His heartbeat fluttered frantically ion the darkness of the room as a secret unfolded in the shadows. Witnessed only by the moonlight as it shined upon the two forms as they came together playing out the forbidden.

Renji was spread bare revealing all to the man hovering by the side of him, the weight of his lover was dipped in the mattress. He gnawed at his lip in anxious pleasure.

With the gindaku kazahana no uzuginu wrapped snugly around his eyes every touch was unexpected sending shivers jittering through him from those cold fingers that were dancing over his heated skin far too gently. He could hear every calm breath from his lover and he consciously tried to slow his own, embarrassed he was so affected from the proximity.

Goosebumps raised as cold air was blown across his chest, his muscles twitched in anticipation of what was to come. He tried to make each movement discreet to go unnoticed but it was becoming too much. He swallowed thickly and then tensed, sure it had been heard.

His breath hitched and he arched his back up surprised as his lovers warm wet tongue darted out to taste his skin, leaving a wet trail in its path.

"Mmmm... You're truly delicious..." The voice was deep and heavy in arousal and made Renji shiver and his stomach swirl in pleasure. His hands gripped gently at cool sheets beneath him, hoping his actions were unnoticed by the noble but it bought no relief. He needed more but was forbidden to ask, the words caught in his throat just in time catching his disobedience and a deep breath escaped at his lost effort, sounding slightly whiney.

"Oh, dear..." The voice purred. "Is there something I can do for you?" Renji stopped breathing realising he had been heard. Suddenly the man was talking into him, his lips brushing his own as the words were whispered. His heart was beating faster from the panic, sure he would explode. How he longed to just tilt his head and make contact with the silken caress. He could feel Byakuya's black velvet tickling his face, he wanted to reach up and bury his hands into that hair.

"Well...Abarai?" He was teasing but he would not disobey the order. The words that had been whispered dangerously to him on arrival, seconds before he had been disrobed in one clean cut from the blade of Senbonzakura. His Shihakushō lay in pieces on his captain's floor. Those words he had tried to follow, trusting this man like no other. "Do. Not. Move," Played around his mind. He lay as still as possible even though he could taste Byakuya's breath. He tried not to move, not to breathe too deeply. He just lay bare so he could be used so thoroughly by the one person who would ever matter to him. Byakuya owned him body and soul and in every way you could possibly own another person. He loved him that way too.

"Can you feel me?" The words were soft, a different tone than before. He felt a warm weight settle on his hips and he hummed in pleasure. His wrists were held gently and placed above his head. A chest lowered to his. Renji tried not to show his disappointment as he could only feel the expensive clothes on his skin. "Can you feel my heat?"

Renji did not answer.

Sitting up and letting go of the strong wrists, Byakuya pulled his clothes over his head dropping them to the floor.

"Can you feel it?"

"What?" He dared to whisper assuming he had permission. He strained to hear the answer but none came. Byakuya answered in action. He took one of the hands he had let go, reversing it and placing it on his breastplate. Renji could feel it.

"Your heartbeat," He had answered his own question as he could feel the rhythm beating fiercely beneath his palm. He realised both were beating frantically not in time but as a symphony.