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It was a typical Saturday evening. Mimi and Roger were taking their AZT together, Mark was out in the city filming for his latest documentary, and nobody's seen Collins for months since Angel's death. Benny and 'Muffy' were in court settling the terms of their divorce. Of course, Joanne and Maureen were fighting, again. They had been arguing over the simplest things lately.

"I told you already Honeybear; don't rearrange the kitchen without consulting me first!" Joanne said veins becoming visible in her head. "Well excuse me if I wanted to do something nice to surprise you Pookie!" Maureen spat with just as much venom. "It would've been nicer if you had told me. Then maybe I could find the damn fork to eat my salad!" Joanne exclaimed aggravated. That's right; this was all about Joanne not being able to find a simple fork for her simple salad.

There are many different answers as to what the underlying cause was. If you asked Joanne, it was because she was dealing with a rather difficult case. Maureen thought it was due to the fact that Joanne thought she was cheating again. Mark thought it was because Joanne was seeing the light and moving on from The Tango: Maureen. Roger and Mimi both agreed that Angel's death took a toll on them all, some more than others. Whatever the true reason was, they all had the same outcome; the fighting between the two was becoming more intense.

"Is that what this is about?" Maureen said incredulously. "You know there's more to it than that!" Joanne said defensively. "I'm sorry, but all I see is Pookie-woo getting mad all because she can't find a fucking fork to eat her fucking salad! So excuse me if I think that the whole thing is as stupid as it sounds!" Maureen put her hands in the air for emphasis. "That's it! Take a pillow and a blanket, your ass is sleeping on the couch tonight." "But Jo-"Joanne cut her off "Don't you pull that 'But Jo-Jo, I'm a guest' shit on me. You've been living here long enough; the couch is waiting for you." Maureen sighed in defeat knowing better than to further the argument with the lawyer. She went to their room, got her pillow, then went to the hall closet and got a spare blanket. She had to pass the kitchen on her way to the living room. Maureen chanced a fleeting look at Joanne, and what met her was her livid lover's face. Joanne was sick and tired of Maureen's constant crap, and it was starting to show. Maureen hung her head and trudged her way to the couch dejectedly.

That night, the only happy couple was Mimi and Roger, doing only Heaven knows what. Mark, alone in the loft since Roger moved downstairs with Mimi, curled up on his mattress with only his camera to keep him company. Collins, who was somewhere in Santa Fe looking for the feeling of love he lost along with Angel, huddled under his blanket in a shelter as silent tears lulled him to sleep. Joanne tossed and turned in the large bed; it was unnaturally cold and empty. She cursed herself for sentencing Maureen to the couch, she missed her body heat, she missed the way she would nuzzle Jo's neck as she slept, but what Joanne missed the most was the feeling that she was needed by another being, to be able to look down and smile at the fact that her lover felt safe in her arms and nobody else's. Maureen tried to get comfortable, to no avail. She settled for sleeping on the floor atop the cushions from the couch. Currently, she was pondering ways to apologize to Joanne in the morning. She felt terrible about the whole ordeal, honestly. She loved one Joanne Jefferson, and she was pretty sure Joanne loved her back. It was her fear of losing this love, in fact, that caused her to act the way she did.

After her many thoughts blurred together to no longer be coherent, she found herself dreaming which, in itself, isn't unusual. However, it was what she was dreaming of that was bizarre. Benjamin Coffin III was standing before her, in her and Joanne's bedroom, completely naked. If Maureen thought she was embarrassed at seeing that, she should've keeled over at the sight of herself also naked in front of Benny. "Momo, you don't know how long I've waited for this moment. How many hours I spent waiting to be free of Alison. Oh, how I've longed to make you mine and hear the moan of my name roll off the tip of your delicate tongue." All the while he said this; he was slowly advancing on her. And she was subconsciously backing away until her back collided with the mattress. Against her will, it seemed, she said "Benny, you talk too much. Shut up and do what you said." And an involuntary smirk made its way across her face. She mentally kicked herself and wondered if Joanne would be making an appearance in this 'fantasy' of hers. "A little feisty, aren't we?" Benny said teasingly. "Oh, you don't know the half of it, Baby." He wasted no time in climbing into bed with her and letting his hands caress the silky pleasure that was her thigh. Maureen moaned at the pleasure that he was causing her just by his touch. 'I've never felt like this with Pookie' she thought as Benny switched their positions so Maureen was on top of him, pressing her full weight against him. His hands snaked their way towards her slick center and she moaned her approval. Maureen started to grind into his leg, only to be stopped by Benny. She pouted and groaned in anticipation. There was one thing about Maureen Johnson: she didn't wait for what she wanted. "Ah, ah, ah, I'm in control here, my little dove." Maureen was used to being submissive, but with Joanne it was more like she was naïve. "How about we role play; I can be your patient, and you can be my hot, sexy, buff, chocolaty doctor." She said starting to relax and have a little fun. After all, it was just a dream, right? "Alright, tell me where it hurts." He said smirking. "All over." Maureen gave a little smirk of her own as she rolled off of him and onto the bed. She ran her hands down from her neck to her sopping wet core. Benny took this as a chance to trap her body with his. He started from her jaw and made his way down to the valley of her breasts. He stopped there and placed his lips around the globe of her left breast. His tongue rolled over the erect nipple, and elicited a delicious moan of pleasure from her lips. He grinned against the softness of her body before moving to the other breast and giving it the same treatment. Benny left a trail of searing kisses along her abdomen, each one getting closer to the part of her anatomy calling to him the loudest. He indulged himself in the aroma of her, burying his nose deep between legs. Benny flicked his tongue out tentatively, modestly taking in the delicate flavor that is Maureen. She let a particularly loud and needy moan of need. Benny took that as his cue to let his tongue delve into her slick folds. The feeling of his tongue inside of her, and his nose pressing against that certain bundle of nerves almost sent her over the edge. Somehow, she managed to find her voice amongst the haze of passion. "Benny, oh…Benny I think… I'm gonna…AHHHHHHH!" That was the last coherent statement before her epic release. Her breathing came shallow and quick. Benny drank every drop. When he finished, he trailed kisses up her body, and finally, their lips connected in a mix of sexual tension, exhaustion, and passion. Maureen tasted herself against his lips. She had tasted herself on her many lovers' lips before, but never had she taste like this. It may have been the contrast of her pale skin tone compared to his dark, chocolate one, or possibly the erotic nature of this kiss. Either way, she was becoming aroused again, and very quickly. Benny was saying Maureen's name over and over and Maureen was reveling in the sound of his voice. "Maureen…..Maureen…..Maureen." Then, it wasn't Benny's voice anymore quietly cooing her name. 'That sounds like Pookie' Maureen thought to herself. Her dream world was slowly fading into the background; the last thing to disappear was Benny's face as she was pulled back into the void of consciousness.

"Maureen, it's noon." Joanne said a bit concerned. Maureen looked about dazedly, trying to reorient herself. Somehow, she managed to move herself from the front of the couch to the completely opposite side of the room. "Really? I hadn't noticed." She said all sarcasm devoid of her voice. "Yeah, I see you have a little makeshift bed there. Have a rough night?" Joanne said seriously. "You have no idea, Pookie." Joanne smiled at the nickname. Maureen wasn't mad anymore. In all honesty, she was actually very confused and scared. "Well, so did I, I missed you in bed with me last night, Honeybear." She placed a tender kiss on Maureen's temple. "Maybe later tonight we can talk, and you can tell me all about that night, huh?" Joanne asked as she made her way out of the apartment. "Of course, Pookie." Maureen said, suddenly regaining knowledge of her surroundings. "What are you going to be doing today?" Joanne inquired. Maureen thought: who was the one person who might be able to understand and help her with this dilemma. Then, it came to her. "I think I'm gonna spend the rest of the day with Mimi." Alright, just remember, it's my turn to cook and I have something extra special for you tonight." "I promise I won't be late." Maureen said holding up the Girl Scout sign. Joanne laughed after giving Maureen a kiss good bye then she left. As soon as Maureen was sure that Joanne was gone, she picked up the phone and called Mimi.

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