Fear what you do not understand

Hate everything that confuses you

Kill whatever seems to be adnormal to you

Change is a curse to people like you bigots

The Gran Pulse Sage

The Gapra Whitewood – Part 2 and his eyes

Things had not ended up going as bad as Itachi thought that they might have been, strangely enough Itachi noted that he could sense anyone with a mark of the L'Cie with his Sharingan activated, something that confused the greatest of Uchiha, aside from Madara sadly enough. How Itachi found this out was purely by accidently, he had only activated his Sharingan to attempt to see how good his eyesight was before and after he had activated his family technique, only to realize that he could only see the chakra or magical energy of the only L'Cie in the entire base.

"Why do you wish to visit Cid Raines?" Jihl asked the Uchiha after his strange request, though she did seem as though she was going to allow the Uchiha to go anyway, even if he didn't give her a reason.

"I merely wish to try something out, an experiment if you will." Itachi allowed the answer to slip through his lips. He seemed keen to complete his experiment as he called it.

"Very well, you shall go, though I don't want you to cause any trouble, you understand?" Jihl told the only Uchiha in Cocoon, sounding almost concerned for him.

"You know I'm too good to cause any trouble for you." Itachi allowed what seemed like an amused smirk to grace his features, even if Jihl had a sadistic side, he did owe her some gratitude for getting him back his eyesight and allowing him to be raised back to health. Shame he had to use her really.

"I know you're too talented for that." Jihl seemed amused as well. It was almost like a game that the two highly powerful (Itachi much more than Jihl) humans played, though it wasn't clear whether or not either of them cared too much about it.

"I shall be off then, don't expect me to be back anytime soon." Itachi told Jihl calmly as he left the room in a graceful manner. It was obvious that he was confident about how things worked in Cocoon now. The way that he carried himself merely suggested that.

Itachi had a number of plans created already, and no-one knew that he was planning in using whatever he needed to in order to succeed, even the very people who had brought him back to good health.

It hadn't taken long for Lightning to decide that she was to take point. However, she had to literally threaten both Naruto and Hope, who were literally seconds away from literally attacking each other, just to get them to stop having yet another argument by saying that she would leave them behind if they didn't stop. Naruto though had to be silenced by the threat of having his family jewels stamped on, by Lightning, while riding on Odin.

That got Naruto to shut up pretty quickly, even if he was Kyuubi's host, he really didn't want to know if he could recover from that.

Still, Naruto seemed unable to actually look at Hope without a distrustful look finding its way onto his face. The blonde's happy, goofy look seemed to have all but vanished, replaced by a look of sternest, unforgiving harshness. It was as if all of his happiness had been replaced by anger instead, the true reason of Hope travelling with them had shaken him to the core, it was almost as if Naruto had been replaced by an emotionless, soulless robotic of himself. If anything, it was almost as if Naruto and Sasuke's personalities had combined together to form the creature that had taken Naruto's appearance instead.

"Die." Naruto uttered darkly as he tore through two Silver Lobos with Gilgamesh before they even realized that he was attacking them, they didn't even get enough time to let out a high pitched yelp in pain before they died. Naruto seemed to be radiating darkness whenever he attacked any of the creatures, more and more anger seemed to be welded into his attacks the longer the fight went on, but they never lasted longer than 30 seconds. Hope looked uncomfortable about the ruthlessness that Naruto seemed to be displaying, as did Lightning at the moment.

"He's ... he's acting like this ... because of me, isn't he?" Hope asked Lightning, his voice holding a tint of fear.

"..." Lightning didn't have an answer for the boy, she was trying to think of the reason as to why Naruto would be acting this way, yes he had been upset with the way that Hope had acted, but surely this wasn't the way that he was going to show Hope that he was in the wrong, was it?

"Naruto, Naruto, Naruto, don't you see what the problem is?" Kyuubi whispered sinisterly to the blond haired boy, who frowned deeply as he heard the demon stuck in his body talk to him once more.

'You're talking to me, that's one problem that I can see right there.' Naruto told the demon, who merely chuckled darkly in response, ignoring Naruto's comment. Silence followed however, before Kyuubi spoke up again.

"Naruto, what are you doing anyway?" Kyuubi asked his container, who paused for a moment, before he turned to the monster fox dramatically.

'I'm acting like an avenger so that both Lightning and Hope, especially Hope know why it's a bad fucking idea it is to go down that path in the first place.' Naruto answered the fox, which seemed to be stunned into silence. Finally, he spoke once more.

"Naruto ... this is the most stupid of ideas that I have ever heard, and that's saying a lot about you." Kyuubi growled out, wondering just why he had to suffer in such a way.

'Wait, what the hell do you mean Kyuubi? This is not my worst idea.' Naruto shot back at the demonic creature.

"Are you trying to act like that Sasuke Uchiha that you keep on whining about in your dreams? Seriously, I will not have my host act like a stuck-up spoilt brat who just had everything taken away from him just to show someone that they should not be going down a certain path!" Kyuubi snapped angrily, causing Naruto to twitch as he realized just what he had been doing. To think that it would be the Kyuubi bitching about it that would cause him to realize what the hell he was doing.

"WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?" Naruto roared, causing Hope to jump in surprise, while Lightning had gotten in a fighting stance due to the outburst from Naruto, only to twitch when she realized that it was a false alarm. Though she hoped that this was the end of the blond brooding, it was scary seeing him do such a thing from the normally cheerful blond. It was as if Snow had suddenly declared that the world could just go and fuck itself instead of declaring that he was going to save it.

"Are you done brooding now?" Lightning asked the blond.

"Yeah, I'm done." Naruto confirmed, allowing a sheepish grin to grace his features, causing Hope to let out a sigh of relief. They jumped up the giant branch of one of the many trees to get to the next levelled platform. Lightning stopped when she looked at the giant leaf that was blocking their way, before she drew her gunblade and proceeded to slice into the leaf, causing it to shatter into many pieces. Hope looked at the gunblade with interest.

"Could I use one of those?" Hope asked suddenly, causing the older members of the group of three to look at the boy.

"Bit too heavy for you," Lightning admitted, while Naruto pulled out Gilgamesh, before he allowed the Eidolon to change into many weapons one after the other, in order to get a feel of how many weapons he could turn into.

"Okay." Hope sighed, as he pulled out the knife that Lightning had given him, the knife that Lightning had been given by Serah as a birthday present. As Lightning stared at Hope, she was hit by a flashback, a flashback that she wished she would never have experience ever again. Serah telling her that she had been made a L'Cie and despite it all, Snow had gone ahead and proposed to her. Lightning in an act of stubbornness had declared that she didn't believe the pair and had even gone as far as to go ahead and threaten her. Just the memory of Serah rushing out of her house with tears in her eyes made Lightning want to take it all back.

"Serah, I should have listened to you." Lightning uttered out loud.

"Lightning? What was that about Serah?" Naruto asked, sounding confused.

"Nothing, just forget about it." Lightning dismissed his question quickly, causing Naruto to look even more confused than before. This moment ended when they encountered 2 Silver Lobos and three Crawlers. However Naruto sent the two Silver Lobos flying with Shinra Tensei, while Lightning and Hope used their spells to take out the crawlers.

"What the fuck is that?" Naruto asked as they looked at what the Libra told them was a Barbed Specter and that its weakness was ... fire.

"Fire," moments later the creature was dead, just as it was about to attack them.

Hey, they needed to survive after all, especially if they were going to actually get to Hope's home town.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed as he ducked under a crawler as it somehow managed to jump over him, while Lightning sliced at a Barbed Specter, only for the creature to dodge the attack. However, they fell into the hands of Hope.

"Fira," the boy unleashed the fire spell that engulfed the three monsters that were attacking them.

It was times like this that reminded Naruto just how much Hope had grown, as well as the fact that he was trying to get stronger by following them, even if it was for the wrong reasons. Naruto could respect the determination to get stronger, he had been there himself, hell he was still trying to get stronger, even after everything that had happened.

The Lindblum

Itachi had waited for permission to be welcomed above of the incredible ship that was the Lindblum, despite even his own expectations, he had proven to be a natural flyer, and with all of the co-ordinations that had been provided to him, he had managed to get to the ship pretty quickly. Though while it normally would have taken longer to get to this airship from where he had been with Jihl, there had been a special device that had allowed Itachi to do something like a teleport pretty close to the Lindblum, when Cid Raines had allowed for it.

"You may come above." The voice told the Uchiha.

"Thank you." Itachi replied, before he completed his trip and quickly finished the standard procedures. He was quickly greeted by some soldiers.

"Cid Raines will greet you shortly." One of the men told the Uchiha.

"Very well," Itachi's reply was nice and swift. It wasn't too long before Itachi was greeted of the sight of Cid Raines himself. The man was carrying himself with confidence, but yet Itachi could see a hint of nervousness, even if it was barely there.

"You must be Itachi Uchiha." Cid held out his hand for Itachi to shake, which he did. "Come, walk with me."

"As you wish," Itachi agreed, seeing no reason to do so. In fact, it was better, for it would give them more privacy, away from anyone who could be looking in on them. Once they reached a room, Cid opened the door and led Itachi inside.

"My office," Cid explained to Itachi, who nodded in confirmation.

"I see."

"I have heard many things from Jihl, all of them interesting and impressive. Even the mere idea of being able to beat an entire squad of PCISOM with barely anything left of your eyesight left, this is the most impressive I heard." Cid started to speak to Itachi, who merely listened to the leader of the Cavalry.

"These things are not hard to learn from where I lived, it was demanded of me to know such things, because of my family name." Itachi told the man.

"The Uchiha," Cid looked interested in the idea.

"The very same, especially due to the fact that we were treated as royalty because of our abilities, including which reside within my very eyes," Itachi explained to the man.

"Your eyes," Cid mused curiously, before blinking when Itachi's eyes changed into the colour of blood red. "I see, and these eyes of yours give you many special abilities?"

"Many. One of which includes being able to see what the person that you are fighting is going to do the moment before they do it." Itachi explained, causing Cid's eyes to widen in wonder. "This also includes seeing a fighting technique that their opponent can do and later on being able to couple their style and perhaps further improve to suit their own needs, if they work hard enough at it." This was why Itachi was miles above the rest of his clan. Even if he did copy the move of an opponent shinobi, he would stop at nothing to perfect the ability and then even go on to improve it in a way that it suited his fighting style.

"That is quite extraordinary, and you say that your entire clan are able to do this?" Cid asked in wonder.

"Used to be able to do it, I am the last of my clan left." Itachi admitted. He was not prepared to say anything more regarding the matter.

"I see. Then I am sorry for your loss." Cid offered, to which Itachi scowled.

"Don't be." Itachi told the man, not about to mention anything about the coup d'état that his family had been planning. 'Though I do have to wonder Cid, why you have the same energy as that young boy, Dajh, as well as two other foreign energies on board of your airship.' Itachi thought as he continued his conversation with the man.

Naruto gulped nervously as he, Lightning and Hope crept around from the fight of some of the creatures of the Environmental Regulation part of the Gapra Whitewood. The fight in question happened to be between a Feral Behemoth and three Silver Lobos. Why they were fighting in the first place was a question in itself, but not one that they were prepared to investigate. Despite everything, Naruto did NOT have a death wish. Plus Lightning and Hope did want to live through this in the end. It was why they were bothering to get stronger in the first place.

"Go!" Naruto, Lightning and Hope all ran up the giant branch, something that the creatures down below were not capable of, thankfully for them. It wasn't too long before they managed to get to a lift.

"I thought that we were never going to get out of there." Naruto sighed, before blinking. "Well, not me, but you both seemed to be fine enough from the beginning."

"You make it sound as if you were preparing to sacrifice yourself so that we could live." Lightning announced bluntly.

"I was." Naruto admitted loosely, as if he was not worth anything to the world, like he was merely a small toy that could be thrown out. Hope sighed as he heard this, wondering just how somebody could just throw their life away as quickly as that. Surely the blond had ambitions, right?

"Please don't actually kill yourself, I'm starting to get used to your fighting style, even if there barely is one." Lightning told the blond, causing him to give her a dirty look. "You are unpredictable in battle and that gives us a huge advantage when we fight our enemies."

"Damn, I was hoping to hear you say that you cared about my wellbeing." Naruto sighed, as the lift reached its destination and they got off of it.

"So what are we going to do about our company?" Hope asked the older members of the group. They had quickly spotted the 4 Silver Lobo that just happened to be sitting there, growling to themselves, as if expecting something to come along, like food, walking food.

"Bombard them with the Fira spell?" Naruto looked at Lightning, who nodded in agreement. They both then looked at Hope. "Would you do the honours?" Naruto gave the boy a smile, as did Lightning, though it was much smaller than Naruto's. Hope looked determined nonetheless.

"Right," Hope nodded, before he extended his arms towards the four monstrous looking creatures, which had finally spotted them. "Fira," Hope snapped, causing a fire tornado to erupt from between the four Silver Lobos that were charging in their direction. Their high pitched yelps could be heard, while Naruto and Lightning rushed in and sliced through the creatures, killing them without even a hint of trouble.

"That's what I think it is, isn't it?" Naruto asked Lightning, who nodded mutely. The sight of the dead bodies of the members of the Woodlands Observation Battalion confirmed to Naruto and Lightning that there was something out there, something bigger and more deadlier than they had first believed, which was concerning since they had faced off against the Feral Behemoths already, and they packed a punch.

"What happened here?" Hope asked the duo, looking slightly sick at the sight of the dead bodies, something that even Naruto was used to by now, thanks to his time as a ninja.

"Bad luck." Lightning answered, before taking a few steps forward. "They came looking for us and found something worse."

"We can't just leave them like this!" Hope bent down, about to touch one of the now deceased soldier.

"Don't touch anything!" Lightning snapped at the boy, shoving him to the ground as she pulled him away from the dead body. Naruto didn't say anything. "Control your emotions. If you want to survive, you forget about sympathy."

"Lightning's right about this Hope, it will do more harm than good to worry about this for they are already dead. Trust me. I had to learn that the hard way." Naruto told the boy, who looked at the blond with a surprised expression. "I'm not going further at this point."

"How can I explain?" Lightning uttered, pacing around for a moment, before she turned back to Hope, where she knelt down in front of the boy. "Think of it like a strategy. Focus on your ultimate goal and shut out everything else. Still you mind. Move on instinct."

"Lightning ... not the best explanation here." Naruto looked nervous, something that the soldier picked up on when she turned to face him in annoyance. Yet she continued after she stood up.

"Let doubt take over and despair will cripple you." Lightning finished her explanation, causing Naruto to grimace at what she was saying. It could be taken the wrong way quite easily, like nothing but your goal mattered anymore, and as long as you completed your goal, everything would be fine.

"Strategy, good, I'll take anything to help me get through this." Hope admitted before he took a few steps forward. "I'll call it 'Operation Nora'." Hope announced.

"NORA?" Lightning was able to hide her shock, but barely.

"My mother's name," Hope confessed his reason for the name. Naruto looked frustrated. He knew that the boy had taken the piece of advice the wrong way.

"Your revenge," Lightning picked up on this as well and instantly realized that she had made a mistake.

"Yes." Hope confirmed their fears. "Don't tell me. I know getting revenge on him won't... bring her back. I know that!" Hope turned towards them, more at Naruto than Lightning. However, the boy looked down and seemed to hesitate on what he was going to say. "But 'sorry' won't cut it." Hope finished what he had to say, before he started to walk away.

"You're confused, you've lost your mother and Snow failed to save her." Naruto wasn't asking a question, he was stating a fact.

"Snow didn't kill your mother. The Sanctum did." Lightning interjected, causing Hope to turn around sharply.

"Whose side are you on?" Hope demanded.

"The side of truth," Lightning told him, looking convinced. She was trying to make up for her mistake of what her choice of words had done, and Naruto knew that. Hope took out the knife that Lightning had given him, staring at it.

"Fine, I'll fight the Sanctum with you. I'll learn to survive." Hope told them both, and started to walk away.

"Hope, don't just take this on your shoulders for you to bear alone." Naruto called out to the boy, who paused in mid-step, before turning to the blond, who looked almost calm now, remorseful. "I know what it's like to want to have revenge ... and once I've tasted the juices of vengeance." Naruto confessed, causing both Hope and Lightning to look at the blond in shock, clearly not expecting it. "I just felt worse, feeling so guilty for what I had gone and done." Naruto cringed just remembering the realization that he had killed someone.

The anger that allowed the Kyuubi to take control of his body had made him kill the man that had confessed to killing his daughter just for being different. This was during the time when he was training with Jiraiya, it was just 4 months in and he had made a friend in a village that they were staying in. They had stayed there for 3 weeks, but after staying there for a week and just a few days of being friends with a girl his age, Naruto had discovered her corpse at their meeting spot in the woods. After tearfully telling Jiraiya what had happened, the two had started an investigation to find who had killed the girl.

They had spend two weeks finding the person who had killed the girl, only to find out it was her own father, who proceeded to tell them both that she was just not normal enough for him to keep looking after her and that he got complaints about his daughter's behaviour from everyone in the village, so in the end killed her. The man rambled on about how she never had any friends, only for Naruto to shout that he was her friend. The man proceeded to announce that Naruto had just wasted his time with the girl, saying that it was going to happen in the end and that she had needed to die.

Naruto's anger tapped into the Kyuubi's power and take over his mind. When he had been able to snap out of his anger spell, Jiraiya had explained that in his Kyuubi-raged state that Naruto had proceeded to destroy the man and had potentially might had taken the village with him, had it not been for the fact that Jiraiya had slapped his newly created seal on the boy, forcing the Kyuubi's chakra to stop flowing through his system. Naruto had felt sick at the fact that he had killed, only for Jiraiya to comfort the boy through the ordeal.

They had left the village the next day and Jiraiya had decided to start Naruto to control the Kyuubi's chakra and see how good his limits were, leading to the scar that the Sannin had gained.

Naruto blinked, he really needed to stop spacing out so much.

"Just take it from me, you don't want to get your revenge on Snow, the results are just ... they just aren't worth it." Naruto told the boy, before walking off and leading the way, while the surprised duo of Lightning and Hope watched him walk away.

Itachi frowned as he looked at the room where the L'Cie that they had apparently captured was staying, honestly he wasn't feeling too impressed.

'Something doesn't feel right about the situation.' Itachi looked at the door curiously. 'If they have a Pulse L'Cie onboard, they why hasn't Jihl been given the heads up, furthermore, the other L'Cie seems to have been given free rein of where he or she is allowed to go. It's almost as if they are withholding information on purpose and/or perhaps thinking of betraying the Sanctum.' Itachi thought, as he ran through the numerous situations through his head.

From one side it looked pretty dire and could result in something disastrous, but at the same time the Fal'Cie could be planning something and something big. Wouldn't they have been able to tell that a Pulse Fal'Cie was on Cocoon? If they had been able to do so, then why didn't they? Surely if they knew about something like that or if they had brought the vestige to Cocoon that they would have been able to see the Fal'Cie inside?

Unless the Fal'Cie that made sure that the vestige was brought to Cocoon was in fact planning on doing something with all of the chaos and perhaps the Pulse L'Cie running about.

"Something's not right here." Itachi muttered as he made his way to the docking area, noting at the corner of his eyes, that the other Pulse L'Cie was keeping a distance from him, watching him from afar.

"Alright, these guys were way more work than they should have been." Naruto sighed, as he looked Lightning and Hope, who both nodded wordlessly. They had both gotten over the fact that Naruto had been on a quest for revenge before and had succeeded in his goal. While they were both also looking towards quests of revenge themselves, just seeing what it had made Naruto feel just made them start to think twice about revenge, only to just go along with it anyway.

They didn't have anything else in their eyes.

"Guys, can you work this lift? I'm still pretty shit at handling your technology." Naruto confessed, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

Yet at the same time, Lightning had to simply admire the fact that Naruto could still be so cheerful, even with all of the anger and rage inside. It was like he was acting strong for them both, not just for Hope, but for her as well. Trying to help guide the way, even if he didn't know what direction he was heading, he still tried to lead the way.

"Here, you press these buttons and the lift starts to move." Lightning told the blond, who thanked her happily. When they got to the top of the lift, everything seemed to be clear, including their way to the exit.

"..." Naruto frowned when he felt something coming, the Rinnegan activated quickly, allowing him to see that a monstrous creature was about to jump out in front of them. "Prepare yourselves!" Naruto told his companions, who jumped back, just in time to see a creature jump out from the trees above, doing a flip in midair, before landing in front of them. The creature looked like a giant turtle with what appeared to be a closed flower on its back and was making noises that sounded like stuff from a rainforest.

Hope reached towards his boomerang.

"This is it. Operation Nora," Hope declared as he glared at the creature in front of them. Naruto and Lightning stood just ahead of him, Naruto holding out Gilgamesh, who was now in the form of a buster sword, while Lightning had her gunblade out as usual. She casted the Libra spell.

"This creature is called the Aster Protoflorian, no doubt it is responsible for killing the men that we found earlier." Lightning told them.

"Before the ones we defeated?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Before the ones we defeated." Lightning confirmed. While they were talking, Hope had been casting Protect and Shell on the group. "It can alter its own elemental weakness and can deal devastating physical attacks."

"Sounds fun," Naruto smirked, eagerly looking forward to the challenge of the fight, as he activated the Rinnegan. 'Wonder if Lightning knows that she's technically reading that information from a giant screen? Nah, better not mention it.'

The Aster Protoflorian marched up towards them, where it attempted to stand on its back legs, only for the giant flower to open up and spin around wildly, attempting to smash into them at high speeds. Naruto jumped across and pulled Hope out of danger, while avoiding being hit as well, while Lightning jumped away from the attack. However, the creature before them suddenly allowed its closed flower on its back to do a little spin, which caused the creature to shine brightly for a moment. Naruto used the Libra spell this time and raised his eyebrow in surprise.

"It's changed its defence, it's now able to absorb Ice attacks, but is weak against Fire attacks." Naruto announced, causing Hope to smirk as he prepare the spell that would do what he wanted to do.

"Fira/Fire," Everyone cried as Hope shot his Fira spell, while Lightning and Naruto shot their Fire spells. The creature let out a scream of pain as the fire based spells hit it with three times the velocity, before Lightning charged forward and brought her gunblade up to attack the creature, only for it to dodge at the last moment. Lightning cursed, before she jumped away from the creature as it attempted to crush her with its weight.

"I thought that I was the one to take risks." Naruto mused with an amused tone of voice.

"Just concentrate on beating this thing." Lightning snapped back, ignoring the moment later where Naruto saluted to her.

"As you wish," Naruto smirked, before he raised his left hand forward at the creature before them. "Shinra Tensei!" The creature found itself flying back by a burst of gravity into one of the walls. Naruto simply calmly towards the creature and raised his right hand out so that it was facing the creature five seconds later. "Bansho Ten'in!" The Aster Protoflorian screeched as it found itself flying stomach first towards Naruto, who proceeded to grab Gilgamesh with his left hand and aimed to slash the stomach of the creature. However, much to Naruto's surprise, the creature somehow managed to unleash a ball of ice in his direction, that was sucked in faster due to how much lighter it was than the creature.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed, before he launched Gilgamesh into the air before aiming his hands as if he was about to hug the attack, only for the ball of ice to be absorbed into his body. However, when he looked up, his eyes widen in shock at the fact that the Aster Protoflorian had gotten so close to him, and was about to hit him with its flower petals that had opened up on its back.

"Fire," however, there was Lightning to the rescue when she bombarded the creature with fire spell after fire spell, not stopping until it was literally backpedalling away from Naruto, where it ended up being yet another victim of Hope's Fira spell. Lightning scowled as she stood next to Naruto, looking at the creature before them.

"I've finally saved you for once." Lightning sounded so good right now, Naruto decided, yet he was about to pop her balloon.

"You've still got to do it two more times to make it even." Naruto pointed out.

"Then I will save you two more times then." Lightning replied, while they got given power ups in the form of yet another pair Protect and Shell spells from Hope. Naruto then jumped up and caught the now falling Gilgamesh in midair and watched as the Aster Protoflorian changed its strength into water and its weakness into lightning based attacks. Naruto smirked at what he saw.

"Lightning, your favourite element is now the weakness!" Naruto declared, the meaning behind the words was caught quite easily by the pink haired woman, who launched several Thunder spells. Naruto was meanwhile still floating in the air, raising even higher in the air, while sparks of lightning seemed to be going through Gilgamesh, who was still in the form of the buster sword. Naruto unleashed a slash of lightning straight at the Aster Protoflorian ... just as it was changing its weakness to water based attacks, meaning that its strength was now lightning based attacks. Naruto felt his jaw drop at the sheer timing of the change. That was sheer chance alone. However, his shock was not yet complete, for suddenly he was hit by a giant ball of lightning, sending him smashing into the ceiling of the lift.

"Naruto!" Lightning shouted, before both she and Hope unleashed Water spells at the creature, which cried out in pain as each spell hit it. Naruto suddenly dropped to the floor from the ceiling, where he proceeded to twitch before flipping to his feet, groggily shaking his head as sparks flickered now and again. It was at this moment that he was glad that Hope had cast the protective spells on him beforehand.

"Are you alright Naruto?" Hope called from his position, causing the blond to spar him a glance.

"Would have been worse had it not been for your spells, so I can say that I'm decent considering I was smashed into the ceiling." Naruto admitted, while stretching, causing cracks to be heard. "Right, back to battle I go!" Naruto announced, before he rushed in just at the Aster Protoflorian changed colours, to state that it had now become strong against Fire attacks, but weak against Ice attacks.

"Blizzard," Hope unleashed some ice based spells, which attacked the creature, causing it to scream in pain, while Naruto proceeded to do the same as he ran into battle.

"Lightning, let's finish it off now!" Naruto declared, causing the woman to nod as they both slammed their respective weapons underneath the Aster Protoflorian, causing it to actually find itself being launched in the air. Lightning followed it up in the air, while Hope continued to fire Blizzard after Blizzard at the creature, causing more cries of pain to be heard. Meanwhile underneath the creature, Naruto had started to form the Rasenshuriken, waiting for the perfect moment to use his attack.

"Now Naruto, finish it once and for all!" Lightning told the blond as she jumped backwards in midair, landing next to Hope just as he finish one last Blizzard spell.

"Right, take this you stupid looking bastard!" Naruto roared as he threw the now completed Rasenshuriken at the monstrous creature, the turtle like creature that had a giant flower on its back roared loudly as it was hit by the destructive attack. In the end, the creature tried to resist the powerful attack. However the creature didn't have the ability to block off the powerful Wind based attack, and was promptly destroyed in an explosion that rocked the entire section from the shockwave.

Naruto skidded backwards from the explosion that he had caused, with only a hint of discomfort. He almost immediately reached for his back, where he felt a stab of pain shoot through.

"Naruto, how badly does your back hurt?" Hope asked the blond with a concerned expression, while the blond hissed in pain once more, trying to ignore the horrid sensation, only to blink when none other than Lightning had started using a Cure spell to try and ease the pain running through his back.

"Lightning," Naruto sounded surprised by what she was doing, but she simply ignored his surprised reaction. "Thanks." Naruto smiled gratefully at the woman, who looked up to see the blond looking behind himself with a grateful look on his face.

"You're welcome." Lightning replied, trying to ignore the fact that she was blushing gently, not that the blond noticed or anything. Hope wasn't paying attention anymore at this point, he was confident that Naruto was in good hands with Lightning.

"Operation Nora, Stage One complete," Hope stated confidently to himself, smiling as he did so. While he didn't do the most during their battle against the Aster Protoflorian, he knew that he was getting stronger and now that he could do that, there wasn't going to be anything to stop him from eventually getting his revenge ... or perhaps just talking to Snow about what happened to his mother. Something in Naruto's words earlier just continued to haunt him.

"I've tasted the juices of vengeance." Naruto confessed, causing both Hope and Lightning to look at the blond in shock, clearly not expecting it. "I just felt worse, feeling so guilty for what I had gone and done."

Something about those words just haunted the young boy, but for what reason, he just didn't know.

"Hey Hope!" Naruto called to the young boy, who turned to the blond. "You did really well in that battle, I was impressed." Naruto admitted, causing the boy to shine at the praise that he was getting from the blond that he had considered his idol ... still did actually now that he thought about it.

"I agree with Naruto, you did well, Hope." Lightning gave her opinion on the matter as well, causing Hope to turn away quickly, unable to keep the wide grin off of his face. It was times like this that he forgot that he was an L'Cie, forgot that he was someone on the run having to fight just to survive. To Hope, just getting praised from the two most important people in his life mattered at the moment, for that was enough for him to keep going right now, as well as to be strong enough so he could confront Snow about his mother, in the end.

"Wow Lightning, I feel really good after that healing spell, it was great!" Naruto announced happily, while Lightning looked away, once against blushing gently, but at the same time, not enough for it to be visible for anyone who was looking.

"Let's just get moving." Lightning demanded, leading the way forward. Naruto blinked, before he looked at Hope, who shrugged and decided to just go along for the ride.

It was clear that they were near the exit of the facility as soon as they passed through the door. Naruto smiled brightly as soon as he saw the bright blue sky, the sign of the day. To Naruto, just seeing all of the nature was everything for him right now. Yet to be able to share this wonderful moment with both Lightning and Hope, it made the moment all the more special for the blond.

When they stopped hearing the sounds of their feet hitting the metal flooring, but the sound of their feet hitting the soil of the earth, Naruto smiled even more. Then there was the view before them that made this feeling even greater.

"That it," Hope announced as they got to the edge of the scenery. "Palumpolum."

"That's where you live, right?" Lightning asked the teenager.

"This view, it's beautiful. I'm just in awe of what is before us." Naruto confessed, smiling softly at the sight before them.

"We'll stop in when we get there." Lightning told Hope, who shook his head negatively.

"No. We're L'Cie now and no one's there but my dad." Hope rejected the idea altogether, causing Naruto to frown gently.

"Hope ... you need to let him know what happened." Lightning told the boy, while Naruto nodded in agreement.

"I agree with Lightning here, it's best for both of you." Naruto told the boy, putting a hand on the boy's shoulder in a comforting manner. "You've got both me and Lightning here with you, together to help you through this." Naruto told the boy, who nodded slowly at the idea. Hearing it put that way made him feel more confident about it all.

"I will, thanks Naruto, Light, for everything." Hope told them both.

"Don't mention it." Naruto told the boy.

"Naruto," Lightning called the blond, who blinked and turned to the woman 5 years his senior. "Call me Light." The woman looked away almost shyly, while the blond beamed happily at her direction.

'Despite everything that I have against world ... I do have some things that I can still live for here, two of the main things being Hope and Lightning.'

In the skies high above, onboard of the Lindblum, Snow and Fang were standing together, with Snow looking at the frozen tear drop that he had the last reminder of his fiancé, Serah.

"Okay! Time to hunt some L'Cie," Fang announced almost cheerfully, while Snow turned in her direction.

"So what, we find 'em and that's that?" Snow asked the other Pulse L'Cie.

"Don't get all hot and bothered." Fang told the tall blond, before walking away for a moment, leaving Snow to stare at the frozen tear drop that was all he had left of Serah.

"Serah ... am I doing the right thing?" Snow asked himself, before he found himself remembering the moment where Serah had first been captured by the Pulse Fal'Cie, Anima. He was broken out of his thoughts when Fang hit the man round the back of his head. "Ow!"

"I knew you were hard-headed, but..." Fang complained as she shook her hand in pain, amazed at the same time.

"That was – ow!" Snow started, only to complain once again.

"Snap to it! We're heading out." Fang relayed their orders.

"Yeah, yeah, hunting L'Cie right?" Snow asked the woman.

"This is our chance! Do not let the L'Cie escape! Move out!" The voice from a broadcast announced, causing Snow to get into his bike, while other bikes sped by. Fang seemed to be watching them go by, but Snow looked at the frozen tear drop once more.

"I will keep my promise, Lightning."

Itachi walked away from his vehicle with a frown on his face. If there was anything that he disliked, it was the dependency that every human on this planet had for vehicles. Seriously, they needed to walk sometimes, even if he, as much as he hated to say it, knew that these vehicles made travelling a lot quicker.

"I hate using these things." Itachi looked back at the vehicle that was now currently in flames, before shaking his head and leaving the now useless vehicle behind.

"Itachi, what happened? We heard a crash from inside the base!" Jihl could be heard as soon as Itachi made it inside the base that they were staying at.

"Let's just say, I hate using these vehicles because I could easily die if something goes wrong while I'm still inside." Itachi told the woman, who looked both relieved and annoyed at what Itachi was implying.

"You crashed again, didn't you?" Jihl announced bluntly, causing Itachi's eyebrow to twitch in annoyance.

"I hate your vehicles, so, so much."

Chapter 11 is finally completed.

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