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"Get back here!" Came the angry scream as Nezumi ran for dear life. She dodged the bodies of people walking down the street, trying her hardest to ignore the stares and curses streamed towards her.

"Nezumi!" She heard right before she was yanked backwards painfully by her hair. She was then yanked almost immediately up by her hair, and was spun around so that she was face to face with her captor.

"How are dare you try to run from me?" He growled, yanking her hair.

Nezumi yelped, tears forming in her eyes. "P…please Ichiro. Let me go."

"Let you go?" Ichiro let out a bitter laugh. "Why on Earth would I do a thing like that?"

"Please…" Nezumi whimpered, the tears streaming down her cheeks. "Your hurting me." He had a strong grip on her hair, which only tightened when she said that, causing her to cry out in pain. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"You know exactly why this is happening." Ichiro said , dragging her out of town.

"I swear I didn't do anything wrong!" Nezumi cried.

"You want me to believe my sweet little angel broke my vases on her own?"

Of course, that had been exactly what happened. His "sweet little angel" was his daughter, Kumiko. She was a mischievous little thing, when he father wasn't around that is. While in the presence of her father, however, she was the perfect child.

The vases were Ichiro's prized possession. Each vase contained the soul of a demon slain by him, as he so happened to be a demon hunter. Although, many of the demons he killed were quiet innocent, peaceful demons. He was a very cold-hearted, ruthless man. Except, it seemed, when it came to Kumiko, his only child.

Nezumi was not his, biologically. From what he told her, his wife found her abandoned one day and decided to take her in. Unfortunately, his wife died and that was the end of kindness for Nezumi. Ichiro believed that it was Nezumi's fault his wife died, that she had somehow brought a disease with her and had infected his wife. So from then on, Nezumi was treated as a slave. Nezumi was often forced to play with Kumiko, since they were so close in age. And since Ichiro saw Kumiko as perfect, everything that she did, Nezumi got punished for.

As was the case now. Kumiko had in fact broken the vases. And her father had found her at the scene of the crime, no Nezumi in sight. In fact, Nezumi had been in her room during this time. But, Kumiko blamed it all on Nezumi, telling her father that Nezumi had dared her to break the vases. Thus, instead of Kumiko getting in trouble, it was Nezumi who just barely dodged hands clearly intent on murder, jumped out of her two-story window, and had begun a run for her life. "I didn't tell her too! I swear!" Nezumi screamed when she was yanked to her feet. He had dragged her far enough out of town that nobody would be able to hear them, but Nezumi had no idea where they were. He yanked on her hair again and she cried out. Her head hurt terribly at this point and her vision was blurred by tears.

"Shut up!" he growled, releasing her hair and slapping her hard.

Nezumi reacted quickly and, without thinking about it, slapped him back. Almost as soon as she did that, time seemed to stop. She gasped, her hands flying to her mouth as Ichiro slowly reached towards his mouth. When he pulled his hand away and saw the blood, he glared at her and said, "I am going to kill you."

Nezumi turned and bolted, adrenaline pumping threw her veins. Never in her life had she touched him, let alone slapped him as hard as she did. He was going to kill her for sure.

Nezumi continued to run, fear making it possible to run as far and as fast as she could. But still, it was getting hard for her to breathe, and her legs were on fire. She turned to see that she was pretty far away, she couldn't see Ichiro anymore. Still, she willed her body not to pass out.

Nezumi turned back to watch where she was going, right before tripping over something, or rather, someone.

"You stupid human! Watch where your going!" Spat the little green toad.

Nezumi froze. She'd never seen an actual demon before, and it both shocked and scared her. She looked up at saw that Ichiro was now in sight, and then looked back at the toad with wide eyes. She had never seen a demon in real life, and she wasn't quite sure if she should ask for help. She'd heard terrible things about demons from Ichiro, although she was sure most of them were made up. But Ichiro was approaching and so she said, "Please, you have to help me."

The toad narrowed his eyes. "I don't have to help anyone. Especially a disgusting human as yourself."

The insult hurt but Nezumi didn't have time to dwell on it as a little girl ran up to them, seemingly out of nowhere.

"Jaken!" The girl giggled. "There you are~!"

"Rin! What are you doing here?" Jaken asked, obviously not pleased with the young girls behavior.

"Rin came to look for you~ Who's this?"

"Some stupid human. You shouldn't be so far away from the house Rin. It's dangerous out here." Jaken scolded.

Stupid human? As far as Nezumi could tell, the girl named Rin was human as well. Although, demons could disguise themselves so easily, it was hard to tell. She was interrupted from her thoughts though when she heard Rin's gasp, and then felt the sharp pain shoot through her head as she was once again yanked by her hair and onto her feet. She screamed, her hands flying up to clutch her already sore head.

"How dare you slap me?' The man growled, yanking her hair roughly.

Nezumi cried out, tears pricking the corners of her eyes. "Please! Let me go!"

"I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

"Hey! Let her go!" Rin now piped up.

"Rin! This is none of our business! Now hush up and lets go!" Jaken said, pushing the young girl away.

"But Jaken! She needs our help!" Rin protested.

"Please help me!" Nezumi cried.

Ichiro tossed Nezumi to the ground then, kicking her sharply in the side. "Shut up!" He yelled, kicking her again.

"Stop it!" Rin cried, lunging for Ichiro's arm. He flung her off with ease and went to kick her as well, but a deep voice stopped him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

All heads turned to the source of the voice. Rin immediately got up and ran to Nezumi's side, burying her face in the older girls stomach. Nezumi winced when Rin's arms came around her. "Are you alright?" Nezumi asked Rin, who only nodded.

"Who are you?" Ichiro asked.

The demon standing there looked immediately annoyed. At least, Nezumi assumed he was a demon, considering he had long silver hair, golden eyes, and magenta strips along his cheeks. Why did he look so familiar?

"This Sesshomaru answers no one. But if you must know, I am Sesshomaru, Lord over the Western Lands. And you, human, are on my property. Now what you are doing here, this Sesshomaru does not know, nor do I care. But I suggest you leave before I kill you.

Sesshomaru…? Nezumi gasped. THIS was the Sesshomaru Kumiko was so obsessed with? The demon she swore would come for her one day and make her his mate?

"Alright. I didn't mean any disrespect. I'll just take the girl and go." As soon as he moved toward Nezumi, the girl screamed and scooted as fast as she could considering Rin was practically in her lap.

"No!" Rin protested.

"Look little girl. I have to go. Now if you'd just move, I'll take Nezumi and be on my way." Ichiro said, annoyance creeping into his voice.

"Leave the girl." Sesshomaru said.

"With all due respect my Lord, the girl belongs to me." Ichiro turned back to Sesshomaru.

"I do not care if she belonged to you." Sesshomaru put emphasis on the 'ed.' "You are on my lands, and everything here belongs to this Sesshomaru, including the girl. Now leave, if you enjoy living."

Ichiro obviously didn't appreciate being told what to do, especially by a demon. But he valued his life more than Nezumi's apparently, for he turned and ran.

Nezumi slouched onto her side, gasping for breath. It hurt so much to breathe, and it was so hard to stay awake. But she had too…she just had too…

"What about the girl my Lord?" Jaken asked.

"Rin." Sesshomaru said, ignoring the toad demon.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin cried, running over to the inu-youkai.

"Rin. This Sesshomaru has told you many times not to meddle in the affairs of others."

"I'm sorry." Rin looked towards Nezumi, who finally passed out from exhaustion. "She was being hurt, Rin had to help."

Sesshomaru patted the young girl on the head and lifted her into his arms, rubbing his nose against hers. The only time he ever showed affection was with Rin. "This Sesshomaru does not want his Rin hurt."

Rin giggled when Sesshomaru licked her nose, and licked his in return. "Rin is sorry." She rubbed her nose against his again and looked over at Nezumi. "Lord Sesshomaru." Rin said. "Rin thinks she needs somewhere to stay. Can she live with us?"

Sesshomaru placed the young girl down, and looked down at her. "Rin."

"Please? Rin promises she'll take care of her." Rin pleaded, her eyes wide.

"Fine. But not for long." Sesshomaru walked over to pick Nezumi up and began his walk back to his home.


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