Seattle, the city where I entered this world, I wish I could say that I miss it but truthfully the only reason to even come back to this God forsaken place is Jasper.

I was tired, cranky and extremely excited to see Jasper after three months of being on the road.

Collecting my things I walked out of the airport and searched for Jasper's truck but found nothing. Shaking my head, I made my way over to the parked taxi cabs as I cursed Jasper for not picking me up.


I forgot I was supposed to pick him up from the airport once, and yeah okay he may have waited a couple hours for me to show up. He yelled at me for a good five minutes about how friends are important and claimed that he would never, ever pick me up from the airport again.

Fucker can hold a grudge I'll give him that much, that shit happened over three years ago.

Reaching the apartment, I dropped my duffel bag and backpack on the porch before extracting my house key. I took a breath and hoped I didn't find Jasper in another compromising situation like last time; fucking Maria and that purple cock ring.

If I remember correctly my exact words upon seeing Jasper face down on the couch while Maria spanked him were…

"Really Jasper on our couch? That we bought together? What is wrong with you?"

All hell broke loose after that, Maria was screaming that she didn't fuck gay guys, and Jasper looked like someone killed his puppy (which I actually did once). I retreated to the kitchen to wash my face, disgusted at the scene I just witnessed. The last time I saw Maria, she was holding a dildo in one hand and purple sparkly cock ring in the other.

It wasn't until the next morning while I read the paper and a beet red Jasper attempted to make himself some eggs that I registered what Maria had said the previous night about not screwing gay guys.

"You know I only said that last night because I didn't want any jizz on the couch I helped pay for right?"

He nodded and left the kitchen with his eggs, I didn't see him until the next day.

We haven't spoken about it since.

I opened the door hesitantly and peeked inside, all looked normal, and I let out a sigh of relieve. The living room was empty and thankfully Maria free.


"In the kitchen!"

I dropped my bags at the entrance and entered the kitchen finding Jasper extremely frustrated and frazzled as he was attempting to actually cook what I think was dinner.

"What the hell are you doing?" We both know he can't cook for shit, I'm happy to say that the kitchen is usually my domain; I make killer pasta.

"I'm trying to make lasagna." Trying was the operative word in that sentence; the counter was covered with shit, the oven was smoking, there were stacks of dirty dishes everywhere, and he had flour in his hair.

"I'm not cleaning this shit up, and why are you trying to cook?" I wanted to lean against the wall, but I was afraid of ruining my shirt.

"Bella thought we could do dinner here instead of going out." He gave me a look that plainly said he regretted the decision.

"Are you getting chummy with your partner, because that would be really fucked up?" I just shook my head and held back a smile. Jasper is such a pussy when it comes to women, he doesn't know how to say no to them.

"She hates it when people give her stuff, so she refused to let me buy dinner. We kind of fought about it until we agreed to do it here." He looked defeated and went back to staring at the oven.

"This isn't your first try is it?" He shook his head and dropped to sit on the kitchen floor.

"It's nice to be home," I tell him before turning to gather my stuff from the living room.

"It's nice to have you home," he answers before I leave, and I smile to no one in particular.

After showering and changing into some clean clothes, I entered the living room to find that our company was already here.

She wasn't much to look at, short and slender with plain brown hair and a pale complexion. I found myself hoping that she at least had a good personality otherwise the night was going to be very long and boring.

"Edward, come meet my partner Ms. Isabella Swan or as she likes to be called Bella." Just like her hair her eyes are a plain muddy brown, and I have to really make an effort to give her a semi-sincere smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Bella." We shake hands as Jasper ushers us to the table.

"Jasper is this food going to make me sick tomorrow?" Bella asked him playfully from her seat across from me. She won't look directly at me, and I wonder if it has something do with that whole bullshit good looking stigma that plagues me.

"I hope not." He gives her a soft smile, and I almost roll my eyes at the infatuation in his voice. Give me a fucking break, FBI partners falling for each other… such a cliché.

"So Bella how do like working with Jasper over here?" I'm trying to get a "let's make fun of Jasper" conversation going, hopefully she has some embarrassing stories to tell me.

Jasper smirks and shakes his head.

"There's nothing to tell Edward, I've been a good boy." He smiles proudly and pats a hand to his chest.


"Maria." One word and he immediately drops the smile and gives me a glare.

"You wouldn't." No, I wouldn't but he doesn't know that.

"Yes, I would." I turn to look at Bella and wait until her eyes fall on me. "Bella, do you know what a cock ring is?"

Bella blushes and nods, oh fuck a blusher is she a virgin too? This girl is no fun.

"Well-" before I can say another word Jasper shoves a piece of bread down my throat causing me to choke. I cough a few times before stomping the shit out of his foot under the table.

He's about to stab me with his spoon right before Bella takes it from him.


Jasper and I stared at her before bursting into laughter. No one has ever dared to stop us when were "fighting" but apparently this Bella Swan person thought she actually had the power to do so.

I take it back, I like her.

We sat down to eat again, no more fights or talks about awkward sexual encounters this time around. I decided I was curious about plain Ms. Swan and wanted to find out a little about her life

"So Bella, why did you become a cop?" She sighed like it's a long story and I was kinda hoping it's not.

"I lived in the small town of Forks, WA, I don't know if you've heard of it." She throws me a questioning glance, and I shake my head urging her to continue.

I was lying. I did know where Forks was, I had been there before but my motives were less than admirable. Jasper doesn't know about this trip, and I never mentioned the town to him nor has he mentioned it to me.

"Well it's about three hours away from here, and my Dad is the Chief of Police. I always wanted to become a cop to follow in his footsteps." She blushes again and looks down at her plate like she's embarrassed.

Fucking bitch at least she has a father.

"That's nice." I take a drink of my beer and hope I don't look bored.

"Yeah, he really pushed me hard to become a cop during my last year of high school." She's looking at table still, and I can see her lip trembling. I look at Jasper and he's shaking his head silently telling me to give her time.

"He didn't mean a lot to me, I barely knew him but our Dads were best friends, and I was in the search party that found his...body. That found his body." She abruptly stands from the table and runs to the bathroom.

I stand to go after her, but Jasper motions for me to sit back down.

"What happened?" I'm trying to show some sympathy, I'm sure I still have some leftover from my childhood, but I'm more excited to find out how he died.

"Some party at La Push beach, it's a reservation next to Forks, everyone was high, drunk or both and the guy went missing. They didn't find him until two days later and according to Bella it was really gruesome." He swallowed the rest of his beer in one gulp and stood up to grab another.

This story is starting to sound really familiar.

"What was his name?" I don't know what the fuck compels me to ask but I do and judging by the paleness of his face I already have my answer; after all I did kill him with my own two hands…and really big stick.

"It was bad dude. Bella showed me some pictures and it…just...Jacob Black was his name."

Bella opened the door to the bathroom, her red watery eyes immediately meeting my green ones, and I suddenly felt very nervous. I've never dealt with a friend or loved one of someone I've killed before. To keep myself from panicking, I tried to remember why exactly I killed Jacob Black almost eleven years ago.

"That was nice thanks."

I wish I could thank her for the blow job she just gave me, but fuck I don't remember her name, and it doesn't really matter anyway.

"No problem." She gives me a sly smile and walks away, and may I just say that the view is fucking fantastic; praise to the inventor of really, really short, skirts.

You have to love the kids from the rez, these bastards have some of the hottest chicks around, and they are obviously sexually frustrated, either that or La Push men have really small dicks.

I hope for my sake it's the latter.

I head back over to the bonfire; I'm alone tonight so I'm not drinking, I'd rather drive home than crash here in the sand. Besides it's a three hour trip back to Seattle, and I have class in the morning.

It's my first time in La Push, and so far the atmosphere is fairly mellow; it's just a bunch of kids hanging out, drinking beer and there may be some light drug use here and there.

The drugs are courtesy of yours truly.

This is by far my biggest sale. The business of selling drugs is tricky but once you know the ins and outs it's a piece of cake. This small gathering will easily pay for half my tuition next semester.


I turn around to see Paul walking towards me, he's a nice guy and I'm only saying that because he was my buyer; the guy is an asshole and he knows it.

"Paul, how's it going?" I stick my hands in my pockets and wait for him to talk.

"Fine, everyone is having a great time why don't you join us?" I want to refuse, but as long as I pass the joint around and don't actually smoke it I'll be fine.

Paul guides us away from the bonfire to a more secluded, darker area. I can barely make out faces let alone give them names, not that I would've cared to remember in the first place.

They are all sitting in the sand, so I take a seat between two people. The only lights are those coming from the orange, fiery tips of the joints being passed around; the smell of weed is heavy in the damp night air.

"I'm Jacob." The guy at my right tells me as he passes me one of the joints.

"James," I smirk as I lie. I like the name James, I always thought it was more fitting for me- I'm not sure why.

"I have some E if you want any." He throws a small plastic baggie with a few pills inside towards me, apparently my answer isn't necessary.

I'm tempted to tell him to fuck off but instead I just throw the bag back at him, silently letting him know my answer.

"You don't like E?" He questions me as another joint makes its way around to us.

"I don't do drugs, I just sell them."

He gives me a grunt in response and takes a hit of the joint before passing it to me. I actually contemplate taking a hit, but as unbelievable as it might sound I've never actually tried any drugs before, so I decide to skip it for now and just pass it along to the next guy.

After a couple of hours, some flirting and another blow job, I make my way to my beat up Volvo. I'm getting tired, and there's not a chance in hell I'm falling asleep at the wheel; if I survive that shit I'll never live it down.

"Hey James!" Oh fuck, not this idiot again.

"Jacob what can I do for you?" The fucker has been following me around all night like a lost puppy, begging me to do some Ecstasy with him. I don't fucking know what's his deal with that shit and to be honest I don't really care.

"Nothing just wanted to say good night and give you a little something for the drive home." He thrusts a bottle of water in my hand before running back to the bonfire.

I inspect the bottle and the water inside, there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it, but I just can't help being suspicious of dear Jacob.

Five minutes after leaving La Push I attempt to open the bottle of water only to find that the safety seal is already broken.


That kid is dead, literally.

I stop the car and think for a second. The fucker knows me as James and by now he must be drunk and stoned out of his mind; I'm sure all of them are. There's no moon tonight, and I'm sure I was one of the few people that don't actually live in La Push.

I get out of my car and decide to walk the five minutes I've been driving; the further away my car is from the scene the better. At this point I know I can't take any chances, most of these people have seen my face, and Paul has my contact info, albeit for James but still.

As I walk, I remember that there are high cliffs located a few feet away from the party, so I quickly devise a plan to dispose of Jacob's body. Accident, I definitely need to make it look like an accident.

It takes me fifteen minutes to get back to the party, but just as I arrive I see Jacob heading for the woods…alone.


I come up behind him and see him trying to take a piss except he's obviously drunk, swaying all over the damn place.

"Jacob." He jumps back and fights to close his zipper; I stifle a laugh at his bewildered expression.

"What the fuck? I thought you were gone." He looks scared, as he very damn well should be.

"I was but then I tried to drink some of the water you gave me. Tell me Jacob what's your obsession with ecstasy and trying to make me take it?" I inspect my surroundings looking for a branch that will do the job and finally I spot a small but heavy looking one near Jacob's feet.

"I just wanted you to have a good time, that's all." He raises both hands in surrender but at this point I really don't give a shit.

"Why?" I'm honestly curious now; the dumbass has nothing to gain by getting me high.

"I just...I'm sorry...I don't..." He's trying to turn away from me when I notice his hands are now in front of his crotch in an attempt to hide a very obvious bulge.

Well lookie here Jacob boy is gay. I don't know whether to be disgusted or amused by this.

"Oh did you plan to get me fucked up so you could screw me? That's not how it works Jacob." I take a few careful steps towards him so that I can grab the branch that will help me end him. I hesitate when my face is about a foot away from his, maybe I should give Jacob boy a present before he departs.

His eyes dart from my eyes to my mouth, and it's at times like this I wish I was an ugly motherfucker.

I feel chills run down my spine at the thought of actually kissing him, so instead of giving him the gift of my lips- I give him the gift of my fists.

He staggers back as I quickly find the tree branch and without giving him a chance to recover, I hit him in the left side of his head with as much force as I can muster; he immediately falls to the ground unconscious and bloodied.

"You are a huge waste of my time, Jacob boy." Regardless, I continued to smash the tree branch against his head until I see I made a crack.

There's blood all over the ground, and I stifle a scream of frustration. Why is it so hard for people to just leave me alone?

Dropping the branch, I picked up Jacob's abnormally heavy body and quickly made my way to the edge of the cliffs which were thankfully unoccupied. I dropped his body, and watched it as it fell hurdling towards the bottom. I noticed, with much satisfaction, how his head split open as his body hit the jagged rocks below.

Going back to the scene of the crime, I make quick work of cleaning up as best as I can. With the intense adrenaline rush from killing Jacob still going strong, I ran all the way back to my car.

I drove all the way back to Seattle giggling like a little girl.

Well, talk about blast from the past.

Bella sits down, she's sobbing and her arms are gripping her stomach as if to hold herself together.

"His body was on the beach, he had fallen from the cliffs...half his face was missing." She's crying harder now, and Jasper takes her into his arms trying in vain to erase the images from her mind.

I'm sitting emotionless in my chair not knowing what to do. It would be hypocritical of me to say I'm sorry since I'm not and never will be.

"He is the reason why I decided to join the bureau, my Dad didn't believe it was just an accident and neither do I. I'm still hoping to one day solve his case." Her voice is stronger now and the conviction behind it terrifies me. This is a woman on a mission and just like my best friend she poses a huge threat to me. Lauren and Jacob weren't my cleanest kills, both of them were in the heat of the moment, and I may have left one too many pieces of evidence behind.

Together they could destroy me, and I am angry when I realize that I can't destroy Bella Swan like I want to-like I need to.

For the first time in my life I'm scared of the consequences of my addiction. Worse yet, ultimately I will be the person responsible for my own downfall, as it was my actions that pushed both Jasper and Bella into law enforcement to begin with. This brings me to one conclusion…

I'm an idiot.


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