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Summary: Nikola Tesla just moved into the Sanctuary. What happens when Will, Helen, Kate and Henry have to deal with their new roommate? He fits in perfectly of course with the strange family. Hilarity ensues. Multiple chapters. Review to show your Nikola Tesla love!

Note: I just can't wait for season 3 to start! When Tesla showed up in the trailer I had the biggest fangirl moment ever in a long time! I couldn't wait to see him again! He's just a hot ex-vampire. Even as Magnito he still pwns! LOVE Nikola TeslaEdward Cullenyou

. . . . . . . . . . .

"Welcome to the Sanctuary."

"Get out of the shower! It's my turn!" shouted Will as he pounded on the bathroom door. "Nikola!" The bathroom was being occupied by the ex-vampire for over an hour. "What are you doing in there?"

"What does it look like? I'm taking a bath, boy, stop bugging me." Nikola shouted back over the pouring hot stream. He ran a hand through his wet hair, trying to spread the suds all over.

"Hurry up! It doesn't take this long to shower! What are you a girl?" Will was mad. Not only was he going to be late, but he had to pee. Real bad. "Tesla! You have your own shower in your own room, you know! Why do you have to use mine?" Will sighed. He didn't mind in the beginning, he assumed that it'll only take a couple of minutes and that was an hour ago, now he was getting impatient. "Tesla!"

Nikola ignored the screaming child, that's right child, and continued to bathe himself in sweet smelling soaps. He smirked to himself as he pictured the look on Will's face right now. "The boy needs to be taught some patience." He thought to himself. Nikola Tesla was only using Will's bathroom because his was painted orange. Ew. Such a disgusting color, it made him retch. Nikola gagged at the thought of showering in an orange, so he marched right into Will's room and dominated the shower.

"C'mon! Nikola! I know your hair takes awhile to gel and spike but hurry up!" Will gave up. He slumped against the door and waited for the man to exit. Five minutes later, Nikola emerged from a steaming bathroom wrapped in a fluffy white towel. His hair dripping water onto the wooden floor. "Finally! What's wrong with your shower?"

"The bathroom is painted a horrid color. It looks like an oompa loompa blew up and splattered the walls orange." Nikola replied with a frown and exited Will's room leaving a trail of water behind. Will winced when Tesla lingered in the doorway. "Oh, my hair naturally stands the way it does. Jealous right?"

. . . . . . . . . . . .

"Damnit." Cursed Tesla. He has been wandering the halls for quite some time now. He could tell it's been a while since his hair was completely dry. He must've passed that painting a hundred times now. Didn't this place come with a map? Or a tour guide? "I'm a bloody genius and I can't find my room." Tesla muttered to himself. This place was a damn maze!

"Nikola, what are you doing?" Helen Magnus appeared around the corner. She stood there gaping at the Nikola who stood there in only a towel wrapped around his waist. She eyed the towel; it was dangerously low on his slim hips. "Why are you dressed in only a towel?"

"Because I like to walk around in one." snapped Nikola. He didn't like being caught almost naked by Helen. The look on her face made him sigh. "Forgive me Helen, but I am me, and I hate the fact that I don't know where my room is."

Helen smiled. "The fact that your room contains a shower, and you still managed to stray? You're losing your touch."

"It's not my fault this place is so huge. Is all this space really necessary? It's a bloody labyrinth! I take three steps and I'm already lost! And, who paints a bathroom orange?"

"Oh. Well, you can paint it white. . . .or black if you want. It's your home too, you know." Helen said warmly. "Your room is up the stairs and is the fifth door on the right, Nikola. If you want, I can get Henry to print out a map for you. I assumed with your vast intellect you wouldn't need to procure one." She smirked. Helen couldn't help but say the last bit to bug Tesla a little.

"Oh, what was that Helen? A little wit for once? Someone finally joined the party. And I will not need a map, I quite enjoy walking around in a towel being admired by the Boss." Tesla grinned as he saw Helen blush a little. "Anyways, best be going. Got an evil plan to take over the world to start."

"Great. Wouldn't expect anything less. I guess you don't need me to walk you to your room then." Helen smiled when Nikola nodded and she walked away leaving Tesla to stand there in his towel.

Nikola watched Helen leave and started to smile for no particular reason. He turned around then stopped. He turned around again. And again. And again. "Ah." Tesla remained rooted to the ground gripping his towel tightly. "Where's the stairs?"