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I took the steps at a slow pace, but what I really wanted to do was jump down them as fast as humanly possible. I just wanted to get down there faster. To get there to Edward. But, I knew if I tried I would look like a desperate fool, and would probably end up killing myself trying to get down the steps in the process of getting to him. So, I took them one at a time, careful of my footing.

When I finally made it down stairs unscathed, I could hear voices coming from the living room. I wiped my sweaty hands on my jeans, and walked down the hallway to the front living area. I peeked around the door jamb, and noticed Edward and Charlie sitting; Charlie in his favorite lazy boy, and Edward on the well worn orange couch.

Edward looked absolutely breathtakingly handsome sitting there. He wore a long sleeved green button down shirt with the neck slightly open, revealing a healthy column of his neck, and dark wash jeans that were semi faded. His hair stubbornly sticking up in random directions; probably from running his hands through it. It looked soft to the touch, and I felt my fingers twitching to feel the tendrils.

My heart skipped a beat before hammering at top speeds in my chest. It wasn't right that he made me feel this way. It just wasn't fair. We had only just met, and already I could feel an impact from him. A surge going through my body any time I saw him. Almost like an electric shock coursing through my entire being, making my little hairs on my arms stand on end. I was hypersensitive to everything that was Edward Cullen.

"So Edward, where did you and Bella meet?" Charlie asked pointedly. I almost walked into the living room to stop the interrogation. Almost. I was still taking in everything that was Edward. His mere presence made me feel fluttering in my throat and stomach. That's the only thing that kept me at the door and not walking in there to stop the inevitable.

"We met at the Bowling Alley here in town." Edward stated mater of factly. His hand sliding through his auburn hair in a nonchalant way. I sighed in contentment at just being able to watch him without being noticed. I didn't want to leave him at the mercy of Charlie for too long, but I couldn't help enjoying the view from the door way. He was so perfect sitting there, taking the heat from Charlie.

"Oh I see. That's what Bella said." Charlie cleared his throat, and then pushed up out of his seat in one fluid motion. He crossed his arms over his chest in his best impression of a good cop/bad cop movie. "You hurt my daughter and I'll string you up by your toes. Do you hear?"

"I wouldn't hurt your daughter, sir." His Adam's apple bobbing when he swallowed hugely. I felt my face heating, from what I don't know, but I placed a cool hand to my cheek and continued to eavesdrop on the two men before me.

"Call me Chief Swan, Edward. And I hope you are right." He arched an eyebrow at him, and ran two fingers over his moustache. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately, and I knew it was because he was in deep thought. "For your own sake."

Edward squirmed in his seat a little with a nervous expression on his face. He glanced around the room, probably trying to find something else to focus on besides the seemingly menacing picture Charlie made. I felt absolutely sorry for him. I couldn't let him be under the scrutiny of Chief of police for too long.

I pushed away from the jamb and lingered in the doorway for a second before stepping into the room. Clasping my hands in front of me so I could stop the fidgeting I felt coming on. I couldn't let Edward take the heat my father was dishing out. "Ahem." I said, clearing my throat rather loudly.

Charlie didn't move from his stance, but nodded his head in acknowledgement to my being there. His deep brown eyes piercing into Edward's own clear, mossy green ones. "Bells make sure you're home before 8 remember?"

"I know. We won't be long I promise, dad." I moved over to him, stood up on my tip toes, and kissed him on the cheek. I pulled away from him and gave him a warm smile. His face turned bright red like a tomato, and I felt love well up inside of me. He was adorable most times. He reminded me of an overprotective bear. Slightly irritated all the time, but deep loyalty to his cub. Even when he was trying to be the big bad police chief. I loved him, but he could be so pushy sometimes. Sometimes the Papa Bear needed to put some stoppers on his antics of being so over protective.

I looked over at Edward and noticed he was taking in our exchange with a half smirk on his face. Maybe Charlie hadn't rattled him too much after all. He seemed to be in better spirits than most who had Charlie's Spanish Inquisition. Not that I had ever dated before to find out, but I had been on the receiving end of it on more than one occasion. It had worked when I was younger; my head hung in shame from something I had done wrong or immoral. Stealing a piece of candy from the store when I was four. Or throwing rocks at Mrs. Cope's cat when I was nine. Now, I held my head high and took it like a man. Er, or a woman in this case. But that was because I was used to the torture, I had been subjected to it since I was born, it didn't faze me really anymore. Which is why I was so surprised that Edward still held his head high, with a smile plastered on his beautiful face.

"Make sure you take care of her Edward." Charlie said semi-threateningly. He uncrossed his arms and put his hands on his hips, causing him to look bigger than he normally did. I knew Charlie wanted me to look at him, that was evident when I heard him clear his throat rather loudly, but I couldn't stop looking at him. At Edward Cullen. The Amish boy who was taking the reaming of a lifetime, just so he could spend time with me. With me of all people. I was so damn lucky. I knew I was. There was no other reasoning behind it.

Charlie turned, and started towards the doorway, his back now to Edward. Edward looked over at me with sparkling green eyes, and winked at me behind Charlie's back so he wouldn't see. I felt the heat hit my face like a heat wave in the Sahara Desert, and I had to look away because of the nervousness that I felt. He made me feel so many different things. One of which was infatuation. I was completely smitten with the boy in more than one way. Particularly his innocence. He was so innocent in almost everything he did. Whether being on a phone and calling me, or bowling. His discovery of new things made me smile and feel giddy from how important these new things were for him. I wanted to help him experience more. I wanted to discovery these things with him. I wanted to be there and see the expression on his face when he saw how the world was. How the world could even be for him was endless. Completely boundless.

"Yes sir." Edward spoke softly. "Ready Bella?"

I bit my bottom lip and managed to look at Edward through my thick eyelashes. He was still looking at me with a smile written all over his tanned face, and his hand reaching out to me, asking me to take it. His eyes clouded and dark with something I couldn't quite recognize. Did he know just how unarming his smile could be? How with one smile I was wrapped around his little finger gladly. It was dangerous to even consider this a plausible possibility, but here I was feeling that pull from him again. Like I was a moth, and he was my all consuming flame.

I felt the nerves grip my throat in it's little hands, and squeeze with all it's might. Was I ready? Was I ready to throw my little perfect world to the wind, and go down a path that lead me to Edward? Was I really ready for all of that?

I caught his heated gaze, and I knew the answer right away. There was no denying it. I felt that pull from him, and it intrigued me to no end. I wanted to see what else there was. No one had made me want to do that.

"Sure." I squeaked. I tentatively took his hand, and instantly enjoyed the feel of electricity shifting down my fingers, my arm, and finally settling into the pit of my stomach, comfortably creating a pool of warmth. It felt like I had drank a cup of scalding hot, sugary coffee, and I was getting the after effects. The warmth, the slightly full feeling of having just drank something, and the sweet after taste. It was heaven, and I had to be dreaming. There was no way that this was real, because that would mean this stuff truly existed. That plain Jane me and Adonis could in fact-may have-an attraction to one another. What type of attraction on his part I wasn't sure, but at this moment in time my inhibitions had taken a hiatus, and I decided any attraction couldn't be negative when it came to a sweet and polite boy possibly liking me in any way shape or form. I may not sound like myself, but when I was Edward, I felt like a whole new person. I felt like I could do anything. Anything was possibly, I could accomplish whatever I put my mind to. It was an odd feeling considering we had only just met, but I wasn't about to let it go. I wanted to hold onto this feeling for as long as I could. It was the first time I had ever felt something so strong since…

"See ya, Charlie!" I suddenly quipped, trying my best to feel giddy. No need to think of it now.

It wasn't hard when I started thinking about spending several hours with Edward without the wondering and crazed eyes of Charlie trying to scare the love of Jesus into him. Just me and him. It was like Christmas had come early, and I got to unwrap my presents before everyone else.

"Eight Bella. Not a minute later." Charlie cleared his throat and then whispered under his breath to himself. "Or I'll bring the wrath of God down on you." I don't know if I was supposed to hear it, but I had. I brought a hand up to my mouth to cover the smile that had appeared across my face. Charlie was really serious about me dating. I had never seen him act like this. It was sweet and irritating all at the same time.

Charlie followed us out the door to outside, and stopped just at the foot of the steps, two fingers smoothing down his moustache. I was really making him think a lot lately. I just hoped he didn't think himself into a heart attack or culinary disaster before I got back from my date with Edward. I couldn't have that on my conscience.

Edward nudged me with his elbow gently, breaking me out of my thoughts of Charlie and Jiminy Cricket. I noticed we were walking down the path towards down town Forks. Well, what would have been considered down town to us. Which consisted of a run down movie theater that played two movies, a hardware store, an ice cream palace, a bowling alley, and two bars. It may not have been much, but it was home.

We walked a few seconds in silence, my thoughts dominantly wondering why we were walking. I guess I had assumed that he had a car. After all, he was around my age. But then I thought of some more, and came to the conclusion that his religion probably didn't permit it. I felt a wave of guilt hit me, and I silently berated myself for being so shallow.

"Is something wrong?" I heard him ask hesitantly.

I glanced over at him quickly, and silently wished I hadn't. His eyes bore into mine with the intensity of a freight train colliding with a brick building at top speeds.

"Uhh…n-no." I stuttered. "Nothing is wrong."

"Are you sure?" He inquired gently, his hand reaching out to touch my face with his knuckles. His eyes locking onto mine in an eternal battle I didn't quite understand. I closed my eyes at the intensity of it all, and felt a shiver run down me so fast, that it left my knees feeling weak and useless.

I opened my eyes again, and looked back into his eyes again. Only this time there wasn't a raging storm of emotions swirling through there depths. They were clear and looking down at me with concern.

"Of course." I smiled at him warmly, and turned to look at the trees to my left. He bared me. He had unknowingly stripped me of all logic until I was completely bare before him. It was very unnerving.

I studied the green trees before me, and tried in vain to forget how the green reminded me so much of him. I needed a second to breath. I felt like I was in the ocean, bobbing up and down in a Tsunami, fighting to stay above the water as it lapped at me violently.

"What movie do you want to see?" He asked; his voice rolling over me like a warm breeze, causing me to forget the drowning feeling in an instant. How he did it, I don't think I will ever know.

"So you don't get out see many movies, do you?" I asked quietly, curious as to what his answer would be. Would it be a first for him?

"Honestly, I have no idea what is even out at the movie theaters." He looked at me with huge green eyes, and a sweet smile on his face. I was treading in dangerous waters now. There was that smile again.

"Either Monster, Monster, Monsters!, or When Love Finds a Home. Personally, I would rather see the gory monster movie, but to each their own."

"I agree." Edward said with a smirk. "Let's go see the monster movie."

"Is this…will this be your first movie?" I had to know. I knew there was potential for disappointment…mostly on my part, but I had to know.

"I actually haven't seen one before." He looked at me with a sheepish look on his face, while he pulled a hand through his wavy locks. He was so adorable.

I bit my bottom lip, and looked directly into his eyes. My gaze met green, and I felt an electricity course through my body, before sizzling out into a dull humming on my skin.


Buck up Bella before you make a complete fool of yourself!

I smiled back at him, ignoring that annoyingly right voice at the back of my head. Edward was all I could think about at the moment. Was all I wanted to think about. So, he's all I decided to think about for the next 3 hours.

"We better get going if we're going to make it to the 4:45 showing."

We made it to the theater at 4:30, and Edward bought our tickets to the gory movie of Monster, Monster, Monster!. He bought a large popcorn with extra butter, much to my persuasion. I told him he couldn't have his first movie experience without eating popcorn with a lot of empty calories. Next came the chocolate and gummy goodness. Red Hots, Raisenettes, Snow Caps, Gummi Worms. We ended up with them all; our arms loaded down with candy.

After we both spent too much money at the concession stand, we took our seats inside the empty movie theater, making sure to be in the way back. I guess no one really wanted to see monsters invading earth. Their loss, my definite gain. It meant I really had Edward all to myself.

"So, are you excited about the movie?" I asked as nonchalantly as I could. It almost worked.

"I am. I can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. And not to mention I get to spend my first show next to the most beautiful girl." His eyes darkened for a split second, before adjusting back to their typical forest green color. I hadn't been expecting that. I couldn't even begin to understand what it meant. Why were his eyes always darkening?

Edward's gaze snapped down to the package of Snow Caps, ripping open one end and shaking a few into the palm of his hand. He offered them to me with a smile on his face, and I plucked one out, and popped it into my mouth. I think I may have sighed, because Edward chuckled and asked me if they were good.

"Yes" I breathed lightly. But I wasn't talking about the candy.

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