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Suki! Daisuki! ~ The Adventures of a Slightly Odd Adolescent Boy

Chapter 1: Hot Cocoa and Food Quests

Tapping away at the computer I yawned, eyes heavy lidded. I rolled my shoulders and moved my neck, trying to relieve some of the growing pressure building up inside my strained muscles.

This is why we shouldn't have to do homework, see? Here I am, being made to sit on my arse and use a computer when I could be out being active! Playing with friends or riding a bike…or something. Okay yes I know it's 10:17pm on a Saturday night, but still - cut me some slack; teenagers aren't meant to work! …In an ideal world anyway…

With a huge sigh, I dropped my head onto my desk and mocked crying.

"You okay Len-Len?

Lifting my head in surprise, I saw none other than my twin sister smiling ever-so sweetly at me with a steaming mug of hot cocoa clutched between her hands.

"As okay as a boy cooped up in his room doing homework can be," I replied dryly, eying the mug in her hands.

With a giggle, she held out the cup.

"I made you some hot chocolate," she said, stating the obvious with an adorable smile playing about her lips.

I could feel myself starting to flush, so with a grateful smile I took the hot drink from her.

She stood watching me as I sipped, burning my mouth as the steaming liquid slid down my throat.

"Gaah!" I yelled, half choking as I fanned my open mouth with a free hand. "Hot!"

Rin laughed, her eyes sparkling. "Well what'd you think it'd be, stupid? It is called "Hot" Chocolate for a reason you know!"

She winked at me and I scowled in response, the mug cradled carefully in my hands as my tongue poked out from between my lips. Don't laugh - it was the only way I could think of cooling it down at that moment. Gawd…

Rin poked my tongue and giggled again. "You look retarded!"

"Thank you darling sister," I replied sarcastically as I set the mug atop my computer desk as I speculated my revenge. Turning to face her once again, I suppressed a smile as an evil plan formed in my mind.

"I hoped it wouldn't have had to have come down to this, but now, dear sister; you must pay."

The look on her face as I pounced on her was priceless, but alas, I can be a mean bastard sometime. Heh-heh!

She squealed as I tickled her sides, trying to get away, but…come one - what sort of brother would I be if I let her do that! A boring one!

She crumpled to the floor laughing, trying to push me away. I straddled her, grinning from ear to ear as she writhed uncomfortably beneath me.

"Len please - stop!" she begged, gasping for breath.

"Never!" I cried, a sloppy grin plastered across my face.

While I tickle the hell out of my sister, I think it's time I tell you a bit more about us. Rin and I are twins: I'm older by 7 minutes. (Go me!) We both have blonde hair (thank you mum) cut short and blue eyes; Rin has a side-ways sweeping fringe which she keeps in place using a few pins. Very cute. Me? Well mine's just long enough for me to tie it up in a really high pony-tail…thing. And it's messy.

Rin and I are extremely close; we shared a room up until 2 years ago, and trust me; we were not at all happy about being separated. Evil parents; I hate you.

But I have a teensy-weensy confession to make…I'm just a little bit, kinda, sorta…in love with my sister. Insert ginormous sweat drop and matching sheepish grin here…

To me, Rin is perfect - very naïve, in an adorable way, excitable, fun and caring too. I will not even go into how many animals she's brought home with her to nurse back to health. She's a brilliant singer (not that I listen to her through the bathroom door or anything while she's in the shower…) and graceful too.

You probably think I'm sick right? Well…I partly agree with you there… but I mean it's not like I want to be in love with my twin. I mean, I didn't just wake up one morning and say to myself: "Len Kagamine - you my boy are going to fancy the pants off of your sister, and you are going to like it!" Not very realistic now is it?

Anyway - stop judging me! You don't like how I feel about Rin, fuck off and go read something else, alright! Now where was I…? Oh yeah… tickle war, straddling Rin- Mmm…straddling Rin- STOP IT you dirty bastard! Ok… now to stop talking to myself and continue…

Finally she managed to shove me off, and I landed on my rear on the plush carpet, grinning form ear to ear.

"Bastard," she groaned, pouting at me so I stuck my tongue out at her. Immature I know, but I'm a boy so I'm allowed!

Just then our mum yelled up the stairs that dinner was ready, so, getting hurriedly to our feet, we made out way to our next quest: "He/She Who Stuffeth Their Faceth the Fastest..eth…is thy…Winner…eth"

Later than evening I sat on my bed, back against the wall, eyes glued to my TV. Homework: completed a few minutes ago by unhappy adolescent boy. My eyes followed the moving images on the screen, unblinking as a brightly dressed anime girl pranced down a road, her friends lagging wearily along behind her.

"Whatcha doooin?" Rin's sing-song voice danced it's way to my ears and I grunted in reply. What? I'm male!

Dragging my eyes away from the shiny, mesmerising, beautiful TV, I was just able to utter a "Wha-?" before Rin crawled onto my bed and plonked herself between my legs. She gazed at the characters on screen while I was left staring horror-stricken at the back of her head, a small squeak escaping my lips as I felt my face flush. If you have no idea where this reaction came from, you try having a girl you secretly love park her backside mere millimetres away from your crotch and not feel just an insy bit uncomfortable…if you catch my drift. *ahem* I hoped she wouldn't notice…

Anyway we sat watching TV and Rin leant back, resting against me. I put my arms round her and laid my head on her shoulder so I could see the TV better. The refreshingly fruity scent of her shampoo wafted through my nostrils and I sighed quietly.

"What's wrong Len-chan?" Rin squeezed my hand gently.

"Nothing," I replied, breathing in more of her delightful scent.

A long silence between the two of us followed, broken only by the over-zealous exclamations made by the anime characters on TV.

"Len…" Rin's voice was hesitant, sad.


She turned to face me, causing me to lift my head from her shoulder. I searched her angelic blue eyes for a hint as to what was wrong.

"I…miss you."

I knew instantly what she meant. Ever since we were given separate rooms, night time hasn't been the same. Being able to turn over in the middle of the night and see the gently snoring form of your twin in the bed beside yours is a comforting image - especially for us two. Knowing you're not alone and that there's someone there to talk to if you need reassurance about something…I miss it. Now? It's lonely.

"I miss you too Rin."

Rin spun herself around awkwardly and buried her face in my chest. I bit my lip and put my arms round her once again, hugging her as sobs wracked her small frame. Resting my chin gently atop her blonde hair, we sat like this for a while until her tears eventually ceased. Sniffling, she hiccupped and unclenched her fists from my shirt.

"Sorry," she mumbled, rubbing her eyes and hiccupping again.

I shook my head at her and wiped away a rogue tear that was streaking down her pale face.

"It's okay," I smiled kindly at her. "13 years we were inseparable and now we're being pulled apart…"

"It's not fair; why do they do it!" Anger flashed in her sea-blue eyes and I wiped away another stray tear that spilled furiously from one.

I know why the 'rents have done it. They're worried that we're too close; that we need other friends. Thanks mum, dad, but I have enough friends to keep me happy. I'm sorry that my sister happens to be the only one I can trust 100% with anything…apart form that little problem about me loving her in not just a brotherly way of course.

I told Rin this (I mean the way our parents think, not that I love her) and she lowered her head.

"It's not fair," she repeated, her voice barely above a whisper as she chewed on her thumb nail.

I smiled and stroked her hair; it was soft and silky under my fingers. "I know."

A couple of hours later and the mood was a lot lighter. Rin and I lay side by side on our stomachs, watching a new anime show that had started. We were analyzing the characters; you know like that Snog, Shag, Marry, Avoid, Blow Up With A Bazooka game thing? Yeah we were doing that. Let me tell you - the characters in this show were AMAZING. I wish they existed in real life…heh-heh.

"Oo; how about that one?" Rin pointed at a tall, red haired girl with HUMUNGOUS boobs.

"Shag," I replied nonchalantly as the red headed girl jumped into the air, her bosoms bouncing. Rin giggled and playfully punched me.


"What? I'm a boy!"

"So?" she grinned at me.

"Ooh how about that guy?" I asked, singling out a good looking male character with silvery-blue spiky hair. Rin tilted her head, evaluating her choices.

"Snog; he looks like the kinda guy who gets with all the girls he can - I wouldn't want any diseases." She grinned at me again, her innocent eyes sparkling with mischievousness and I raised my eyebrow in amusement. At least I can prove she's not a whore now, eh?

"Hey!" I propped myself up on my elbows. "That guy looks like me!"

"Oh yeah! It does too!" Rin giggled. "Snog, Shag, Marry or Avoid?"

I choked on my tongue and if I'd been drinking at that moment…yeah I would have splattered it over Rin's face. Luckily the only liquid in my mouth was saliva and I choked on that along with my tongue; Rin's face was left dry.

"But-But!" That's a dude! That looks scarily like me!" I spluttered.

Rin giggled again, her eyes cute curves on her face. "I know."

I stared dumbfounded at my sister, wandering what the hell she was on.

"Avoid obviously," I frowned. "I'm not gay."

"Heh-heh if you say so Len-Len! Okay my turn…hmmm…"

"Wait; I haven't picked someone for you yet!"

"I'm doing him, gawd," she replied with a roll of her eyes and a jab of a slender finger at my double on the TV. My eyes widened. This dude really looked like me; short, spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and he was wearing a white t-shirt and yellow shorts with black trim. With eyebrow raised, I looked back over my shoulder at myself; I was wearing a white shirt and black shorts with yellow trim. I turned my attention back to the TV, eyes narrowed as lightening bolts shot out of them and zapped the kid in my Telly. Bitch stole my style!

Okay well maybe lightening didn't fly out of my eyes, but all this happened in a manner of moments and as I glared at the blonde boy, Rin started to speak.


I glanced at her in surprise.


"Yup!" she smiled proudly. "Judging by the conversation he just had with the little black haired girl, he's kind, funny and cute," she finished, inclining her head slightly.

"But…he looks like me," I repeated, my heart picking up pace. Could this be her hinting at something? No, snap out of it Len, you sad, sad boy; just because the character looks and acts like you doesn't mean it is you. For one, you exist in real life - that guy doesn't.

A grin spread over Rin's pretty face and her eyes beamed. But…was that a hint of a blush creeping along her cheeks?

"Yeah well he's not you is he?" she declared, the blush more prominent now.

"I suppose not," I replied with a smile as hope blossomed within me! A smidgen of hope, but still… Oh please let that blush mean something!

Half an hour later and Mum was calling up the stairs for us to go to bed. With a sigh that wrenched at my heartstrings, Rin hugged me goodnight and dragged herself to her room where she would spend yet another night in dreary solitude.

Humming quietly to myself, I switched off the TV and stretched. Wriggling out of my shirt, I threw it over the back of my computer chair and rubbed my bare stomach as it growled. Grimacing, I realised how hungry I was and knew there was no way I could sneak downstairs to scrounge for food with the 'rents still up and about. With a groan I climbed out of my shorts and slung them over to join my rumbled shirt on the chair. There wasn't a chance in hell I could do it…

Or was there?

I sneaked out of the door and tiptoed to the stairs wearing nothing but my boxers. I could hear the TV and my parents talking, which should make it easier to get away with! I sidled down the stairs with my back against the wall; one foot at a time - yay for non-squeak floor-boards! Reaching the bottom, I made my way slowly to the beloved kitchen, drooling slightly. But alas, between me and that sacred heaven of a place…was the living room door in which the dragon resided in their treacherous Sofa Cave! In other words, my parents. (Eh, eh! See what I did there? Huh! …..Shut up -_- ) I lowered myself to the floor and began to crawl slowly across the doorway. I dragged myself forward, inch by inch, the carpet slowly starting to burn the skin on my forearms. Almost there! I could hear myself making a quiet "Scchh, Scchh" sound as I crept along. Come on! Just a little more! WOOHO-

"Len, go back to bed."

My forehead made hard contact with the carpet and I groaned.

"Yes mum," I mumbled, the carpet absorbing my words as I got to my feet and slumped back to my room, where I proceeded to flop onto my bed and groan loudly into the covers.

After a few moments, I crawled further up the bed and slipped between the bed sheets and wriggled around trying to get comfortable. Another loud grumble and I curled up into the foetal position, clutching at my hungry stomach with a pathetic whimper. Mum, dad - hurry up and sleep before your only son dies of starvation!

A few hours past, full of restless tossing at turning I can you. A lion roared somewhere and I cowered in the fear of it eating me. Oh…it was just my stomach again.

My parents had come to bed about 10 minutes ago and I had yet to hear their snores. (They snore loud.) Swinging my legs out of bed, I rubbed my eyes and pulled myself to my feet. I trod lightly over the carpeted floor and opened my door, slowly and carefully. Peering round my bedroom door, I checked that everyone was, indeed, in bed. They were. From what I could see anyway…which was a hallway…but still.

I crept to my parent's bedroom door and pressed my ear to the crack between it and the frame. I could hear both deep snores, (Dad) and the quieter, breathier snores of my mum. (Obviously I mean who else would be in there?)

Grinning happily to myself, I scuttled to the stairs and made my way carefully down them. I dashed as quickly and quietly as I could into the kitchen and then the hard part came: what to eat?

Opening a cupboard, I suddenly recalled harassing my mum to buy Rin and I a huge bag of party sweet, which had been left in some cupboard somewhere and forgotten about. Humming, I sniffed out the bag of goodies and, with a flourish of my hand, dipped my fingers into it, trying my hardest to root out the best sweets. I winced as the plastic wrapping crackled around my hand, so I hurriedly drew it out. A handful of lollipops, fruity chews and some of those sugary disk things that come stacked on top of each other…haven't a clue what they're called…but anyway, they sang sweetly to me from the palm of my hand.

Grinning like a love-sick fool, I scampered back to my room as quickly and quietly as a boy holding a bunch of sweets could, before collapsing gleefully onto my bed. I switched on my bed-side lamp and ripped the rapper from a bright red lollipop and popped the succulent sweet into my mouth, omitting a contented moan.


With a start I looked up to see my sister staring at me forlornly from the doorway. She was dressed in an oversized white t-shirt with a sleepy kitten printed on it and a pair of rather short, black shorts.

"Mm?" I mumbled round the sweet. Gawd it tasted good.

"I can't sleep…can I stay with you for a bit?" Her voice was barely above a whisper, her blue eyes gazed sadly at me from beneath her blonde bangs and I patted the bed welcomingly. She joined me, sitting cross legged on the blue duvet and I held out a handful of sweets.

Plucking a yellow lollipop from outstretched hand, she proceeded to lick it slowly, a sad look upon her face. I tried to ignore her tongue as it darted in and out of her mouth, gliding over the sweet gripped firmly between her fingers, or the way she sucked it softly now and then. I could feel a slight burning sensation in the pit of my stomach and I wriggled uncomfortably.

We sat in silence until we'd had our fill of unhealthy sugar, enjoying each other's presence. As I was shoving the left over goodies into one of the drawers next to my bed, I felt a small hand grip my arm earnestly. I turned my head to find Rin looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Please Len; I don't want to sleep alone."

My heart melted at the sight of her as her eyes glazed over with unshed tears. I pulled her into a hug.

"Mum and dad won't like it."

"I don't care," she whispered determined not to cry. Holding her at arms length, I smiled before getting to my feet.

"Fine, get comfortable," I said as I made my way to the door. Poking my head round it, I made sure the 'rents were still in their room before pushing it quietly shut. Click. My heart was pounding.

By the time I was back beside my bed, Rin was already curled up underneath the sheets. I clicked off the bed-side lamp and slid in beside her. As I pulled the covers about my shoulders, I felt my twin wriggle closer to me, her head resting against my chest, her bare legs brushing against mine. Gulping, I savoured her scent, her warmth. She lifted her arm and curled her hands against my bare chest, causing a small shiver to travel down my spine. I slipped my arm around her tentatively, earning a contented sigh from my new bed-mate. Gradually her breathing grew huskier and huskier; just shy of a snore. I stroked her face with a gentle hand, her blonde hair fluttering slightly with every breath she took.

"I love you Rin." The whispered words were lost in her hair.

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