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Omnipotent Voice: Now that it's the next episode, Butler Bob can finally tell Billy that he saw Ike sneaking out of the house mysteriously. He knocks on Billy's bedroom door and immediately informs him of the events that have just transpired.

Billy: (upon hearing Butler Bob's story) Gee willikers! That's awful strange! I suppose we should wait for Ike to return and ask him what he was doing! That would be the polite thing to do, after all.

Matthew: Yes, I agree with my best friend, Billy, eh. It is rude to meddle in something that does not concern you, eh. And as a Canadian, I much prefer the polite course of action, eh.

Bob: Then it's decided! We shall wait for Ike's return!

Omnipotent Voice: Meanwhile, in a really big house somewhere in Billy's Neighborhood, Ike is meeting with a very peculiar man who also happens to be applying for the job of Kitchen Manager in Billy's school cafeteria.

Jarold East (Harold West): It's good to see you, Ike. I'm glad you got my phone call regarding the whereabouts of your and Mathew's host family. I know why they weren't at the airport to pick you up, but I won't tell you unless you can properly convince me that I should.

Ike: Ce n'est pas juste! Je voudrais savoir ou ils ses trouvent maintennant! Dit moi! (That's not fair! I would like to know where they are now! Tell me!)

Jarold East: Your amazing ability to make people feel guilty by shouting gibberish at them isn't going to work on me! I'm a sociopath, so I can't feel guilt! But I'll make a deal with you. If you enter the school baking competition under my name and win, I will tell you where your host family is. Do we have a deal?

Ike: Yeah. Eh. (Ike is so emotionally conflicted by his decision to enter a competition since he is Canadian and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by winning, that he begins crying normal tears that are composed primarily of saline and not iron)

Omnipotent Voice: Poor Ike. Looks like he's in a real pickle with this. Although he should know that it's never a good idea to indulge a sociopath's whims. Meanwhile, in Billy McFriendship's house, the gang is discussing how to best confront Ike about the situation without seeming like they are attacking his character.

Billy: Just say you're worried about him. That's all you need to say. We all know he's a good person and would never do anything as bad as sneaking out in the middle of the without a good reason!

Bob: Indeed. He'd have to be stupid as shit to do something like that without a reason.

Billy: (eyes widen in surprise) WHAT!? Butler Bob! Did you just say what I think you just said!?

Bob: (covering his mouth) I- I don't know what happened! It's as if some kind of censor was lifted from my speech momentarily!

Omnipotent Voice: Well this certainly is quite the predicament! Why was Butler Bob cursing? Will Ike go through with the competition? Will Matthew ever find his host family? Well, let's continue the episode and see if any of those questions happen to get answered.

Matthew: (suddenly jumps up from his chair) Butler Bob! Billy! Ike is in trouble, eh! We're such good friends and we make such a good team, that we can tell when the other is upset even from far away, eh! That's the true power of friendship, eh! Let's go find him and figure oot what this is all aboot, eh!

Omnipotent Voice: And so, they all go to find Ike, who informs them all that he is entering a competition.

Matthew: Don't be crazy, eh! You're Canadian, eh! You could never win, eh! There's too much of a chance you'll offend someone, eh! The only time it's okay to hurt others is during hockey, eh!

Bob: I can fix this. I will enter the competition as well, to lighten the mood! If I win, then Ike won't have to be sad about offending anyone and if Ike wins, then he doesn't have to feel bad about upsetting the competition because he'll know I'm not upset and he and I are really the only two people who stand a chance in this competition anyway.

Matthew: That's a great idea, eh!

Omnipotent Voice: Looks like that problem has been solved! But meanwhile, near the school kitchen, a random competitor is meeting up with a mysterious stranger. This mysterious stranger gives the random competitor a "special ingredient" to use in the competition.

Random Competitor: Thanks for this "special ingredient"!

Omnipotent Voice: Who could this mysterious person be? What does the "special ingredient" do? Also, what are the answers to all the questions I already asked? Why do I even keep asking questions like this? Seriously. I should just let you guys watch the show instead of interrupting with my inquiries every three seconds. Will I ever stop asking these questions? Find out next time! Maybe!

End of Episode 14

PS: Sorry it's kinda short… I know it was a long wait, but there was literally NOTHING going on in this episode, so I did my best with what I had. Also, it may take a bit before I get back into the swing of things. I'm not used to writing this way anymore. :( Please bear with me and I hope I can make the next one a lot funnier.