Chapter One

Music with a Scream

One peaceful day on Shuggazoom, the HyperForce was relaxing and taking a joyful day off the job. But, like Antauri says, evil never rests. Like today for example, it's quiet and peaceful, when…

"AAAHHHH!" A scream emerges from the MegaRobot right next door.

"Monkeys Mobilize!" Chiro shouted as he changed into his uniform.

The HyperForce ran over as fast as they could and up the MegaForce tubes to the bedroom level. When they got up there, there was another scream from Carbon's room. It sounded like someone was killing them.

"Careful team. We don't know what's in there creating these terrible, horrifying screams." Gibson whispered.

Chiro opened the door and was in shock, the whole HyperForce was.

"I know, and when she jumped off into the water. Hilarious Elella." Carbon said.

"I know right. I mean-" Elella stopped in mid-sentence from the site of the HyperForce in the doorway. "Nova! What up girl?"


"Hey guys. Did you need something?" Carbon greeted.

"We heard a scream from in here." Antauri answered.

"Oops, sorry. My bad. We were catching up on old memories and planning." Carbon apologized.

"Oh okay. Wait, planning what?" Chiro asked.

"Our every year break." Gizmo answered.

"What's that?" Nova asked.

"We haven't gone since we crashed on Planet Zon but it's a music camp." Seala started.

"Yeah, we go and have a great time with music and dancing and playing instruments." Elella continued.

"And we get these great camp names! Like mine, it's Saw." Gizmo added.

"Yeah, it's a lot of fun and it's for everyone around the cosmos and all ages." Carbon continued.

"And it's the one place you go to just Rock out." Blaze said.

"Wanna come? It's for two months. It's like a long vacation trip." Carbon said.

"It sounds neat and everything but the town needs us to protect it." Chiro said.

"Oh right. What about Jinmay. Couldn't watch over for a few months?" Carbon suggested.

"I'll ask her." Chiro said.

"Whoo-hoo!" Gizmo shouted.

The Next Day at the Intergalactic Bus Station…

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Chiro asked.

"I'm sure. Besides, you guys need a break from Shuggazoom and protecting it." Jinmay answered.

"Alright, then here we go." Chiro said.

Chiro started climbing on the bus when someone grabbed his arm.

"I don't even get a goodbye kiss?" Jinmay asked.

"I almost forgot." Chiro answered as he climbed off the bus.

They kissed and after a moment they pulled away.

"Alright, get going. And have fun!" Jinmay shouted.

"Alright Mother! I will!" Chiro joked.

Chiro climbed on the bus and handed his ticket to the driver. Afterward he sat down next to his sister, Carbon. A few minutes later the bus took off like an airplane into the atmosphere. After they were in space, Melodie got up and walked to the back.

"Where are you going Melodie?" Antauri asked.

"Getting something to eat. You hungry?"

Then Antauri followed the golden monkey to the back of the bus. It was bigger than it looked on the outside.

"So Carbon. Why'd we take a bus instead of our Robots?" Chiro asked.

"Yeah, why did we?" Nova asked.

"Well, one: because it's more fun, and two: because where we're going the Robots would've cause a lot of attention."

"Where're we going?" Chiro asked.

"A planet called Earth. About 6,500 light years away from Shuggazoom." Seala answered.

"That's on the other side of galaxy." Gibson said.

"Yes, but it's worth the trip. Trust me. Even I have fun there." Seala said.

"Yeah, but we can't go straight there." Carbon said.

"Why not?" Nova asked.

"Because we need to one: change." Carbon said pointing at herself and Chiro. "And two: get everyone an outfit for camp. Oh and three: we should really pick out names for you guys."

"Outfits? Names? Wow, the camp is really rule stricken." Chiro said.

"No, not really. I only said outfits because if you go into Camp Jam with those clothes, I will refuse to know you."

"What's wrong with my clothes?"

"Nothing, it's just…they're not camp worthy, no offence. I mean, you look as if you're going to a private school or something, and again, no offence."

"But you also said we need to change. What does that mean?"

"You'll find out when we get there."

After the landing, in the Earth Intergalactic Bus Station…

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. We have finally arrived to the Planet called Earth!" Elella shouted with glee.

"Oh, I can't believe it! This place hasn't changed at all!" Carbon said.

"Wow! It looks amazing here!" Chiro said.

"Yeah, it is." Then something caught Carbon's eye. "AH! Robby!" Carbon shouted as she ran off to a boy.

The boy looked about seventeen years of age and had light brown hair with blue eyes. Everyone walked over to the two.

"I can't believe it's you! It's really you!" Carbon shouted.

"Carbon, who's this?" Chiro asked.

"Oh, this is my old friend Robby. Robby this is my brother Chiro and my other brother Sprx. Also, this is Otto, Nova, Gibson, and Antauri. And you remember mom and everyone else."

"Of course. How are you Blaze?"

"I'm good."

Nova noticed the sparkle in Blaze's eye when he said he was good.

"Hey you going to Camp Mambo Rhythm this year?"

"No, sorry guys. Can't this year."

"Why not?" Carbon whined.

"Because my parents are sending me to a school on the other side of the planet, literally. But have fun this year Carbon. Blow them away, as usual."

"Will do! Send a letter to camp when you get there."


"I'll hold you to that."

"You would."

"Robert, dear, hurry up!" A woman called.

"Coming mom! Ttyl Carbon."

"Ttyl Robby."

Then Robby walked off.

"Ttyl?" Nova asked.

"Talk To You Later." Carbon answered.

"It's text talk. Or as Carbon puts it…"

"Earth style." Carbon ended. "Alright. Let's get in town. Elella, if you would."

"Happy too." Elella said. She walked to the curb and held her hands on the edges of her mouth. "Taxi! Over here!"

Then a yellow cab drove over to the curb where Elella was.

"Whoa. Now that's a voice." Sprx said.

"Thanks Elella."

"No prob."

Everyone, surprisingly, fit in the taxi and Carbon handed the driver about twenty dollars.

"Just downtown please." Carbon said.

"Carbon? Is that you little cloud?"

"Alan! What up dude? Haven't seen you for years."

"Look how much you've grown. You are beautiful young lady now. My, oh, my. Well, are these your friends? And how are Melodie?"

"Yes, these are our friends, and I'm good Alan."

"Okay, so downtown, right Miss. Carbon?"

"Yes, thanks Alan."

"Anytime Miss. Carbon."

"Why does he call Miss. Carbon? Why not just Carbon?" Chiro asked.

"Because it's very formal for an adult to call you Miss, Misses, or Mister."


"Yeah, but none of the adults in camp do that."

"Okay." Chiro said.

"Here we are. Welcome to downtown Memphis, Tennesse!" Carbon said helping everyone out of the taxi.

The HyperForce looked around amazed at all the stores and music.

"Hey! You guys coming?" Gizmo said.

The MegaForce were starting to walk in a store with the HyperForce running to catch up. They entered and saw clothes and instruments of kinds. There were books and notes pads, and supplies for your instruments.