When the Surrogates finally became mainstream, Lucifer took the opportunity to escape from the pressures of his family and live as who he wanted to be. He cut ties with his brothers and sisters, without word of where he was going, and headed to New York. He had regrets, of course, for leaving while Michael was over in the Middle East, fighting alongside his brother Gabriel and their father, but it was easier this way. There would be no tearful goodbyes, or the hurt filled "Why are you leaving me?" question, and Lucifer could begin a new life as someone who wasn't sick enough to have sex with his brother.

As soon as he got himself settled into an apartment and found a relatively well paying job, Lucifer marched down to the nearest Surrogate shop and picked out his custom model. He settled on the S.A.M. (Size and Muscle) base model and ordered floppy brown hair, hazel eyes, and a baby smooth face. It looked nothing like himself; average height, black hair cut short, and blue eyes so pale he almost looked blind.

Life was wonderful once he plugged into his Surrogate and started his new life. He was free to act as he wished, think and do anything without repercussions from his family, and he took full advantage of it. He spent long nights in bars and even longer night fucking whatever guy caught his eye. He pretended not to notice that most pick ups shared the same features as his brother Michael.

He thought he'd finally gotten over his illness, his need for his brother, when the Surrogate network booted everyone out and then all the Surrogates crashed, irreparable. It would have been okay with Lucifer (he spent almost as much time in his own body as his did the machine, and wasn't ashamed to walk out in public in his meat suit like some people were), but the moment the network blacked out, he was mid coitus with some guy at his apartment. The other's Surrogate was nothing like his brother, short hair spiked in a faux hawk, green eyes, and delectably bowed legs. (It was a modified D.E.A.N (Depressed, Emo, and Needy) base model, and it must have cost a fortune.) The result was that he woke up with a raging hard on and his very expensive Surrogate was at someone else's place.

Lucifer walked back to the address (his car could have made the trip faster, but the roads were blocked with crumpled vehicles filled with off lined Surrogates), and pressed the buzzer for the appropriate apartment. After a few minutes, a voice that sounded vaguely familiar cracked over the intercom.

"Yeah, who is it?"

"It's Sam. I was just with you when my Surrogate crashed. Could you let me in?"

"Your's, too? Shit. Yeah, just a sec." The door buzzed loudly and Lucifer pulled it open before the magnetic lock turned back on. The steps back up to the guy's apartment were as familiar as they were new to him, and he took a moment to admire the artwork placed randomly on the walls with his own eyes. The door he needed came up quickly and he knocked and waited for it to open so he could get his Surrogate and hopefully finish what he started with his pick-up fuck.

The painted metal door slid open to reveal the person operating the other Surrogate, and Lucifer couldn't help the way his jaw dropped when their eyes met.