Naruto was panting, looking at Iruka who was sitting against a tree, bleeding. Mizuki was standing over him, a large shuriken in his hand, smirking evilly.

He had convinced Naruto to steal the Forbidden Scroll and take it to a forest, close to training area 44. He was sure no one would dare come near there. He was wrong, as Iruka followed Naruto, who ran into the Forest of Death. Mizuki reluctantly followed, but nothing happened, and now he was only two steps away from getting the ultimate power of the Fourth Hokage, and he'd get away with it, too.

Naruto was sweating and cursing himself. If only he'd found something useful in the damned scroll, he'd help Iruka. But all he found was a ring and a note addressed to him.

"Well, well, well, Iruka, looks like it's the last straw for you. But first, I think I'll kill the Kyuubi, and force you to watch helplessly." Naruto spat on the ground and looked up at Mizuki defiantly. He wasn't stupid, he knew about the Kyuubi, but he didn't care at this point. Looks like this is it. Looks like I get to see dad sooner than I thought. I'm just sad I didn't get to meet mom.

Mizuki stalked to Naruto, lifting the shuriken. "Bye bye, little demon." He was stopped in his tracks by rustling in the leaves behind him. He turned around, old fears of the forest reappearing.

A figure walked out. It was over two meters high, clad in a black cloak, with only a spiky iron helmet visible. It looked at Naruto and then sneered at Mizuki.

"You will not hurt the Lord, infidel." It said in a hissing voice, and then lopped off Mizuki's head. It then approached Naruto, and bowed. "I am sorry that I could not arrive sooner, my lord."

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, weary.

"My name is Khamul. I am a specter, a Ringwraith." Naruto tensed. "But I mean you no harm, my lord. Far from it, in fact. I came here to give you your inheritance. You." He turned to Iruka. "Inform your leader that he may meet the boy at the tower of Minas Morgul. He should know where it is. Come, my Lord." Naruto hesitantly followed the figure, while Iruka, now having recovered, limped in the direction of the Hokage tower.

The wraith led Naruto to a tower in the middle of the Forbidden Forest. The area around the tower was strange. It was just as alive as the rest, maybe even more so, but it had a more dangerous air around it. As they walked, the shadow explained some things. "This forest was once called the land of Angmar. It was held by your ancestor, Er-Murazor, the Witch-King of Angmar. The tower was moved here, and made the center of the kingdom." He then explained the history of the world and the wraiths. (you all know lotr, so I'm not gonna explain that.) "When the One Ring was thrown into Mount Doom Murazor, who had barely survived the encounter with Eowyn, had regained his free will. With great effort, he managed to free the rest of us. Once freed, we gained the power to switch from our specter form to a human form, in the likeness of our previous selves. We took the region of Angmar, and using old black magic hid there from the humans. Some five years later, our lord was walking unseen through the region of Rohan, when he donned his cloak and decided to rest for a little while. Eowyn, who had had a disagreement with her brother over her marriage, him insisting she marry Faramir, and her not wanting to, walked in on him just as he put the cloak. She screamed and charged at him with her sword.


She rushed at him, using all her strength and skill, for she knew she would not survive this battle, but she'd be damned if she didn't take the Witch-King with her.

They traded blows, when she tripped on a stone and dropped her sword. The specter approached her with its sword in its hand. She gulped and closed her eyes, waiting for the finishing blow to come. But nothing happened. She opened her eyes to see a face of a young man with dirty blond hair wearing the robe offering her a hand, his sword in its sheath on his belt.

"Now, why did you attack me, hm?" He asked with a smirk. Eowyn blushed from embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, sir, I had thought you were…."

"You thought I was the Witch-King of Angmar."

"What? How did you know?"

"Because, my dear Eowyn, I am." She narrowed her eyes, but showed no signs of fear.

"Why did you not kill me then?"

"Because…. I did not want to. In the longest time, more years than I dare count, I finally find myself with my own free will. Hahaha…" He started laughing, making Eowyn sweat-drop. "You have no idea the feeling, my little Rohirim, of finally, finally doing what I want and what I like. Well, this was fun. Hope we can do it again sometimes. "He mounted his horse. "Oh, before I go… I'm sorry for what I did." He said in a somber tone. "I really am." And he rode off with Eowyn watching him.

End Flashback

The two had started meeting once a week at the same place, having sparing matches followed by talking and getting to know each other. After nine months, Eowyn could no longer go against the wishes of her brother, and had to be married. On the day of the wedding, as the bride was getting ready, the Witch-King sneaked inside her room, went down on one knee and asked for her hand. Eowyn, having fallen in love with the ex-evildoer agreed. He used magic to make a copy of her, and together they fled to the region of Angmar. There they had a son, and died in old age, happy together.

The line of the Witch-King continued to survive, changing its name to Namikaze with the forming of the Hidden Villages.

His old ring that Sauron gave him had vanished, and the rest of the nine did not feel it wise to put their rings on or use them, as a piece of Sauron's soul could still be there.

"And now we come to you, my young lord." The wraith said after he finished his story, the both of them now in the library. "That ring you have is the main of the Nine, the one used by you ancestor. Do you feel that you are strong enough to withstand Sauron's corruption and regain all the powers of your ancestor?" Naruto thought about it when a voice called.

"I think you should try it." Naruto turned to the source of the voice, finding his grandfather-figure sitting in a chair.

"Sarutobi? Did you know all this?"

"Only the legends. My, my, being both the legal descendant of the king of Angmar, as well as the royal line of Rohan? That's quite something."

"So, what will you do, my Lord?" Khamul asked.

"…Step back." Naruto responded with a smirk, putting the ring on his right ring finger. The ring glowed and Naruto fell to the floor, unconscious.