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Hard to love

It was night time; Souji was in Hijikata's room. Hijikata was telling Souji about his plans to get rid of the ninjas' clan, drinking whilst he was talking.

" Hijikata, don't you think you should stop drinking? It's not good to drink so much, this late at night. I don't want you to get hung over," Souji remarked, giggling.

" I haven't had sake in a while, so let me enjoy myself," Hijikata replied, taking some more.

" Okay, I warned you," Souji commented, giggling some more. Hijikata got up off the floor, carrying Souji to the futon.

" Hijikata, what are you doing?" Souji asked, looking surprised when Hijikata laid him on the futon. Hijikata then got on top of him, lying his head down on his chest. " Hijikata!" Souji cried out, blushing.

" Souji, just stay with me this one night," Hijikata ordered, kissing his lips. Souji slowly closed his eyes while they were kissing each other. Breaking the kiss, Hijikata laid his head back down, on top of his chest, going to sleep.

" Hijikata, Hijikata?" Souji was trying to push Hijikata off of him, but he was too heavy. " My first kiss," Souji whispered, touching his lips, before going to sleep too.

The next day came, Tetsu was carrying Hijikata a cup of tea to his room. " Mr. Hijikata, here's your tea," Tetsu presented, giving Hijikata a warning, before entering his room. When Tetsu came in, he saw Hijikata on top of Souji, both of them waking up. " I'm sorry! I came at a bad time!" Tetsu yelled, looking shocked, putting the tea down on the table and running out of the room.

" Souji, how did I get on top of you?" Hijikata enquired, getting off of him.

" You don't remember? I guess when you're drunk, your true feelings will come out," Souji mused, getting up, smiling at him.

" Souji, let's forget this ever happened. I'm going back to bed, my head hurts."

" Alright, Hijikata, I will let you rest," Souji said, leaving the room. When Souji was out of the door, he stopped just for a minute. " I guess you can forget, but I can't," Souji murmured to himself.

Tetsu was at the dojo with Shinpachi, Sanosuke and Heisuke telling them about Hijikata and Souji.

" Hahahahaha, Hijikata and Souji were lying on top of each other? Stop joking around," Shinpachi ridiculed, laughing hard. Sanosuke was laughing hard too, with Shinpachi and Heisuke.

" I'm not joking! I did see them sleeping together!" Tetsu exclaimed, getting mad.

" I believe the puppet boy. Hijikata does treat Souji much better than us. Hijikata and Souji are always with each other, so I wouldn't be surprised that those two are already at it," Heisuke smirked.

" Maybe you're right, Heisuke. We need to find out about those two," Shinpachi suggested, chuckling some more.

" How are we going to do that?" Sanosuke inquired, looking at Shinpachi.

" Hmm, I know. We can let the puppet boy do it, Tetsu's the only one who can get close to them," Shinpachi proposed, smirking.

" Hey, who said I would do that?" Tetsu yelled at them.

" Come on, puppet boy, do it for us," Heisuke pleaded, begging him to death.

" Fine, stop bugging me already! I'll do it." The trio cheered, knowing they got Tetsu.

Souji was going to Hijikata's room, carrying Saizo in his arms. " Darling, it's about time to wake up," Souji announced, entering his room.

" Souji, stop it already. Hijikata warned, sitting up, smoking his pipe.

" How are you feeling, Hijikata? Do you need anything?" Souji enquired, smiling at him.

" Where's that brat? I need some more tea. Tell Yamazaki and Saito to come here," Hijikata ordered, getting up.

" We're already here, vice commander," Saito replied, coming in through the back door, with Susumu. They both took a seat, settling down with their knee on the floor.

" I will leave you three alone while I go fetch, Tetsu for you," Souji stated, leaving the room.

When Souji was looking around for Tetsu., he found him in the Dojo mopping up the floor. " Tetsu, Hijikata wants you to fix his tea. The tea you made him earlier got cold," Souji informed, looking a little sad.

" Alright, I'm on it. Mr, Okita, you look pale. Is something wrong?" Tetsu asked, looking worried.

" I'm alright, Tetsu. Don't worry about me," Souji assured him with a fake smile.

" Alright, Mr. Okita," Tetsu conceded, exiting the dojo.

Hijikata, Saito and Yamazaki were talking about the ninjas' clan. " The ninja clan are on the move tonight. We most stop them before something happens," Susumu proposed, his head bowed.

" I will join this mission along with Souji. Tonight we will move out," Hijikata declared, putting out his pipe.

" Alright, we will be ready tonight," Saito agreed, exiting.

" Mr. Hijikata, here's your tea," Tetsu proclaimed, coming, putting the drink on the table.

" Brat! Have you finished feeding the pigs and washing the clothes yet?" Hijikata demanded, drinking.

" I'm not finished yet, sir," Tetsu answered, leaving.

" This tea tastes horrible. Yamazaki, you can go now," Hijikata dismissed, going to the door.

" Yes, sir," Susumu said, leaving too.

Hijikata went out of his room and moved to Souji's. " Souji, are you in there?" Hijikata inquired, opening his door. Souji was not there.

" I think he's in the dojo practicing. Hijikata, how are you this good afternoon?" Yamanami asked, smiling at him. Hijikata didn't say anything. He just looked at him before walking away.

Going to the dojo, Hijikata saw Souji practicing with his fighting clothes on.

" Souji, I need to talk to you. I will be waiting for you in my room," Hijikata commanded, already moving towards the door.

" This must be really important, for you to look for me like this. I will be there in a minute. I just need to take off these clothes," Souji said, putting his wooden sword up. Hijikata left, returning to his chambers.

When Souji had changed, he went to Hijikata. " Hijikata, what do you want to talk to me about?" Souji asked, coming in, sitting down.

" Souji, tonight we are taking down the ninjas' clan. I need you to come with me," Hijikata laid out for him, smoking his pipe.

" Hijikata, I need to ask you something. I can't take this any longer," Souji put forward, looking serious.

" What is it, Souji? Do you not want to go?"

" No, it's not that. Hijikata, I want to know why you kissed me last night. Do you care for me, Hijikata?" Souji wanted to know, blushing at him.

" Souji, I will not discuss this with you. I was drunk that was all. Now, we need to speak about more important things," Hijikata dissuaded, smoking some more.

Unbeknown to them, Tetsu was near the door listening on their conversation.

" So you kissed me because you were drunk? I thought you cared for me, Hijikata. I was wrong to bring this conversation up with you," Souji muttered, getting up, head down.

" Souji, where are you going? I need to talk to you about the plans," Hijikata said, looking at Souji.

" I don't want to be around you any longer. My heart can't take the hurt and pain anymore. I wish you never kissed me, I feel my heart ripping in half!" Souji exclaimed, leaving the room in tears.

" Souji!" Hijikata cried out, in shock.

Tetsu ran away from Hijikata's room, acting like he was cleaning up, when Souji walked pass him, weeping. " I didn't know Mr. Okita feels so strongly about, Hijikata," Tetsu whispered, watching him disappear.

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