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Author's note: I know, it's been a REALLY long time since this new update! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I kind of forgot about this fic, which sucks because I love writing Nikola Tesla! Hopefully he'll be in Season 4 more frequently! Guess who's a vampire again? NIKOLA!

This is my take on Helen, Nikola and coffee

"C'mon please!" pleaded Will. "Just tell me!"

Helen sighed and looked at Will. "I just don't like coffee, Will." She walked ahead leaving Will rooted to his spot.

Will scoffed and shook his head. "There's got to be a reason though!" he ran and caught up with Magnus. "What's so bad about coffee? It's like Red Bull for old people!"

Magnus glared at him. "That's what Kate said."

"Everyone likes coffee, Magnus!" he exclaimed and Magnus rolled her eyes. "Even little kids are drinking it now!" he threw his hands up in the air, frustrated. "What's so bad about coffee?" Will begged.

"It tastes terrible and looks bloody vile." Helen relented. "It's bitter and tasteless—and black! So black, like liquid evil!" she seethed, making Will silent. "You put so much faith into it, and at the end of the day it just lets you down!" Helen practically shouted. "It just builds you up and up and up and in the end you just fall and fall and fall and crash!" she sighed. "I liked coffee, I really did—but I hate it now! Now and forever! Never again!" Helen breathed heavily and glanced at Will.

Will was staring at Magnus, wide-eyed. ". . . .Are we still talking about coffee?" he squinted at her, trying to read her.

Helen's cheeks flushed a nice pink before she walked hurriedly away. "Never mind. Don't you have work to do?"


"Then go check on the Nubbins." Magnus shouted as she reached her office.

Will started to walk faster to keep up with her. "Wait, but-"

"I just don't like coffee, Will." Magnus gave him a small smile, and she had a far off look in her eyes. Will tilted his head, but before he could open his mouth, the door closed in his face. "Nubbins! Go!" Manus called.

Will turned around, stumped. He was scratching his head in confusion. . .there was something more to the story . . . Henry walked by. "Hey, Henry!" Will caught up with him.

"Not a good time, Will." Henry brushed him off and continued walking. "Some six year old is calling me out on Xbox!" Henry glared, Will rolled his eyes. "I'm not going to lose. . .again!" Henry muttered. "I've been tweaking all week. . . ."

"Yeah, okay, whatever." Will mumbled. "Do you know why Magnus hates coffee so much?"

Henry stopped fast walking. "Who? The Boss? . . .No, never really thought about it. Go ask her."

"I did."

"What she'd say?"

"It was weird."

"Why do you care?" Henry continued his long strides towards the media room, Will in tow.

Will shrugged. "It's bugging me! Everyone likes coffee!"

Henry reached the media room. "Well, why don't you ask someone who knew Magnus for a really long time?" Henry tried, Will looked thoughtful. "Now, if you don't mind. I don't like interruptions and distractions! I need life and death focus!" Henry shut the door in Will's face.

Will walked down to the wine cellar. He tried to open the door, but found the vast room's door was locked. This door was never locked! Will was sure it didn't even have a lock! Will pounded on the door.

A few seconds passed before the door swung open to reveal a smug Nikola Tesla.

"Oh, hey, Nikola!" Will said in his best cheerful voice he could muster for the vampire. The door closed with a bang. "Why is everyone slamming doors in my face!" He muttered angrily, but he knew Nikola would. He knocked on the door again. "Tesla!"

The door opened again, and a bored vampire stood there languidly. "You know I keep opening the door hoping it would be Helen with a kiss, and I always find you." He sighed. "And stop with your incessant pounding!" he added in an irritated tone.

"Why is the door locked?. . . It has a lock?"

"Helen told me to pick my room," he replied. "Is there a reason for this uncalled, visit?" Nikola said tiredly.

"But it's the wine cellar!" Will cried.

"Exactly! So whar? Your point?" Tesla smiled.

"But—whatever." Will closed his eyes and sighed. It was pointless to argue with the man who invented radio. "You've known Magnus for a long time, right?"

"A hundred years plus." His eyebrow rose. "Why?"

"Do you know why Magnus hates coffee?" he asked hopefully. Will half expected Nikola to slam the door in his face for asking stupid questions or yell at him for wasting his time.

A look of surprise crossed his features before suspicion settled in his eyes. . . .and there was something else in his eyes as well. "Helen always strongly detested coffee." He deflected.

"Yes, yes, I know that. We all do/" Will said in a wavering patient voice. "But why? I asked her and she got all-" Will shook his head. "Jumpy and defensive. And the way she described coffee was strange. . . .like she wasn't talking about coffee anymore." He looked at Nikola for answers.

There was a far off look in Nikola's face, like he was in the middle of a distant memory. "Really?" he answered softly. Will noticed he seemed a bit depressed. "You know-I never used to drink wine." He said lightly, Will listened intently, Nikola's voice and eyes seemed far away. "It was Helen that introduced me to wine. Said it was more mature and graceful for adults. I introduced her to coffee, got her hooked on it as much as me. . .maybe more-this was back before the Five, when we were at Oxford-We'd got to shops and drink and talk over a steaming pot. We'd discuss brilliant ideas and dissect lectured over s steaming brew." Tesla smiled to himself. "This was before Druitt, by the way." Nikola added quickly. "Me and Helen were so close, closer than brother and sister, more than friends should be. We were both brilliant minded. And I guess we fancied each other. But I could never tell if she liked me the way I liked her. . . .We were supposed to meet for coffee one day, she said she had to tell me something important—I thought it was just another idea for another invention. . .Stupid me. . ." Tesla laughed quietly. "I didn't meet her that day." His voice broke slightly. ". . . .And I don't remember why!" Tesla cried. "I don't remember. . . why. . . .I guess Helen was just sitting there, alone, until the pot of coffee was beyond cold. She hated coffee ever since." Nikola said emotionlessly. "I drink wine, hoping that maybe I'd get drunk enough to forget." He looked at Will. "What? Not the story you were hoping for?"

Will was struck speechless, beyond stunned. It all made sense now, well, kind of. Will looked at the sad vampire, he didn't know what to say. "I'm—I'm sorry, Nikola. . . .I didn't know. . ." he said quietly.

Nikola shook his head and huffed and closed the door.

Helen walked to her wine cellar, hoping to find a nice bottle. She pulled on the doorknob, it didn't budge. "What the-" Helen muttered, confused. She was 100% sure the wine cellar didn't have a lock! Helen kept tugging on the door.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Nikola stood there with a smile on his lips. "Why, hello Helen. What brings you to my room?" he said in a silky smooth voice.

"Your room?" Helen sputtered in disbelief. "This is the wine cellar!"

"You told me to pick a room that feels like home." He replied innocently. "This room suits my needs."

"And your personality." Magnus rolled her eyes.

"Did you know, young William kept pestering me with questions on why you hate coffee."

"What? Why on Earth would he do that, I already told him!" Helen stated, she noticed Nikola's coy smile. ". . . .What'd you tell him, Nikola?" she sighed.

"Nothing! . . ..That we were madly in love, then things went pear shaped and you hated coffee ever since!" he smirked.

Helen gaped at him. ". . . .And he believed you?" she giggled.

"I'm telling you, you should be looking for a sharper protégé." he laughed. "Everyone knows why you hate coffee!" Tesla laughed and Helen's gaze hardened. "You fell asleep!"

"It was your fault!" she sputtered angrily. "You got me all hyped up on coffee! You got me addicted to caffine the night before our Oxford graduation! I crashed right at the podium!" she said angrily, and Nikola burst out laughing. ". . . .I hate you." She whispered and shook her head.

Nikola held up a bottle. "Wine?"

Helen slammed the door in his face.


"And find another room!"