyes to lose their colour. "I wish you good luck, and hope that you succeed there, where you could not succeed her." Nagato gave a small smile. "Thank you, Naruto Uzumaki, for opening my eyes to the world again."

"Nagato." Konan uttered softly, wondering if his body would be safe without her.

"Konan, thank you for being by my side throughout the whole time, you were my best friend, and like a sister to me. I could not have wished for anything more, so I hope you are safe in your journeys, Konan." Nagato gave his thanks to his best friend. Konan's eyes filled with tears that broke loose.

"NAGATO!" Konan screamed as she and Naruto finally started to slide into the portal. Naruto looked at the Rinnegan user one last time.

"I promise you this, Nagato." Naruto started. "You fate in me will not proven wrong, I promise you Nagato, that I will save this world!" Naruto announced as he and Konan finally fully sunk into the portal, which closed after them. Nagato gasped as they finally left them, he coughed, but still he smiled. Nagato died with a smile. He managed to gasp out two words before he finally lost his fight with death.

"I glad."

Naruto and Konan appeared together in a temple, the first thing that they knew was that they were high up and that they weren't standing on anything ... wait, what? Naruto poked his foot down experimentally before looking down, he gulped nervously. Before both he and Konan started to fall at an extremely quick pace.


"Nagato is not a bastard!"

"Serah!" A girl with pink hair cried as she spotted another girl on the floor, it was Lightning and she had seen her sister on the floor motionless for now. Lightning scooped up her sister in her arms and turned to her companion, Sazh. "Time to go. We have to leave before the army..." Lightning paused as she looked at Sazh. "What?"

"That's a Pulse brand." Sazh pointed out. "That girl's a L'Cie."

"I already told you that." Lightning told him.

"Pulse l'Cie are the enemies of Cocoon." Sazh told Lightning, reaching down for his gun, causing a pained expression to flash across Lightning's face.

"So they should die?" Lightning demanded an answer.

"Listen, if she fails her Focus, you know how that'll end." Sazh reminded the ex-soldier.

"And killing her is a mercy?" Lightning sneered, before a hand came up and tried to grasp at the older woman.

"You came." Serah uttered, making Lightning gasp at seeing her sister awake, before she went down on her knees and carefully placed her on the ground.

"Serah!" A male voice called out suddenly and then a platform came down with a young boy, a young girl and a man, who had called the woman's name, Snow. He jumped down before the platform could finish its descent and ran to Serah before taking her left hand in both of his. "Serah."

"Is that ... my hero?" Serah asked softly, allowing a smile to grace her beautiful face, making Snow give a small smile in encouragement, while the two young children tried to sneak a look. The boy was called Hope, while the girl was called Vanille. Vanille held her hands to her mouth in horror of what was about to happen, something that she somehow knew.

"Let's get you out of here." Snow told her gently.

"Hands off, I'm taking her home." Lightning cut Snow off as soon as he had said that.

"Sis, I ..." Snow tried to speak to Lightning

"I'm not your sister! You couldn't protect her, it's your fault that she..." Lightning snapped at Snow, cutting him off as soon as he had said that word 'sis'.

"You can save us." Serah uttered softly.

"Serah?" Lightning asked, not sure if she had heard right.

"You can save us." Serah repeated herself, making Lightning look at her with a strange look. "Protect us all." Serah requested softly. "Save ... Cocoon."

"Save cocoon?" Lightning asked as Serah as being allowed to lay on her back now. "Serah? That was your focus?"

"Anything, I'll do anything. Leave it to me, you'll see. I'll protect Cocoon. I'll save everyone!" Snow started telling his fiancée what he would do, just to help her.

"Somehow, I'll make things right." Lightning told her younger sister, trying to reassure her.

"You just relax." Snow told Serah, giving off a grin.

"Thank you." Serah uttered as she closed her eyes, suddenly her mark of the l'Cie started to glow in a bright blue light, just as she started to float in the air. The others were gasping at what they were seeing, while Snow could only release his hold of his fiancée's hand and watch in horrifying awe, while Lightning was looking more horrified than awed. Serah's arms folded so her hands could almost be in a praying position, when she was suddenly turned to crystal, a burst of light slowly made its way to Snow's gloved hand, revealing to be a blue crystal, making him gasp before he looked up to his crystallized fiancée, as she started to float down towards them.

"Serah! Serah!" Snow started jumping, trying to grab her fragile form, while Lightning could only watch on in horror, as did Vanille.

"Why is she turning to crystal?" Vanille asked softly, wondering what was going on.

"L'Cie who fulfils their Focus are transformed into crystal and gain eternal life." Hope explained.

"Just life the stories say." Sazh added to the explanation, as the crystallized girl was now at Snow's head height.

"Serah ... sweet dreams." Snow told her, loud enough for Lightning to hear.

"Sweet dreams?" Lightning demanded as she shoved Sazh out of the way. "She's not sleeping!" Lightning snapped at Snow grabbing his collar angrily, clearly distressed by what had just happened. "Serah's ... she ..." Lightning let go of the tall man angrily, looking very distressed by what had happened.

"She's alive!" Snow told Lightning what he thought about Serah's condition.


"The legend! Remember the legend!" Snow told her, trying to get his future sister-in-law to change her mind. "L'Cie who fulfil their focus turn to crystal and gain eternal life. It's the same with Serah! Eternal life! She's not dead!" Sazh looked away, not sure what to believe, the children were the same as well. "Serah's my bride-to-be. I promised to be hers forever! I don't care how many years I have to wait..." Snow was cut off suddenly when Lightning suddenly lost her temper due to his words, and punched him in the face angrily.

"It's over! Open your eyes and face reality!" Lightning told Snow angrily, while Snow just laid on the floor.

"Serah..." Vanille uttered the other girl's name. 'Does becoming an L'Cie really mean losing everything?' Vanille thought the rest of the question to herself. Suddenly the whole building shook much to the group's surprise. "What now?" Vanille asked sounding really worried.

"The army!" Sazh remembered suddenly, reminding the group just what was outside of the temple that they were in.

"The target time is almost in place. Surface time, what is your status?" A radio broadcast was transmitted across as several flying machines surrounded the place that the group and unknowingly Naruto and Konan were all in.

"Good to go. Resistance is under control. The assault proceeds as planned." The reply was sent.

"Leave no trace. The Pulse Vestige never existed." The reply was sent, as green lights glowed all over the 'Pulse Vestige', before the soldiers allowed giant headlights to shine on the structure as well.

"Fire!" The lead soldier ordered suddenly, causing several machines to fire red poles at the Vestige, penetrating the impressive thing, two at a time, aiming to tear the thing apart with what they had.

Inside of the Vestige, Lightning and Snow covered Serah's crystallized body with their own, while Hope, Vanille and Sazh looked around anxiously since the place was shaking wildly.

"What's happening?" Vanille quickly asked.

"Must be a Sanctum strike. Bring down the Vestige and the L'Cie with it!" Sazh answered while Vanille seemed to be seeking him for comfort.

"Aren't they taking it back to Pulse? That's what the Purge was, right?" Vanille asked, sounding more nervous than before.

"All they care about is getting everything from Pulse off of Cocoon. Dead or alive, it's all the same." Sazh answered the young girl's question.

"We can't stay here! They'll kill us!" Hope cried suddenly desperate just to get out of there, he sounded like that he was about to cry as well, before he was so scared. Suddenly, the shaking stopped, much to everyone's surprise, suddenly the door ahead of them glowed red on its L'Cie mark, before it opened.

"I'll be right back, hold on." Snow told the crystallized Serah, before he started making his way towards the door.

"Trench Coat. Where you going?" Sazh asked the blond haired man, who turned to Sazh.

"Date with the fal'Cie. Got some things to talk about." Snow answered, before continuing his way towards the door.

"What? You're gonna ask IT to help her? Are you out of your mind, kid?" Sazh demanded. "That thing wants to chew us up and spit us out!"

"Well what do you want me to do?" Snow snapped at Sazh in response, leaving him speechless for a moment. Lightning suddenly started making her way up the stairs towards the door as well. "Lightning?" Snow asked, before he started to follow her as well. Sazh simply sighed at what he was seeing.

"Here we go." Sazh sighed, before he started to follow them as well. Vanille looked back at Hope who still looked hopelessly scared.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Suddenly a screaming male voice could be heard, making everyone pause, before looking up where the sound was coming from. They could see that a blond haired kid was flying down towards them, making their eyes widened, but none more sure than Lightning. "LOOK OUT!" The blond collided with Lightning suddenly, causing a huge load of dust to kick up as a crater was created under where Lightning had been standing.

"Lightning!" Snow and Sazh shouted as they tried to see if she was okay, only to face vault at what they were seeing when the smoke faded. Lightning groaned slightly, feeling a weight on top of her, before she opened her eyes, which widened incredibly in shock at the site they greeted her. Naruto opened his eyes as well, and his eyes were wide in shock as well. Lightning and Naruto, had somehow ended up kissing each other, at the result of their fall. Lightning started to twitch, twitch in anger, making Naruto go extremely pale, as he pulled away from the girl quickly and started trying to make some excuses.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I was falling! I didn't know you were there! I warned you when I did see you!" Naruto tried to explained, but it didn't help him.

"YOU BASTARD!" Lightning roared suddenly, before she punched him as hard as she could, sending him flying slamming into a few zombies up the stairs, killing them when the poor teenager hit them with direct contact. Snow and Sazh looked at Lightning, shivering slightly, before they looked at each other.

"Let's agree to never royally piss her off that badly." Sazh whispered nervously.

"Agreed, I never knew she could do that." Snow agreed, looking like he might shit himself if she ever got that angry at him.

"I just know that that's for calling Nagato a bastard, it's got to be." A woman's voice giggled, making Snow and Sazh look up, only for Sazh jaw to drop in awe. There was at least in his eyes, a heavenly woman floating in the air, with paper wings coming from her back, though she had no legs at the moment. Suddenly, her paper wings started to disappear and make her legs, as she started to fall before she hit the ground with both feet hitting the ground, Konan had finally arrived. "Naruto Uzumaki, I thought you had more manners." Konan told the blond.

"Shut up, Konan." Naruto barely got out, before he started to sit up and slowly got to his feet. As soon as he had done that, he shook his head and blinked as he looked at the surroundings, wondering just what kind of shithole he had ended up in this time. "So, what's going on?"

"I would like to know as well." Konan agreed with Naruto's question.

Alright! I've made it, a Final Fantasy XIII and Naruto crossover! Wow, that feels weird to say that.

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Also, you're probably thinking that Naruto getting the Rinnegan has already been done before, but recently they've said that Nagato's red hair was due to the Uzumaki bloodline, so I'm saying that's the closest that you're going to get to Naruto actually having a true bloodline.

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