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Mystery person:* Stays silent and gives death glare at Jimmy*

Jimmy: O_O * slowly backs away*

Chapter 1: The warning

The two monkeys watched the butterfly fluttering about, their helmets glowing blue. One in blue pants was watching the other in yellow clapping its hands at it. A twig snapped. They froze with the blue lights turning yellow. They looked around at the trees and bushes. Few minutes passed and they returned their attention to the insect.

" Looks like my time to goes," a young male voice whispered as a shadowy figure leaped out of the bushes. Then a net appeared and scooped up one of the monkeys. The monkey in blue pants ran off very fast and the kid ran after it." Why can't Spike do this? Oh, that's right! He and Jake got detention after throwing pudding at the teacher...," he huffed angrily.


" Its not my fault, Jimmy, that your stupid cousin had it and never told anything about it! Just get the monkey and get back here..,"


Jimmy muttered under his breath and swung the net while leaping toward the monkey. The brown furred creature was then transported back to island place that the professor created. Jimmy sat down to relax before heading back when lighting was shot into the clear blue sky. He jumped to his feet when another blast shot out the second time.* What the heck was that? Is Specter doing this?* Jimmy wondered as hid behind a bush.

The boy looked and sees black haired monkey looking at the sky with his yellow eyes. He was wearing a brown coat with white shirt and necktie. Along with that was gray jeans and brown shoes similar to Specter's only with red and green markings." I don't remember seeing him before, but he's a monkey and he needs to be caught," he whispered and leaped out of the bushes. The monkey took one step back, causing Jimmy to miss.

He swung the net at him, but the creature kept on dodging his weapon. After two minutes, the black haired monkey sent a wave of electricity at him, stunning Jimmy to the ground." Listen kid, I don't have time for weak humans like you! That move I pulled out will be warning and the next will kill you with no mercy," he growled, his long black hair flowing in the wind. His amber glare went through Jimmy like daggers piercing his skin." But sooner or later...I'll catch...y-you and Specter..," his voice trembling in exhaustion. The monkey's expression changed, but his hair covered it.

" Humph. If you think I'm working for him, better think again. I've come to your dimension for that, but 'working for Specter'? My reason is settle a certain score with him and once I'm through, your pitiful world will fall with him!" he said with a evil grin, a similar voice EXACTLY like Specter! * This dimension? A certain score with Specter? Who or what is this monkey?* He wondered as his vision blurred, feeling faint.

" Before you go to shock, you and your friends can try stopping me. But your strength will need more support if you ever want to defeat me! Farewell, you weak human..." his voice echoed as the world vanished with evil laughter.

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