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Pair; Hijikata x Souji

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Souji was in Hijikata's room sleeping. Susumu gave Souji some medicine because he was cough up blood. "Yamazaki, will Souji be alright?" Hijikata asked with a worried look on his face.

"He will be fine for now. If he keeps coughing up some blood he won't live long." Susumu replied, leaving the room. "Hijikata!" Souji suddenly yelled in his sleep. "Souji, I'm here." Hijikata declaimed, grabbing one of his wrist, letting him know that he was there for him.

It was in the morning around 10am. Everybody relaxing and talking. Tetsu was in his room thinking about his ex-friend. The trio was in the dojo thinking of a plan to have fun.

"How about we have a party to celebrate the Shinsengumi." Shinpachi said.

"That's a great idea, Shinpachi. You think Hijikata will let us?" Sanosuke asked. "We should go ask him. We need a broke once in a while. Hijikata should let us have that. It will cheer Tetsu up." Heisuke said.

"What are you three talking about?" Kondo interrogated as he saunter in the dojo. "Oh, Kondo what are you doing here?" Shinpichi grilled.

"I just here to see what going on with you three. Are you three okay? I heard Shinpachi was hurt." Kondo replied, looking directly at Shinpachi. "I'm fine. I just got hit in the leg with a dagger. It's just a little scratch." Shinpachi assured, smiling. "Mr. Kondo... we were wondering if Hijikata will let us have a party." Sanosuke alleged.

"I don't know if Hijikata will let us. I can see if I can talk with him." Kondo said.

"That would be great. You would be doing us a big favor." Heisuke said, laughing. "Hahahahaha, alright I'll go talk to him now. Where is Ichimura?" Kondo questioned.

"The puppet boy is in the room." Shinpachi said. "He acting strange ever sense we came back."

"I wonder what brought him down." Sanosuke said.

"The puppet will get happy again once we have this party." Heisuke chuckled. Hijikata and Kondo are now talking about the party in Hijikata chamber. "This party will be good. I want to ask Souji to marry me." Hijikata said.

"What, Toshizo, are you sure about this? You are not the husband type. You might hurt Souji." Kondo said, looking shock. "After that mission yesterday I realize that I'm in love with him. I don't want anything to happen to him again!" Hijikata exclaimed, smoking his pipe. "I see, so this party would be for you and Souji."

"Don't tell anyone about this. Especially Souji."

"Don't worry Toshizo. I'll go and tell everybody about the party. This will be fun, haha."

"No, just tell some people. I don't want everyone to know. I just want people who are working hard."

"Where would you like the party at, Toshizo?"

"It will be at the cheer blossoms. We will have a picnic this afternoon."

"Toshizo, did you get Souji a ring?"

"I did." Hijikata said, smoking more of his pipe. "Can I see it? That is, if you don't mind."

Hijikata pulled the ring out from the inside of his pocket. He then gave the wedding ring to Kondo so that he can take a look at it. The ring was silver.

"This is very nice Toshizo. Souji will love it. I don't think Yamanami will like this, you're marrying Souji." Kondo said, looking at the ring.

"I don't care about what he thinks." Hijikata said, taking his ring back from Kondo.

The cheer blossom party was starting. Shinpachi, Heisuke, Sanosuke, Susumu, Saito, Yamanami, Kondo, Tatsu, and Tetsu, were all at the party drinking and having fun. Souji and Hijikata meet them there.

"I see all ya'll are having fun without us." Souji said, running to his friend, and leaving Hijikata behind. Hijikata was seating next to Souji talking with Kondo. Souji, on the other hand, is eating his candy while talking with the others.

Tetsu was cheering up by playing with Shinpachi and Sanosuke. They were playing hide and seek. Saito just was drinking his tea and looking around. Hijikata fell asleep on Souji's lap. Souji was looking down at him caress his hair.

"The cheer blossoms are beautiful today. Hijikata must be tired." Souji whispered, smiling down at him. "Mr. Hijikata does work hard. I wonder why Hijikata let us have this party. This is not like him." Yamanami wondered, pulling up his glasses.

"Don't wonder about it. Let's just us enjoy this day, hahaha." Kondo said, laughing.

"I guess. If you say so." Yamanami said, drinking his tea. "I wish I can stay here longer. I'm happy that I can be here for a little while to cherish these happy moments." Souji said, looking up at the sky. As he was doing so, his hair was blown with the wind.

It is getting dark now. Everybody were just talking and laughing when Hijikata woke up in Souji's arms. "Listen up. I have something to say." Hijikata said, standing up, pulling Souji up with him. "What is it, Hijikata?" Yamanami asked.

Everybody stopped on what they were doing and look at Hijikata. Hijikata turn to Souji with a look in his eyes. "Hijikata, is there something wrong?" Souji asked, blushing and looking back at him.

"Souji." Hiijikata pulled out the ring from his pocket and nonchalantly insert it on his finger. "Hijikata, what is this for?" Souji asked, looking at the ring. "Souji, will you marry me?" Hijikata tenderly caressed his cheeks.

Everybody was shocked when they heard that. Souji was in shock as well and did not answer. "Souji answer me." Hijikata lift his chin up.

"Sorry, Hijikata I cannot marry you." Souji said, looking sad.

"Why not? I thought you love me." Hijikata asked, getting angry.

"I do. I love you very much." Souji declaimed, running away from Hijikata. Hijikata balled up his fists, looking hurt.

"Toshizo, I thought he would say yes to you." Kondo said, patting his friend on the back. "Hijikata I think it's a good thing. He say no to you." Yamanami relied.

"Shut up, I don't need to hear it from you! Hijikata said, running after Souji. Everyone still surprise. Souji was look at the cheer blossom tree crying.

"I can't marry him. It will hurt more." Souji said, to himself, crying. Hijikata found Souji near a cheer blossom tree, crying as his hair was blow with the wind.

"Souji!" Hijikata exclaimed, coming toward him. "Mr. Hijikata, I can't marry you. Let's just stay like we are."

"No, I will not, Souji. I love you. Give me a reason why we can't get married."

"I won't be with you forever, Hijikata. This world we live in may look like it's in order but if you look again you will find the world is full of pain, the pain is all around us we can't help but inflict it. It can't be avoided; you're hurt for no reason that's just the way it is. There is no way out."

"Souji, I don't care how long you live. You will always be mine." Hijikata declared, grabbing his chin, kiss him with compassion. Souji's tears ran down his eyes.

"I love you to Hijikata. I will marry you." Hijikata nodded to him and give him a hug.

Later on, Hijikata and Souji got married. Souji spend all his life with his husband before he died.

The End

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